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Philip Collins / Aaron Shorr Duo (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Dec 21 2018 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


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Philip Collins is a Winnipeg based trumpet player who has been playing for a number of years. A versatile musician, Philip has covered a vast range of styles from Jazz to Rock, and Reggae to Country. A former member of the Dirty Catfish Brass Band, Moses Mayes, and the Solutions, Philip now leads his own projects around the city. Tonight Philip will be joined by Keith Price (guitar) to entertain you with a combination of original tunes and standards.

Aaron Shorr has been an active member of Winnipeg's Jazz scene for nearly a decade. Shorr was first introduced to jazz music in his early teens through his grandmother's record collection. Influenced by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, he has a strong connection to the American Songbook and jazz tradition. He's an alumni of the UofM School of Music and Humber College of Music and has studied with some of the international icons of jazz guitar.

Lindsey White (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Dec 22 2018 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music

Groovy Folk-Rock

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"Called “groovy folk-rock” and showcased on stages all over Canada, the music of Lindsey White uses many instruments and one strong voice to craft performances with unmistakable passion and emotional depth. Whether intimately on her own or filling the stage with her band, her live presence offers a playground of energetic musicianship and thoughtfully crafted lyrics.

"She throws similar passion into inspiration-based music sessions with creative youth in Winnipeg and other parts of Canada. This work landed her a nomination for a Winnipeg Arts Council “Making a Mark” award and a designation as one of the CBC Manitoba Future 40."

Leo Gosselin (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Dec 28 2018 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music

An eclectic mix of "Chapman Stick" solos


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Brian Chipney Trio (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Dec 29 2018 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music

Mainstream Jazz

"Soprano saxophonist Brian Chipney returns to Prairie Ink, but his usual musical partner Tim Cummings will be off on a tropical beach somewhere! For this outing Brian will be joined by the wonderful pianist Rick Boughton and bassist Steve Hamilton. Rick is often heard on trumpet with the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, but he's also a sensational keyboard player! Steve and Brian work together often. This is going to be an evening of swinging mainstream jazz .... Ellington tunes, standards, jazz classics and even an original or two. Sound good? Yes it will!! 

Come on down and celebrate the pre-New Year with the Brian Chipney Trio!"

The Burton Trio (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Jan 04 2019 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


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Philippe Meunier & Onna Lou (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Jan 05 2019 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


Philippe Meunier is a Winnipeg based guitarist who plays various styles including Latin Music, Classical Guitar & Flamenco. In 2016, he was awarded three grants by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Manitoba Arts Council & the Winnipeg Arts Council to pursue his study of Flamenco in Spain. Philippe has performed across Canada and has made several nation-wide recordings for CBC TV & Radio in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Québec. He also offers private lessons and can be reached online.

Onna Lou is a singer-songwriter born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her music fuses Latin pop with Argentine Folk, jazz, Latin American rhythms, tango and even flamenco. Her lyrics make a deep impact on the listener since she strikes the depth of human nature with her sharp-sighted views and her subtle but powerful poetry. She has been performing as Onna Lou since 2011. Performing in Argentina, the United States, and Canada organizing individual and group performances with amazing artists. In the last few years she has studied and worked with multiple Latin Grammy winners Javier Limón, Alejandro Sanz and internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Rosana. Ahora (Now) is her first album; it is warm and intimate with a mainly acoustic sound. Visit her online.

Sonya Ballantyne & Celeste Sutherland -- Book Launch

Sunday Jan 06 2019 2:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Kerri Berry Lynn.

Kerri Berry Lynn is the story of a little Cree girl gifted seven doggie sisters and brothers from her dog-obsessed Chapan. When Kerri Berry Lynn and her siblings encounter a mean Rez dog, they realize he is in need of a family. Written by Sonya Ballantyne and illustrated by Celeste Sutherland, Kerri Berry Lynn is based on a true story.

Sonya, Celeste, and the real Kerri Berry Lynn, Kerri Ballantyne, will be in the Grant Park Store to discuss the book, their inspirations, and the Rez dogs they have known and loved.

Donations will be collected for the Norway House Animal Rescue to help our doggie sisters and brothers back home.

Sonya Ballantyne is a filmmaker from Misipawistik Cree Nation. Sonya won the 2014 Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Competition at Gimli Film Festival for Crash Site and won the 2016 Short Film Pitch at ImagineNative Film Festival with Eagle Girl. She recently spoke at San Diego Comic Con about Indigenous Media Representation.

Celeste Sutherland is a self-taught Indigenous illustrator and artist from Northern Manitoba. Her vibrant work has appeared as promotional material for the TRC Decolonizing Lens events and as the character Kaley’s artwork in the Code Breaker Films short Crash Site. Kerri Berry Lynn is her first book as an illustrator.

Frederick Ross -- Book Launch

Wednesday Jan 09 2019 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of A Deadly Thaw: The York Factory Connection.

When a team of researchers from Canada’s Arctic Institute travel to York Factory to disinter a grave, they stumble upon more than they bargained for buried in the permafrost. Upon their return, archeologist Rachel Thompson, another member of her team, and their pilot fall gravely ill. When infectious disease interns examine the ailing pilot they are horrified to discover that he suffers from smallpox, a disease thought eradicated worldwide. A simultaneous smallpox outbreak occurs in Russia, and the world must ask the question: how could this disease have been unleashed to ravage millions? Could the melting permafrost be releasing this contagion?

An avid student of history with a fascination with infectious diseases, Dr. Frederick Ross is a family physician in Winnipeg. Ross and his wife of forty- seven years love to travel, with a particular fondness for visiting historical sites throughout North America that relate to the history of the peoples of the First Nations. He lives in Winnipeg, where he continues to practice medicine. He is currently working on a second novel featuring Rachel Thompson.

Andrew Allentuck -- Book Launch

Friday Jan 11 2019 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Winnipeg launch of Cherished Fortune: Make Your Wealth Your Business (Dundurn Press), co-written by Benoit Poliquin.

An early start in investing can be a huge advantage, but investors must quickly learn to make the most of opportunities. Thinking like a small-business owner can yield great benefits to investors’ portfolios. Running a small business means selling goods you know inside and out to customers you know equally well: what they like, what they buy, what they reject.

Using a similar mindset, novice investors can manage their portfolios by understanding what works, controlling risk, and building knowledge. It’s about knowing the details of what is in their portfolio and how each stock, and the company behind it, operates. Veteran financial columnist Andrew Allentuck and chartered financial analyst Benoit Poliquin give new investors a much-needed introduction to the critical skills that will maximize their investments’ values over their lifetimes.

Andrew Allentuck writes the Family Finance column for the Financial Post. He has written several other books on bonds, retirement planning, and health economics. He lives in Winnipeg.

The Nite-Snackers (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Jan 11 2019 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music

Blues/Rock & Roll/R&B

The Nite-Snackers Duo – Formed with the influence of harmonica player Mel Reimer through the passion for Roots, Blues, Soul and Funk music which is also shared by Lucas "Cool Hand" Kurylowich.

“Screaming Mel” Reimer – is a thirty plus year harmonica veteran is as well known for his rich, authentic harmonica tones as he is to his devotion to Winnipeg’s blues music community. He has formed many great bands such as Boogie Men, Dr. Zak and the Terminally Thrilled, Bad Weather, Double D and the Double Dare Devils, Slidin’ Clyde Roulette and The Detonators. He has served as sideman for Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Dutch Mason, Blind Mississippi Morris, Russell Jackson and Wicked Grin and has made numerous guest appearances with the likes of Louisiana Red, Phil Guy, Lou Pride, J.W. Jones, Lamont Cranston, Mississippi Heat and many more.

Lucas “Cool Hand” Kurylowich – vocalist/guitarist is relatively new to the Winnipeg Roots/Blues scene. He has been part of The Riverside Revival, Hooch and The Howlers and KoalaTeas where they opened for bands such as David Gogo, Randy McAllister and The Perpetrators.

Karen Grzenda -- Book Launch

Saturday Jan 12 2019 7:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Heart Dog: Gunner's Story.

This isn’t just a story of a Doberman, or dog owners. It’s a true story of family, love, life, health, partnership, loss, and triumph.

Karen Grzenda was motivated to share Gunner’s story that starts with his first diagnosis of allergies and by the thousands of canines a year being euthanized due to behavioural issues.

Karen walks the reader through her life with Gunner from puppyhood up to and including his passing. This book highlights the most commonly misdiagnosed illness in canines and puts together all the pieces showing the dangers of Hypothyroidism and how it contributes to the needless euthanasia of many beloved canine pets.

In addition to many humorous stories, Karen takes the reader through her journey in a way designed to both inspire as well as teach. Most importantly, the book is about never giving up when you know that something is medically wrong with someone in your family.

Nightfall (Live Musical Performance)

Saturday Jan 12 2019 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


Charlotte Jackson -- Book Launch

Sunday Jan 13 2019 2:00 pm - Grant Park in the Atrium, Winnipeg

Launch of Finnigan's Bliss.

This book teaches heartfulness and mindfulness. It is calming story, about a delightful little goat who shows children how to live every day with a sense of bliss. Written with rich vocabulary and catchy, predictable word patterns, the endearing characters in this story teach valuable life lessons such as emotional regulation, appreciation of the present moment and friendship.

Author Charlotte Jackson is a special education teacher in Winnipeg. She is committed to teaching children how to live heartfully (with a loving heart) and mindfully (with a peaceful mind) in order to help them develop their sense of resiliency, positivity, kindness and compassion.

Illustrator Helen Yang drew and painted all the beautiful illustrations for this book at the tender age of 12! Her art is charming and whimsical…the very same characteristics that our little Finnigan possesses!

Karen Bate -- Book Launch

Thursday Jan 17 2019 7:30 pm - Grant Park in the Travel Alcove, Winnipeg

Launch of Frost: A Mayfair Murder Mystery.

Detective Emma Starr and her team start the cool, crisp season of autumn with happiness, love and joy. In their world, of course that can’t last. One of their own is found dead, and displayed in brutal fashion. The case begins as a murder mystery but becomes a psychological drama, challenging every team member... and their families. What secrets do Emma, Iain, Rick and Mal hold from their past, that may affect their future? Can their professional relationships and their friendships withstand the pressures? Who will win the ultimate game of life and death?

Karen Bate decided early in life that she was going to be an actor. After a degree with a double major in theatre and psychology, she completed the professional post-graduate course at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England. Fame and fortune in her chosen field has managed to elude her thus far, but she has used that creative training in her writing, first by penning some of her own life stories, then by helping the characters and world of Mayfair come alive.

Jacob Brodovsky (Live Musical Performance)

Friday Jan 18 2019 8:30 pm - Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg

Event type: Live Musical Performance

Live Music


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Jacob Brodovsky is a guitar player and singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, MB.  He spent several years as one half of the Toronto acoustic duo, Whiskey River before returning home to Manitoba in 2016 to self release his debut solo EP,  Music From Big Smoke.  Jacob can now be seen fronting local folk-rock outfit, Kakagi which is slated to release their debut full length album in 2019. 

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