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A list of all upcoming events hosted by McNally Robinson Booksellers. If you are planning to attend an event in person, please pay close attention to city and location details. You may also sort this list by location to narrow your search.

Darren Bernhardt Online Book Launch

Tuesday Dec 01 2020 7:00 pm - Online Book Launch, Virtual

Join us as we celebrate the online launch of The Lesser Known: A History of Oddities from the Heart of the Continent (Great Plains Publications) featuring author Darren Bernhardt in conversation with Trevor Dineen.

Registration is required to directly participate in the Zoom webinar. It will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube and available for viewing thereafter.

Manitoba’s history is one of being carved. Ice sculpted the land before nomadic first people pressed trails across it. Southern First Nations dug into the earth to grow corn and potatoes while those in the north mined it for quartz used in arrowheads. Fur traders arrived, expanding on Indigenous trading networks and shaping new ones. Then came settlers who chiselled the terrain with villages, towns and cities.

But there is failure and suffering etched into the history.

In Winnipeg, slums emerged as the city’s population boomed. There were more workers than jobs and the pay was paltry. Immigrants and First Nations were treated as second-class, shunted to the fringes. Rebellions and strikes, political scandals and natural disasters occurred as the people molded Manitoba.

In The Lesser Known, Darren Bernhardt shares odd tales lost in time paired with archival images, such as The Tin Can Cathedral, the first independent Ukrainian church in North America; the jail cell hidden beneath a Winnipeg theatre; the bear pit of Confusion Corner; gardening competitions between fur trading forts and more. Once deemed important enough to be documented, these stories are now buried. It’s time to carve away at them once again.

Born-and-raised in Winnipeg, Darren Bernhardt has been writing as long as he can remember. He spent the first dozen years of his career working for newspapers in Saskatchewan before moving back to Winnipeg where he now lives with his wife, two kids and a dog in a 108-year-old house. He has been writing online for CBC Manitoba since 2009, specializing in offbeat and local history stories. He is the co-author of the 2005 JackPine Press chapbook, To Kerouac and Back and co-author of the play, Alison’s Leather Couch.

Each week on CBC Radio One's Now or Never, host Trevor Dineen and his co-host Ify Chiwetelu meet people on personal missions to make real change, big or small. Now or Never is heard nationally on CBC Radio One Saturdays. Trevor also makes rush hour fun as the traffic reporter on Information Radio 89.3FM/990AM, CBC Manitoba's flagship #1 morning show. And when he’s not guiding drivers through stalls and collisions, he's bringing the laughs on Twitter and settling into a fun chapter in life as a new dad.

Kama La Mackerel Online Event

Wednesday Dec 02 2020 7:00 pm - Online Book Launch, Virtual

Join Kama La Mackerel, the poet behind the debut lyric poetry collection ZOM-FAM (Metonymy Press), for the Winnipeg stop on their virtual cross-continental book tour! Featuring special guest Jenny Heijun Wills. 

Registration is required to participate directly in the Zoom webinar. It will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube and available for viewing thereafter.

"In ZOM-FAM, Kama La Mackerel spins wondrous, powerful stories into a poetry that fills. There is so much pleasure in these pages, and much contemplation too … about the things that sometimes make us feel in flux: gender, race, colonialism, kinship. A feat in artistry, their poetic touch here is both light and knowing. This work will sing in my body and imagination for a long time. Probably forever." — Jenny Heijun Wills, author of Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related. A Memoir

In this debut poetry collection, Kama La Mackerel mythologizes a queer/trans narrative of and for their home island, Mauritius. Composed of expansive lyric poems, ZOM-FAM (meaning “man-woman” or “transgender” in Mauritian Kreol) is a voyage into the coming-of-age of a gender-creative child growing up in the 80s and 90s on the plantation island, as they seek vocabularies for loving and honouring their queer/trans self amidst the legacy of colonial silences.

Kama La Mackerel is a Montreal-based Mauritian-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, educator, writer, community-arts facilitator and literary translator who works within and across performance, photography, installations, textiles, digital art and literature. Kama’s work is grounded in the exploration of justice, love, healing, decoloniality, hybridity, cosmopolitanism and self- and collective-empowerment. Kama has exhibited and performed their work internationally and their writing in English, French and Kreol has appeared in publications both online and in print. ZOM-FAM, their debut poetry collection is published by Metonymy Press.

Jenny Heijun Wills is the author of Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related. It won the 2019 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Non-Fiction Prize and the 2020 Eileen McTavish Sykes Best First Book Prize. It was a Globe & Mail best book of 2019 and a 2019 CBC Best in Canadian Non-Fiction. The paperback edition will be published in January 2021.

Alex Passey Online Book Launch

Thursday Dec 03 2020 7:00 pm - Online Book Launch, Virtual

Join us as we celebrate the online launch of Mirror's Edge (At Bay Press) by Alex Passey featuring a conversation hosted by Sean Perrun.

Registration is required to participate directly in the Zoom webinar. It will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube and available for viewing thereafter.

Rath has been on a downward spiral. And it’s not just him—the world is a polluted mess, corporate influence has replaced independent thought, and his fiancée has decided that Rath is no longer worth her time.

While Rath embraces his multiple vices, he never expected his next bender to land him in another world entirely. He finds himself in Sarah’s world—an untainted parallel universe to his own: a pristine woodland where every person is the absolute master of their domain, and where Rath’s AI chip isn’t dictating his every move.

The opportunity to change his life presents itself in permutations of reality, but Sarah wants nothing more than to follow Rath back to his world. As their mirror worlds collide, Rath teeters on the edge of oblivion.

Alex Passey, novelist and poet, living in Winnipeg. In addition to Mirror’s Edge, he is also the author of the high fantasy series Omnijin, along with a companion short story that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Strange Sorcery.

Sean Perrun is a Winnipeg-based videographer and award winning filmmaker. His short film Writer’s Block won the 2018 Anti-Racism Arts Festival’s 48-hour film challenge. Sean was co-director and co-cinematographer for a BellMTS docu-series called No Roadblocks, Just Detours, released 2020. He was also credited for his work as an editor on the CBC executive produced short film Ring Warriors, produced by Scott Carnegie. Sean was a camera operator for the MTS Stories From Home feature film Staging the Band, produced by Chris Gaudry.

George J. Mitchell Online Book Launch

Wednesday Dec 09 2020 7:00 pm - Online Book Launch, Virtual

Join us as we celebrate the virtual launch of Treasures of Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange (Heritage House) by George J. Mitchell.

Registration is required to directly participate in the Zoom webinar. It will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube and available for viewing thereafter.

The Exchange District is the architectural jewel and cultural hub of Winnipeg’s downtown core, a twenty-block area featuring 150 remarkably preserved heritage buildings dating back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Join Winnipeg photographer George J. Mitchell as he reveals highlights from his new book documenting the rich visual splendor of the area and its heritage value as a former industrial and commercial powerhouse for the continent and one of North America’s most historically intact urban enclaves.

George J. Mitchell has been recording Winnipeg’s architectural and cultural heritage for over four decades. After producing the City of Winnipeg’s official centennial book in 1974, he worked as a photographer and editorial director with Sanford Evans Communications and as a magazine publisher for over twenty years with Sun Media. After years spent exploring Winnipeg’s Exchange, he still loves getting lost with his camera among its elegant period buildings.

Dennis Cooley Online Book Launch

Thursday Dec 10 2020 7:00 pm - Online Book Launch, Virtual

*Please note new date* Join us as we celebrate the online launch of The Muse Sings (At Bay Press) by Dennis Cooley, hosted by Neil Besner. Featuring guest readers Charlene Diehl, Karen Clavelle, Nicole Markotić, and Barb Schott.

Registration is required to participate directly in the Zoom webinar. It will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube and available for viewing thereafter.

An astounding collection by one of Canada’s greatest living poets, The Muse Sings and the poet sings songs of love and longing from states of joy, self-doubt, vexation, curiosity, affection, observation, mockindignation... The poems speak for themselves and sometimes "they talk all at once." In seductive acts of language itself, they invoke and embrace the Muses as much as they do the writers who would become muses, from ancient Homer and Shakespeare to poets of contemporary time. These poems are the seasoned work of a trickster poet in his prime with a crow's eye trained on the world. The poems all but produce decibels despite the inked imprint on the page that would fix them silent in place, until a living voice sets them free.

Dennis Cooley, has lived most of his life on the Canadian prairies, where for over 40 years he has been active as teacher, editor, poet, critic, anthologist, publisher, mentor, and supporter of writing. His work has been immersed in family, the prairies, and a play with form. His most recent titles include The Home Place (essays on Robert Kroetsch's poetry), and two books of poetry: cold press moon and The Bestiary.

Host Neil Besner taught Canadian literature for thirty years at the University of Winnipeg. From its founding in 2004 until this year, he edited the Laurier Poetry Series (LPS) with Wilfrid Laurier University Press, currently at thirty volumes, including one on Dennis Cooley, with each volume selecting from an individual Canadian poet’s work.