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Tips for helping us get your order ready sooner

**Please note that we are now less than two weeks away from December 25th, thus we cannot guarantee any new order will be ready before Christmas.**

However if you follow the tips we outline below, there is a chance we can have your order ready before Christmas.


• Select "In-store Pickup" during checkout.

It is much faster for us to process orders that do not require shipping, so no matter what you are ordering you will have a better chance of having your order ready before Christmas if you choose the pickup option during checkout. In Saskatoon orders will be available for pickup inside the bookstore, and in Winnipeg all "in-store" pickups will happen curbside in front of our Grant Park store. (Added bonus for you: there's no shipping or delivery charge for pickup.)



• Order Gift Certificates.

We are prioritizing orders that contain only Gift Certificates (no product), and are often able to complete these orders within about a week. Gift Certificates can be purchased in any denomination here. We can arrange for curbside pickup, mail the Certificates(s) directly to your recipient(s), or email them.


• Order only items that are in-stock at the bookstore nearest you.

NOTE: At this time, with less than two weeks until December 25th, we have reached the holiday deadline for ordering new stock from publishers/distributors. Thus from this point on, any new stock we order from publishers/distributors to fill your order will arrive after the holidays.

We are prioritizing orders for items that are in-stock, and are often able to address these orders within about ten days. Stock availability is shown on the details page of each item. A green box means we have stock; a grey box means we currently have no stock.

If you order items that are not in-stock at the store near you, the timeline for your order will depend on how soon we can get new stock from the publisher or one of our other stores. Once we have reviewed your order we will contact you with an estimated timeline.

Orders are centrally processed at our Grant Park (Winnipeg) location, therefore if stock must be transferred from one of our other locations, the following processing time will be added to your order:

» Transferring a title from our Forks location: 1-3 business days.

» Transferring a title from our Saskatoon location: up to 1 week.


• Please do not contact us about your order unless you would like to adjust or cancel it.

We will contact you with details about your order as soon as we are able, so once your order has been submitted please wait for an email or phone call from us. Note that there may be a delay of two weeks or more between submitting your order and hearing back from us, as our queue is exceptionally long at this time. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

» Emails asking about the status of an online order will be ignored. We simply cannot respond to every email we receive and must prioritize the messages we address.

» If you do need to contact us with important information regarding your order (for example updating payment information, address details, etc.), it is best for you to phone the bookstore nearest you. Our phone lines are busy, but this is still generally the fastest way to get ahold of us. The bookseller who answers your call can help with your request.


• If you would like to add items to an order that has already been submitted, please submit a new order instead.

At this point we cannot accomodate every request (whether it come by email or phone) to add items to an existing order. It slows down your entire order (and our entire queue) when we are asked to add items to an order, so we ask you please submit a new order and it will be handled separately in our queue.

• Do not split up your order.

When you request your order to be split between multiple destination addresses, this slows down our ability to process the entire order. Also note that if we do split your order, you will have to pay for separate shipping/delivery costs for each destination address. It's much simpler (and faster) for us to ship an order to a single destination.