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Fun-guy Ozzie Mushroom Plush

- Jellycat, H7" X W3"

Toys $26.00 - Add to Cart

Fun-Guy Ozzie is very proud of that squishy freckled tangerine cap! It goes so well with a golden bow and tiny curly shoes! Ozzie's buttercream belly and bobbly tail are often seen bopping to the fairy disco. And after the party, this diddy chum loves to doze beneath the trees!

Maddy Snowman Plush

- Jellycat, H7" X W5"

Toys $36.00 - Add to Cart

Who's up for sledging? Maddy Snowman is so excited to meet you, smiling and waving those cordy-choc arms! Squat and squashy, this tussly snowman has a magical mossy bobble hat and scarf! With a sweet suedey carrot nose and creamy fleece fur, Maddy's a snowball of festive fun!

Amuseable Star Plush

- Jellycat, H4" X W4"

Toys $23.00 - Add to Cart

Someone's scrambled down from the tree to say a sparkly hello! Amuseable Star is a dizzy dreamer who loves to waggle those shiny gold boots! With gorgeous glimmering old-gold fur, a beany bottom and huggable arms, this scrumptious star does one cosmic jive!

Amuseable Sandwich Plush

- Jellycat, H5" X W9"

Toys $39.00 - Add to Cart

Amuseable Sandwich is a thick and springy ploughman's mate! Fuzzy, soft bread? Check! Towelly crust and bobbly boots? Check! Two-tone tomato slices, bright splash of cheese and ruffled lettuce? Check! All prepped for a picnic or a hike, over hill or dale!

Hibernating Penguin Plush

- Jellycat, H5" X W5"

Toys $24.00 - Add to Cart

Sssh—this adorable baby penguin is catching some Zzzs in his little plush bed, encouraging your own little one to do the same.

Amuseable Snowflake Plush - Large

- Jellycat, H12" X W11"

Toys $37.00 - Add to Cart

Will melt your heart. Amuseable Snowflake is all tired out from dancing about on the winter breeze! This double-cream cutie has a happy grin and a beany bottom to sit up well. With supercool squishy detailed branches, our scrumptious snowflake gives comforting cuddles.

Cozy Crew Whale Plush

- Jellycat, H7" X W2"

Toys $31.50 - Add to Cart

Submarine snuggles! Jellycat Cozy Crew Whale digs diving deep into the Arctic waters. But it gets awfully chilly down there! Luckily, this affable lavender lunkhead has a rust-red woolly turtleneck to warm them up. Plenty of room for a soft, squishy tailfin and a couple of wiggly flippers poking out! A stylish old salt, to be sure.

Cozy Crew Seal Plush

- Jellycat, H6" X W3"

Toys $31.50 - Add to Cart

Cozy Crew Seal is a curious splashabout, and can't help hopping aboard! A lollopy lovely in mocha fur, with squashy fins and a cheeky grin, this pup wears a cosy apricot jumper on every ocean adventure. Sitting up straight on a soft beany bottom, Cozy Crew Seal is all set to sail!

Cozy Crew Octopus Plush

- Jellycat, H8" X W4"

Toys $31.50 - Add to Cart

Merry mariner Cozy Crew Octopus looks so cool in a bottle-green jumper! With salmon-pink fur, a chipper grin and a brilliant squishy-soft head, this octopus gives such comforting hugs. A marvellous multi-tasker who can steer the ship while hoisting the anchor!

Cozy Crew Lobster Plush

- Jellycat, H8" X W5"

Toys $31.50 - Add to Cart

Cozy Crew Lobster is mellow in yellow, wearing a mustard rollneck jumper. Peachy-pink with squidgy segments, a soft split tail and boggly eyes, this loveable lobster is a great navigator! A kooky companion who knows all the best shanties!

Cozy Crew Crab Plush

- Jellycat, H5" X W7"

Toys $31.50 - Add to Cart

Avast! Cozy Crew Crab has hoisted the mainshell and is ready to set sail! Goofy and gorgeous with big bobble eyes, tangerine fur and a knitted navy jumper, this scrambly seafarer's always busy! With soft chunky claws and a cheery smile, this pal is never crabby!

Squishy Squash Plush

- Jellycat

Toys $30.50 - Add to Cart

Bashful Pug Plush (medium)

- Jellycat

Toys $32.50 - Add to Cart

Wistful Polar Bear Plush (medium)

- Jellycat

Toys $45.50 - Add to Cart

Wistful Polar Bear is big and round like a soft, fuzzy igloo. Gentle and thoughtful, this lumbering lovely has scruffle cream fur and big squashy paws. With perky ears, a black bobble nose, a soothing expression and the tubbiest tum, this beautiful bear is so huggable. H8" X W6"

Olives Plush Amuseable

- Jellycat, H4" X W4"

Toys $26.00 - Add to Cart

Olivin' it large! The Amuseable Olives are bobbly buddies who come from the same sunny branch! These mellow green friends have cute beigey feet and a parasol of suedey green leaves. A sunny, funny pair of pals, who love nothing more than a shared siesta. ONE SIZE - H4" X W4"

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