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Upcoming Releases

Upcoming book releases for children and teenagers in a variety of genres and themes. A great place to find new and anticipated titles for young readers.

Anne Dreams

- Kallie George , Abigail Halpin

Hardcover $16.99
Reader Reward Price: $15.29

The sixth and final book in an early illustrated chapter book series inspired by Anne of Green Gables, starring the spirited Anne Shirley as she pursues her dream of becoming a teacher.

Anne is starting to grow up, but she's still disappointed with her red hair -- it's one of her lifelong sorrows. One day, she buys a bottle of hair dye in order to have raven black hair like her best friend and kindred spirit, Diana. Unfortunately, the dye ends up turning her hair green! This upset causes Anne to start focusing on improving herself inside, rather than her looks . . . and leads to a new dream taking shape: Anne wanting to become a teacher! She joins a club for students studying to get into Queen's College. But can Anne overcome her fear of failing? And how can she study hard when pesky Gilbert is distracting her?

Lovingly adapted by Kallie George with beautiful nostalgic illustrations by Abigail Halpin, this series is perfect for fans of Anne, new and old.

A Bite Above the Rest

- Christine Virnig

Children's hardcover $23.99
Reader Reward Price: $21.59

A boy moves to a Halloween-themed town only to realize there may be more to the tourist trap than meets the eye in this fast-paced romp of a middle grade novel perfect for fans of The Last Kids on Earth and Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library!

When Caleb's mom decides they are moving to her childhood home in Wisconsin, Caleb is not thrilled. Moving schools, states, and time zones would be bad enough, but Mom's hometown is Samhain, a small and ridiculously kitschy place where every day is Halloween.

Caleb is not a fan of Halloween when it only happens once a year, so Halloween-obsessed Samhain is really not the place for him. How is he supposed to cope with kids wearing costumes to school every single day? And how about the fact that the mayor is so committed to the bit that City Hall is only open from sundown to sunup to accommodate his so-called vampirism? Sure enough, Caleb becomes an outcast at school for refusing to play along with the spooky tradition like the other sixth graders. Luckily, he manages to find a friend in fellow misfit Tai, and just in time, because things are getting weird in Samhain...or make that weirder.

But there's no way the mayor is an actual vampire, and their teacher absolutely cannot really be a werewolf--right? Caleb discovers Samhain is so much stranger than he ever could have imagined. As one of the only people who realizes what's happening, can he save a town that doesn't want saving?

Buffalo Dreamer

- Violet Duncan

Children's hardcover $24.50
Reader Reward Price: $22.05

An illuminating novel about the importance of reclaiming the past, based on the author's family history

Summer and her family always spend relaxed summers in Alberta, Canada, on the reservation where her mom's family lives. But this year is turning out to be an eye-opening one. First, Summer has begun to have vivid dreams in which she's running away from one of the many real-life residential schools that tore Native children from their families and tried to erase their Native identities. Not long after that, she learns that unmarked children's graves have been discovered at the school her grandpa attended as a child. Now more folks are speaking up about their harrowing experiences at these places, including her grandfather. Summer cherishes her heritage and is heartbroken about all her grandfather was forced to give up and miss out on. When the town holds a rally, she's proud to take part to acknowledge the painful past and speak of her hopes for the future, and anxious to find someone who can fill her in on the source of her unsettling dreams.

Cat on the Run in Cucumber Madness! (Cat on the Run #2)

- Aaron Blabey

Children's paperback $9.99
Reader Reward Price: $8.99

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Bad Guys comes another hilarious illustrated series starring a pampered cat who is way tougher than anyone realizes.

VANISHED! The World's #1 Cat Video Star has disappeared! Or has she? As a diabolical mystery unravels around her, Princess Beautiful is plunged into a terrible world where trending isn't a thing, danger lurks around every corner, and cucumbers are no laughing matter. She's jumped out of the frying pan and into . . . CAT ON THE RUN - BOOK TWO!

The Epic Guide to Dragon Masters

- Tracey West, Matt Loveridge

Children's paperback $15.99
Reader Reward Price: $14.39

Calling all Dragon Masters! This is the guidebook that no Dragon Master should be without -- featuring full-color artwork on every page!

Kids love reading all about the Dragon Masters' adventures in Tracey West's New York Times bestselling Dragon Masters early chapter book series. Now fans can own the official guide to Dragon Masters. This epic, 256-page, full-color special edition features maps, information about Dragon Masters and their dragons, notes from wizards, the history of Dragon Masters, and more! This book has everything a future Dragon Master needs to know!

How It All Ends

- Emma Hunsinger

Children's paperback $19.99
Reader Reward Price: $17.99

"How It All Ends is hilarious, inventive, smart, and silly, and perfectly captures the overwhelming confusion, anxiety, and joy of a young gay crush." --Alice Oseman, bestselling author of Heartstopper

"Emma Hunsinger's sharp wit and eclectic humor shines in this fantastic story about making new friends and surviving school. I simply adore her work as a writer and an artist." --Dan Santat, National Book Award winner for A First Time for Everything

"Imaginative and hysterical, and with the sort of rare, clear-seeing honesty that will make any reader feel less alone in the world. I loved it." --Eliot Schrefer, two-time National Book Award finalist and New York Times bestselling author

"Emma Hunsinger is a master at revealing human emotion through comedy and absurdism. How It All Ends is a hilarious, surreal, and deeply sincere story about finding yourself in a situation that you don't feel ready to face and making your way through it anyway." --Sarah Sax, author of Picture Day

"How It All Ends felt like Emma Hunsinger's inner child asking my own inner child, 'Hey, you want to sit together?' I've never felt so healed by a book. I can't wait to give it to everyone I know." --Adib Khorram, award-winning author of Darius the Great Is Not Okay

A funny, vulnerable, and disarming debut graphic novel from Emma Hunsinger, the creator of the popular "How to Draw a Horse." How It All Ends is a book about being overwhelmed by who you are and who you might be--and all the possibilities in between. For fans of Snapdragon, The Magic Fish, Heartstopper, and New Kid.

Thirteen-year-old Tara lives inside the nonstop adventure of her imagination. It's far more entertaining than dull, everyday life. But when she's bumped from seventh grade directly to high school, she gets a dramatic jolt to reality.

Now Tara is part of a future she doesn't feel at all ready for. She's not ready to watch the racy shows the high school kids like, or to listen to the angsty music, or to stop playing make-believe with her younger brother. She's not ready to change for PE in front of everyone, or for the chaos of the hallways, or for the anarchy of an English class that's overrun with fourteen-year-old boys.

But then there's Libby.

Tara doesn't know whether she's ready for Libby. She can't even explain who Libby is to her because she doesn't know yet. She just knows that everything's more fun when she and her new classmate are together. But what will happen next? How will it all end?

This debut graphic novel is a clever and candid portrait of a young girl grappling with the pressures of fitting in, finding your people, and sorting through confusing feelings. Emma Hunsinger has a pitch-perfect ear for the awkward yet endearing moments that accompany growing up, and her illustrations are downright hilarious. She brilliantly captures the humor and the horror of self-discovery and the first blushes of having a crush. How It All Ends deftly explores how unbearable--but exciting!--it is to grow up. 

It Bears Repeating

- Tanya Tagaq , Cee Pootoogook

Children's hardcover $23.99
Reader Reward Price: $21.59

This beautifully crafted picture book celebrates one of the world's most awesome animals: the polar bear. Evocative but simple text by award-winning musician and artist Tanya Tagaq is accompanied by striking art in this classic counting book.

Beginning with 1 proud polar bear standing tall and ending with 10 bears waving goodbye, this delightful counting book shows polar bears in all their forms: slippery and fast, crafty and cool, hungry and proud. Tanya has created a story meant to be read aloud, incorporating simple Inuktitut words and using her keen ear for the musical sound of language.

This book is joyful, powerful, clever and striking -- much like the bears who sniff, slide, swim, hunt, play and dance through its pages. And when you get to the last page, you won't be able to resist going back to repeat the journey!

Kingdom of Dust

- Lisa Stringfellow

Children's hardcover $23.99
Reader Reward Price: $21.59

Author of A Comb of Wishes Lisa Stringfellow returns with a West African-inspired fantasy about a girl who is determined to return both magic and justice to her people--and whose destiny holds more surprises than she could ever imagine.

"A fascinating fairy tale of memory, the power of storytelling, and magic! Lisa Stringfellow has crafted a fantastic story of a young girl seeking to save her kingdom from the usurper that would destroy it. This coming-of-age story of self-discovery is a gift to young readers, who will see themselves mirrored in a heroine worth rooting for!" --P. Djèlí Clark, author of Abeni's Song

"Storytelling has the ability to shape who we are and how we navigate the world. Nowhere is that more true than in Kingdom of Dust, where Lisa Stringfellow has crafted a heartfelt tale full of adventure, community, mystery, and magic. This story is one that all young readers will be absolutely delighted to discover!" --New York Times bestselling author Kalynn Bayron

"Such a cool, different, princess-in-a-tower story; I loved the world Lisa built and the determined young heroine who has to save it." --Tui Sutherland, author of the New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series

The Outsmarters

- Deborah Ellis

Children's hardcover $18.99
Reader Reward Price: $17.09

What can you do when the adult world lets you down?

Suspended from school and prone to rages, twelve-year-old Kate finds her own way to get on with her life, despite the messed-up adults around her. Her gran, for one, is stubborn and aloof - not unlike Kate herself, who has no friends, and who's been expelled for "behavioral issues," like the meltdowns she has had ever since her mom dumped her with her grandmother three years ago. Kate dreams that one day her mother will return for her. When that happens, they'll need money, so Kate sets out to make some.

Gran nixes her idea to sell psychiatric advice like Lucy in Peanuts ("You're not a psychiatrist. You'll get sued."), so Kate decides to open a philosophy booth to provide answers to life's big and small questions. She soon learns that adults have plenty of problems and secrets of their own, including Gran. When she finds that her grandmother has been lying to her about her mother, the two have a huge fight, and Gran says she can't wait for Kate to finish high school so she'll be rid of her at last. Kate decides to take matters into her own hands and discovers that to get what she wants, she may have to reach out to some unexpected people, and find a way to lay down her own anger.

Key Text Features



literary references


Correlates to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts:

Determine a theme or central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details; provide a summary of the text distinct from personal opinions or judgments.

Analyze how a particular sentence, chapter, scene, or stanza fits into the overall structure of a text and contributes to the development of the theme, setting, or plot.

Owls See Clearly at Night/Lii Yiiboo Nayaapiwak lii Swer

- Julie Flett

Children's hardcover $22.95
Reader Reward Price: $20.66

This picture book is a small glimpse, from A to Z, of some of the sights and sounds of the Michif language and its speakers. 

The language of the Metis, Michif is a combination of French and Cree with a trace of other regional languages. Once spoken by thousands of people across the prairies of Canada and the northern United States, Michif is now so little spoken that it might disappear within a generation. 

This alphabet book is part of a resurgence to celebrate and preserve the traditions of the Metis people. Here Michif and English words combine with images from Metis culture to introduce all generations to the unique Michif language. The book even includes a brief introduction to the language's history, a pronunciation guide, and a list of references for those interested in learning more about Michif.


- Sherri L Smith, Christine Norrie

Young adult softcover $16.99
Reader Reward Price: $15.29

In a beautifully crafted and captivating graphic novel from award-winning writer Sherri L. Smith and Eisner-nominated artist Christine Norrie, a Japanese-American girl must survive years of uncertainty and questions of loyalty in Hiroshima during World War II.

Amy is a thirteen-year-old Japanese-American girl who lives in Hawaii. When her great-grandmother falls ill, Amy travels to visit family in Hiroshima for the first time. But this is 1941. When the Japanese navy attacks Pearl Harbor, it becomes impossible for Amy to return to Hawaii. Conscripted into translating English radio transmissions for the Japanese army, Amy struggles with questions of loyalty and fears about her family amidst rumors of internment camps in America -- even as she makes a new best friend and, over the years, Japan starts to feel something like home. Torn between two countries at war, Amy must figure out where her loyalties lie and, in the face of unthinkable tragedy, find hope in the rubble of a changed world.

Scaredy Squirrel Scared Silly

- Melanie Watt

Children's hardcover $16.99
Reader Reward Price: $15.29

Scaredy Squirrel can't wait for Halloween, with its cute decorations, cheerful music . . . and NOTHING spooky. This funny early graphic novel about getting ready for Halloween and overcoming your fears is perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly.

Being scared is nothing new to Scaredy Squirrel in his fourth NUTTY ADVENTURE. That's why he's fully prepared for Halloween: bright lighting? Check. Adorable pumpkin décor? Check. Costumes? You bet. Ghosts, vampires and monsters? That's a big negative. And no trick-or-treating; Scaredy doesn't want to risk cracking a tooth! But with some gentle support and encouragement from his friends, Scaredy learns he can still have a good time and overcome his fears . . . and maybe even get a little spooky! (But just a little.)

The Sleeping Giant

- David A Robertson

Children's hardcover $21.99
Reader Reward Price: $19.79

Eli and Morgan embark on a dangerous mission to rescue kidnapped animal beings in this new adventure in the award-winning, Narnia-inspired Indigenous middle-grade fantasy series.

Eli, Morgan and Emily embark on their most dangerous mission yet, to save the kidnapped animal beings of Ministik. But before they can reach the heavily guarded Land of the Sleeping Giant, Eli must rally more help, not just from old friends, but from surprising new allies. And he must rely on a new way to travel: on the back of the leader of the Bird Warriors himself, Pip. Together they will journey across the North Country, on a mission to reconnect the Bird Warriors, as well as confront old enemies. But even as he must fight for his life - and the lives of his friends and new family - Eli must also come to terms with his newfound knowledge: What does it mean that he is only part human?

Sleepy Bird

- Jeremy Tankard

Board Book $9.99
Reader Reward Price: $8.99

It's bedtime . . . and someone is not getting sleepy!

Bird's friends are settling in for the night. But Bird is not tired. His wings want to flap. His legs want to run. All of him wants to play! When will he ever go to sleep?!

Spirited kids and exhausted parents will laugh their way to happy dreams in this hilarious and relatable take on bedtime featuring the lovable hero of Grumpy Bird, Boo Hoo Bird, and Hungry Bird.

Now available in a sturdy board book edition.

Super Duper Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon)

- Scholastic

Children's paperback $22.99
Reader Reward Price: $20.69

The latest edition of the bestselling Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook is here -- and it includes all-new Pokémon! With 640 color pages and info on more than 1,000 Pokémon, this is a must-have for Pokémon fans of all ages.

Gotta catch 'em all! This revised and updated edition of the mega-bestselling Essential Handbook and Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook has all the stats and facts fans need about the world of Pokémon. Need-to-know info on more than 1,000 Pokémon is jam-packed into 640 illustrated, full-color pages.

The handbook is easy to read and organized simply and effectively into one comprehensive, user-friendly reference book. This updated edition features tons of extra pages devoted to the newest Pokémon from the Scarlet and Violet video games. It is truly essential for Pokémon Trainers of all ages.

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