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Self-Publishing Price List


Every book is unique, and not every book should be created the same way. Therefore we're proud to offer four unique setup packages, each designed to meet the needs of you and your project. The Setup Fee for each package is a one-time fee, to cover the administrative work required to prepare and print your book (such as filling out paper work, making records, and uploading your book's files to our network).

Please note that the print costs per book are separate from setup fees. See below for more information. Please also note that Setup Fees must be paid before any formatting or printing is performed, and are non-refundable.



In addition to the setup fee, we charge a print cost for each book we print to cover the cost of the paper, ink, and glue.

Print costs are based on page count. Each book costs $7.00 plus $0.03 (up to 6 x 9) or $0.05 per black and white page and $0.10 (up to 6 x 9) or $0.18 per colour page, depending on size.

There is a 16 book order minimum for books with colour interiors.

Questions? We're happy to give you an estimate for your order. Send us an email at [email protected].




Need help getting your book ready for printing? We've got the skills and the staff to make it happen. Listed here are our optional design and formatting services. Look below the price list to see an explanation of each service.

Price Chart


Do thoughts of margins, line spacing, page numbering, and PDFs fill you with dread? If you're unable (or unwilling!) to format your book to our required specifications, we can help with our Interior Page Design Service.

Does DPI, layering, flattening, and bleed sound Greek to you? Our graphic designers can create a cover for you. We have several cover design packages to choose from, each offering different styles and complexity of cover design.

Please visit our Design Services page for an explanation of each design package.



Inserting images into your book block can be a tricky process. We can help take care of the hassle for you. Need more than 10 photos placed? Send us an email! We're happy to discuss your options.

For interior design packages only.


If you want the freedom to distribute your work through the traditional bookselling channels then you're likely going to need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). We can get your book its very own, and if you'd like we'll even put the ISBN and a barcode on your back cover (cover design package only).



Everyone makes mistakes (we are only human!), or maybe you just want to make changes (change is good!). Most of our setup packages include one complimentary set of revisions. If you've already used your free upload of revisions we can re-upload revised book files anytime for a small fee.

Or sometimes PDF files need design and layout fixes before they can go to print. For a small fee we can implement these changes and get your files print-ready. The charge varies from $15 to $30, depending on the complexity of the fix.

Note that some set-up packages include one complimentary batch of revisions.



Not everyone wants to sell their book -- at least not at first. Sometimes an author decides to put the book for sale weeks or months after it's been printed. That's not a problem. For $50 we can establish a consignment contract to get your book on our shelves and in our store. (Please note: the two Self-Publishing Setup Packages, DIY Professional and McNally Premiere, include a consignment contract. Also, please note than in addition to the $50 fee you will be required to pay the print costs for three copies of your book. Contact us for more details.)

Pricing is subject to change at the discretion of McNally Robinson Booksellers.


If you have any questions about our pricing or the services we offer, don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected]