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Games & Puzzles

A selection of games and puzzles for kids. Also be sure to check out the Games section of our site for more titles! Or better yet, visit your nearest McNally Robinson bookstore to see our full selection of games for kids.

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Valley Of The Vikings Game

- by HABA

Games & Puzzles $42.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $37.80

Winner of the 2019 Kinderspiel des Jahres! In Valley of the Vikings, the annual barrel bowling contest is taking place. Now courage, skill and risk-taking are required so that the players use the ball to knock down the right barrels, and cleverly position their Vikings on the dock. But the player who ventures too far and is first to fall in the water goes away empty-handed. The player who captures the most gold coins wins. A tactical game of skill! Immersive Viking fun with four 3D Viking ships and 24 gold coins. 2-4 players. Ages 6 and up. Average gameplay time is about 20 minutes.

Zombie Kidz Evolution


Games & Puzzles $27.50 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $24.75

Zombie Kidz Evolution is the first "legacy"-style game for kids, with basic gameplay similar to the 2013 title Zombie Kidz — but things will quickly evolve! In the game, the young players are at school when zombies start to attack, infiltrating the entryways, then barring the way to classrooms. Players move through rooms and entryways to eliminate zombies and keep the zombie reserve full. If a zombie must enter the school but none are available, then the school has been overrun and the players lose. To win the game, players need to lock each of the four entryways as apparently the custodian has abandoned the post and given up the school for lost. As players get better, they can complete missions, track their development through a trophy-sticker system reminiscent of video games, and open envelopes that contain new material for the game, upping the challenge they face while also providing them with new powers and new heroes as well. 2-4 players. Ages 7 and up.

Snow Snow Game

- by DJECO

Toys $43.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $38.70

A gorgeous co-op game that challenges players to help four snowmen across a melting river. Rolling a die, move each snowman piece by piece across the ice, but watch out! If you roll a sun, one ice piece melts away. Beautiful 3D snowmen and a fun theme make this a great game to teach children to take turns and make choices while winning or losing together! 2-5 players. Ages 3 and up.

The King Of The Castle


Games & Puzzles $20.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $18.00

Climb to victory! The King of the Castle is a fun family game of both skill and chance. Players scale the ramparts, send their captors to the dungeon and try to be the first to reach the top. A 3D castle tower and colourful cards are great to play with for your little ones. This game helps enhance hand-eye coordination, strategical thinking and fosters a fun but competitive spirit. 15 minute playing time. 2-4 players, ages 6+.

Spicy Dice


Games & Puzzles $19.50 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $17.55

Twenty four unique dice and six dice rolling games to play. It also has a section on guiding the player to create their own dice games. 2-4 players. Ages 8 and up.

Jungle Game

- by JANOD

Games & Puzzles $30.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $27.00

In Jungle! players select one of the wooden animal tokens and roll a die to ascend the (actually 3D!) mountain. Ladders can boost you up a level, and waterfalls wash you back down. By adding a physical component to the climb and shortening the number of spaces to travel, this becomes a perfect first game for your child and a perfect play-on-your-own for friends and siblings. The mountain and colourful characters allow for great imaginative play outside the game as well! 2-4 players, ages 5-10.

Harry Potter Knight Bus 3d Puzzle


Games & Puzzles $30.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $27.00

If you’re a stranded wizard in need of an urgent, safe and discreet form of transportation, simply stick out your wand arm close to the curb and The Knight Bus will appear. Once on board, this purple triple-decker bus will squeeze through small spaces and travel quicker than a regular bus to make sure you reach your destination in time. But one question remains: how fast can you build this 280-piece Harry Potter™ 3D puzzle?



Games & Puzzles $8.50 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $7.65

Can you Squop your opponents Wink with your Squidger? By the way, a Squidger is the big disc you press on the wink to send it flying and to ‘Squop’ is to cover your opponents wink with one of your own. Now you know. We’ll tip you the wink! This is a fabulous little set of tiddlywinks, with a cup and a bag which is perfect for playing anywhere. Ages: 3 and Up

Take 'n' Play Hangman Game (magnetic)

- by PATCH

Games & Puzzles $10.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $9.00

Take 'N Play Anywhere games feature big playing pieces that are easy for kids to use and hard for kids to lose. In this game both the letters and the body parts are magnetic allowing you to play the classic game anywhere. For 2 players. Recommended for ages 5 and up.



Games & Puzzles $23.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $20.70

A family game of tricky hangs and steady hands! Try this hanging balance game and you'll be hooked! Suspend comes with 24 notched, rubber-tipped wire pieces to hang from a tabletop stand. Sound easy? Try adding another piece! Each time a bar is added, the balance shifts, the difficulty changes and the incredible midair sculpture transforms. Can you add all your game pieces without making it fall? Ages: 8 and up
Players: 1 to 4

Family Scavenger Hunt Card Game


Games & Puzzles $9.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $8.10

Take Family Scavenger Hunt card game on the road! This fun family card game is great for taking on picnics, camping, or to grandma's house! With lots of indoor and outdoor objects to hunt for, your whole family is sure to be entertained, rain or shine! Ages: 6 and Up
Players: 2+


- by R & R GAMES

Toys $22.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $19.80

The family strategy game that’s easy to learn and gobs of fun to play! Players are hungry little goblins, trying to gobble up as many stones as possible to score points. Be a clever goblin and eat up the most valuable stones, but don’t be too greedy…. a stuffed goblin is a slow goblin! The more stones you gobble, the bigger you get, and the fattest goblin wins! Ages: 10 and up
Players: 2-4
Play Time: 30 minutes

Spectracube Game


Toys $22.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $19.80

Spectracube offers SIX different games, using a set of primary and a set of secondary color cubes. SPECTACULAR SHUFFLE
Roll primary and secondary Spectracubes to create the highest scoring spectrum straights, pairs and 3 of a kind! Do you take the risk to roll again?
Be the quickest player to roll colors that match the center cubes and grab them! Roll again before other players and grab what’s left!
There are so many ways to score in this game that you may think you’re way ahead of the competition! But watch out—a few quick rolls, and your competition could catch up!
Try not to Blotch Out! Avoid the “Color Blotch” Spectracubes. Sound easy? Not so fast…You’ll learn a lot about chance in this game!
Quick eyes and fast rolls get you winning—as you place your Spectracubes into Rummy straights and sets!
Roll the Spectra-Slam cubes to win. This game gets more intense as players approach the 15 point threshold to winning! Ages: 6 and up
Players: 2-4