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Our Featured Titles

A top selection of our new CD, LP, DVD, and Blu-Ray titles, featuring both classic and contemporary selections.

For Eden Lp

- Boy Golden

LP $34.99
Reader Reward Price: $31.49

From stoner-boy to country-boy, blue-boy to a golden-voiced-man, Boy Golden has embodied them all. Now, as our guide, Boy Golden leads us through this next experience with kindness and humour, straight down Highway 5 and headlong into For Eden. Ten stories told from his heart, his dreams and his real life, For Eden is about searching for things — like dreams, love and better versions of himself, all wrapped up in some idea of a perfect place, Eden, be it real or imagined. But Paradise isn’t an outer realm; it’s the peace Boy Golden’s found within. Since his debut, Church of Better Daze (2020), Boy Golden has been immersed in the journey: one where he’s traveled inward towards himself and the other traversing the observable world. Touring for hundreds of days, spending time at home in the studio alone or with friends, Boy Golden has been writing, writing, writing. From the lyrics, to the music, to the accompanying behind the scenes stories and newsletters, Boy Golden’s honesty and clarity are magnificent. At times they magnify small wells of sadness, bringing forth the tears; other times they widen smiles, decimate guilt and fear, and others still, his songwriting eases the boundaries between folk, bluegrass, Americana and pop music. A compass and a lighthouse, a roadmap and a set of postcards, For Eden forms a neat collection of experiences, remembered with tenderness and beauty. It serves as a travel companion for others on their respective journeys. It’s nice to have someone along for the ride — and someone waiting for you at home. If home is where Boy Golden’s heart is, be it in the big city, tiny town, on the road or on a record, For Eden beats solidly, passionately, emphatically for a life and for love in the moments we have.

Things Were Never Good If They're Not Lp


LP $34.99
Reader Reward Price: $31.49

Things Were Never Good If They're Not Good Now - Donovan Woods / Woods was joined in the studio by a number of friends, along with co-writing "Rosemary" with Seidel, "Back For The Funeral" was co-written with Lori McKenna and Matt Nathanson. "I'm Just Trying To Get Home" with Amy Wadge and Matt Prime, and featuring William Prince. And "When Our Friends Come Over" is a gorgeous duet written and performed with Madi Diaz.

Mind Games Ultimate Colln 2lp

- John Lennon

LP $63.99
Reader Reward Price: $57.59

Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. John Lennon - Mind Games - The Ultimate Mixes and The Out-takes - 24 tracks on two LPs plus an 8-page booklet of photos and artwork; a reproduction of the original 1973 triptych marketing poster; postcard-sized reproductions of 1973 advert artworks and an individually numbered Citizen of Nutopia ID card. Produced by Sean Ono Lennon. Mixed and engineered by 3x Grammy Award-winner Paul Hicks with additional engineering by Sam Gannon. Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios.

Boy & The Heron Blu Ray Steelbook

- Hayao Miyazaki

Blu-ray $58.99
Reader Reward Price: $53.09

Acclaimed animator Miyazaki’s animated fantasy about a young boy who encounters a magical world and surreal characters while struggling with the grief of the death of his mother. Luca Padovan, Gemma Chan.

Passage Du Desir Lp

- Johnny Blue Skies

LP $34.99
Reader Reward Price: $31.49

'Passage du Desir' is the debut album from Johnny Blues Skies (Sturgill Simpson). Produced by David Ferguson, these previously unreleased songs were partly written in Paris, and recorded in historic Abbey Road Studios and Nashville, TN's Clement House Recording Studio.

Confidenza Soundtrack Lp Cream


LP $40.99
Reader Reward Price: $36.89

Radiohead/The Smile frontman Thom Yorke presents his original score for Daniele Luchetti's film, "Confidenza", an adaptation of the Italian drama based on Domenico Starnone's novel of the same name. Produced by Sam Petts-Davies ("Suspiria", The Smile "Wall Of Eyes"), "Confidenza" sees Petts-Davies and Yorke working again with the London Contemporary Orchestra alongside a jazz ensemble which includes Robert Stillman and fellow The Smile bandmate, Tom Skinner. The 12-track score follows Yorke's previous full-length soundtrack for Luca Guadagnino's 2018 "Suspiria" remake, with its lead single "Suspirium" going on to receive a GRAMMY-nomination for Best Song Written for Visual Media. In 2019 Yorke also contributed music to Edward Norton's "Motherless Brooklyn", and in 2022 wrote two original tracks for the series finale of "Peaky Blinders".

I Saw The Tv Glow 2lp Violet


LP $44.99
Reader Reward Price: $40.49

Original soundtrack for A24's "I Saw The TV Glow", featuring 16 original songs by an all-star ensemble, including Caroline Polachek, Sloppy Jane feat. Phoebe Bridgers, Bartees Strange, Drab Majesty, yeule, Florist, Jay Som, and many more. Also featuring a vinyl-only exclusive bonus track, "Tonight Tonight" by Snail Mail. Pressed on violet vinyl.

Love Heart Cheat Code Lp Blue White


LP $39.99
Reader Reward Price: $35.99

Three time Grammy nominated Hiatus Kaiyote return with their eagerly anticipated new album Love Heart Cheat Code. The band have warmed up fans with standout single 'Everything's Beautiful' and what awaits is a masterfully crafted album from a band who are firing on all cylinders and totally in sync. LHCC is a mix of their classic neo-soul sound, fused with jazz, soul and rock - which is on full display on their cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic 'White Rabbit' and a fan favorite from their live shows, 'Cinnamon Temple'. The album also includes a feature from BMO from the cult classic animated series Adventure Time (Cartoon Network/Adult Swim). Throughout the campaign the band will build a bright and vibrant world for fans to dive into, with games, artifacts, mazes and all other matter of zaniness that one can expect from Hiatus Kaiyote. Just ahead of album release the band will be embarking on a 19 day US tour, which includes stops at Montreal and Toronto Jazz Fests and Electric Forest.

Gloss Lp Olive Green Indie Exclusive


LP $30.99
Reader Reward Price: $27.89

The Gloss is the second album from Cola. From their inception Cola have expanded on the d.i.y. ethic of the Dischord and SST eras, creating potent sounds from a minimal palette of drums/bass/guitar and lacing their songs with winsome one-liners and societal commentary. What’s another word for commentary? Gloss, apparently. Never basic, the lyrics reward repeated listening for deeper meanings. David Berman’s poetry-via-garage light pennings are an inspiration, as equally so are the lighter side of UK first-wave New Wave and the Dunedin sound. The results are in the pudding: at times sparse and poetic, at others a thrilling, hook-laden good time, as with the cheeky romantic sketch of a one-night stand that is so overflowing with innuendo-cum-journalism talk that it almost teeters over into self-parody. But the results are the right combination of lightheartedness and sincerity. Romanticism is never far from laughter, and equally never far from righteous anger in the music of Cola: “Pulling quotes now in the dark/Our outlook is restrained/Your tongue might weaken to be-fit your smile/Til nothing ill remains.” ‘nuff said. It's an album bursting with energy and wit and ideas–filled to the margins.

Small Medium Lg Lp Orange Colour

- Sml

LP $38.99
Reader Reward Price: $35.09

SML is Anna Butterss, Jeremiah Chiu, Josh Johnson, Booker Stardrum, Gregory Uhlmann. "Small Medium Large" was engineered and recorded in stereo direct to Nagra by Bryce Gonzales at ETA, Los Angeles, CA and compiled, arranged and edited with additional production recording and studio composition by Jeremiah Chiu, Josh Johnson, Booker Stardrum, and Gregory Uhlmann at home studios in Los Angeles, CA and Kingston, NY.

Wild Things Bluray

- Arrow

Blu-ray $41.99
Reader Reward Price: $37.79

Deliciously trashy neo noir thriller about a spoiled rich kid, a troubled teen from the wrong side of the tracks, a carefree playboy and a dogged detective who find themselves all caught up in an outrageous sex crime. Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, 1998. Presented in 4K restorations of its original theatrical version and extended ‘Unrated Edition’, Wild Things is a classic piece of sexy late-90s neo-noir from director John McNaughton and writer Stephen Peters, whose serpentine plotting will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end credits roll.

Why Lawd Lp Brown Blue Indie Exclusive


LP $36.99
Reader Reward Price: $33.29

The long-awaited second album from NxWorries – the iconic duo of superstar vocalist Anderson .Paak and GRAMMY Award-winning beatmaker and producer Knxwledge.
8 years after their breakthrough debut Yes Lawd!, NxWorries return with Why Lawd? – a winning combination of Knx’s unmistakeable beats and .Paak’s instantly recognizable vocals.
This time, special guests are invited along for the ride. Featured artists include H.E.R., Snoop Dogg, Thundercat, Earl Sweatshirt, Rae Khalil and more.

Bandits Of Orgosolo Blu Ray

- Vittorio De Seta

Blu-ray $52.99
Reader Reward Price: $47.69

In this rare Italian film, a Sardinian shepherd's life is changed forever when her home becomes the temporary refuge of a gang of livestock thieves. Vittorio De Seta, 1961.   A Sardinian peasant is suspected of murder following an encounter with bandits. In order to survive, he has no option but to turn to banditry himself. Winning multiple awards at the Venice Film Festival, Bandits of Orgosolo continues the traditions of Visconti and De Sica yet with his own style and rhythms Vittorio De Seta musters just as much power as the earlier masters.

Ozon's Transgressive Triple Blu Ray

- Francois Ozon

Blu-ray $41.99
Reader Reward Price: $37.79

Patricia Rozema's long unavailable follow up to I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing follows a gentle aspiring author with writer’s block, who spies on his neighbours for inspiration. Margot Kidder, Kate Nelligan, Maurice Godin, 1990.   Available in the U.S. for the first time, Patricia Rozema’s ambitious follow up to I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing follows Norman (Maurice Godin, House), a gentle aspiring author with writer’s block, who spies on his neighbors for inspiration. When he witnesses the murder of famous singer Madeline X (Margot Kidder, Superman), he attends her memorial and encounters a mesmerizing woman (Kate Nelligan, The Cider House Rules) who he follows home. Or is she leading him? As her gardener, he discovers her nightly visits to a secret room and a possible connection to the murder. Set in Toronto of the ‘90s, this twisted urban fairy tale, as much about the consequences of naive romanticism as our uniquely modern obsession with celebrity, has two endings – one tragic, one euphoric, both essential. The new 4K restoration was made possible by the generous financial support of Telefilm Canada. Audio commentary by director Patricia Rozema | Behind-the-Scenes Image Gallery | This Might be Good (2000, short film by Patricia Rozema) | Archival interview with Patricia Rozema | Alternate French audio dub | Trailers

Amern Gigolo Bluray

- Paul Schrader

Blu-ray $51.99
Reader Reward Price: $46.79

Sleek and stylish noir-inflected about a senator’s wife who begins taking more than a passing interest in her man-for-hire and when a kinky sex murder is laid at his door. Richard Gere, Lauren Hutton, Hector Elizondo, Paul Schrader, 1980.   Paul Schrader, hot off writing the scripts for Martin Scorsese's immortal classics Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, stepped into the director's chair for the third time with 1980's American Gigolo, a gripping tale of intrigue and deception set against the backdrop of sultry late-70s Los Angeles and starring Richard Gere in a breakthrough performance.

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