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Pregnancy and After

Swaddle Me Up

- Meleah Ekstrand, Kat Yao, Bill Milne

Hardcover $29.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $26.96

Everything parents need to know about swaddling a baby, babywearing safety, plus tips on sleep and soothing, and some much-needed humor.

Here is a delightful swaddling book that is as informative as it is adorable. This guide to the ins and outs of swaddling and babywearing is any parent's go-to for bundling up their bundle of joy. With easy instructions for multiple ways to swaddle and keep baby cozy, step-by-step guides for tucking baby into any carrier, and advice on safety, fit, and leveling up your skills, parents can rest easy knowing baby is snug and happy, and can get some extra rest themselves. Plus, there are helpful sidebars on sleep, soothing, and figuring out the first few months of parenthood.

Presented in a playful package with both charming illustrations and sweet photography, this book has the perfect mix of humor and practicality to be an ideal gift for expecting parents.

HIGHLY PRACTICAL: Swaddling isn't just cute--research has shown that swaddled babies sleep longer and have more REM sleep while swaddled. And more sleep for baby means more sleep for their tired parents! This book has safe and still cute ways to swaddle baby, and they're easy enough for any sleep-deprived parent to do.

Highly Giftable: People are always looking for easy parenting books to give at a baby shower. Both fun and informative, this is a gift any expectant parent can appreciate and that anyone will enjoy gifting. It's also a cheery add-on gift to liven up traditional gifts of baby necessities.

Perfect for:New ParentsAnyone needing a gift for expecting and new parents or a baby shower

My Baby Bk Keepsake Jnl For Baby's 1st Y

- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Paperback (PST applies) $21.99 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $19.79

An easy, breezy guided journal for recording your new baby's first year. Wit and humor make the journal a joy to fill out, and the light prompts don't take up too much of Mom's precious time. The bright and whimsical design makes this journal a must-have for all new mothers.

Wonderful Baby You Are

- Emily Winfield Martin

Paperback (PST applies) $34.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $30.60

With enchanting art, lots of guided pages in which to write, and ample room for photos, this is the perfect keepsake for Baby!
From the moment you get the good news to the first birthday, there's a place to record thoughts, feelings, guests, and important milestones. Showcasing the enchanting illustrations of Emily Winfield Martin, the bestselling author of The Wonderful Things You Will Be, this baby book preserves little and monumental milestones alike.
o Three bound-in envelopes and a folder in the back, perfect for mementos and cards
o A silk grosgrain ribbon tie, which keeps your treasures in the book
o A gatefold family tree to fill in
o Pages to record Baby's monthly progress for the first year
o Twelve monthly milestone sticker badges
o And much more!

Le Petit Baby Book

- Marabout, Mesdemoiselles

Children's hardcover $45.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $40.50

This sweet-as-can-be pregnancy and baby journal offers dozens of creative ways to capture the milestones and special memories from pregnancy through baby's first year.

Capture and preserve treasured memories. Packaged in a compact album with a fabric spine and foil-stamped cover, with whimsical color illustrations and thoughtful prompts throughout, this book is the ultimate keepsake gift for new parents.

THE ULTIMATE BABY JOURNAL: Le Petit Baby Book includes an envelope for ultrasound scans, a spin-wheel to display baby's astrological sign, a gatefold family tree, space for photos, mini envelopes to stash written notes, illustrated pop-ups, a pull-out growth chart to display in baby's room, and much more.

A PERFECT PRESENT: A great gift for new parents, this keepsake book will be cherished for years to come and will look handsome resting on a coffee table or displayed in a nursery.
CHARMING ILLUSTRATIONS: Beautiful illustrations in a woodland theme lend a touch of charm to this sweet book.

Perfect for: Expecting mothers and their partners, first-time moms, and new parents Shoppers looking for a great baby shower gift Gifting alongside other books on pregnancy, childbirth, or parenting

Welcome to the World

- Marfé Ferguson Delano

Paperback (PST applies) $24.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $21.60

This stunning keepsake baby book awes and inspires, reaching parents who appreciate design and elegance and who want to treasure the memories of their baby's first year in living color, connecting the birth of a new child to the beauty of the world he or she is entering. Sweet, tender, and inspirational entries help parents fill out a memory scrapbook for their children that goes far beyond "first tooth" or "first steps," but misses none of those key milestones. This book introduces the new baby to a world full of beauty, promise, and hope, just what every parent wants for their child.

Growing Up

- Korie Herold, Tate Co Paige

Paperback (PST applies) $55.99 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $50.39

A modern, chic memory book to capture your child's milestones from kindergarten through high school!

Growing Up: A Modern Memory Book for the School Years features gender-neutral artwork and space to record precious memories from each year of your child's schooling so you can one day gift to your grown child.

Sections include:
Space to record moments for each grade level from kindergarten through high schoolPrompts to capture your child's personality, traits, and growth at each special stageSpace for special photos, including the first day of school and class photosPockets to save special mementos like report cards, awards, and programs

The Bottom Line for Baby

- Tina Payne Bryson

Trade paperback $23.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $20.70

Apply the best science to all your parenting decisions with this essential A-Z guide for your biggest questions and concerns from the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline

Every baby- and toddler-care decision sends parents scrambling to do the right thing, and often down into the rabbit hole of conflicting advice. Dr. Tina Payne Bryson has sifted through the reliable research (including about all those old wives' tales) and will help you make a manageable molehill out of the mountain of information and answer more than sixty common concerns and dilemmas, including

o Breast or bottle? Or breast and bottle? Will that cause nipple confusion?
o What's the latest recommendation for introducing solids in light of potential allergies?
o Should I sign us up for music and early-language classes?
o What's the evidence for and against circumcision?
o When is the right time to wean my baby off her pacifier?
o How do I get this child to sleep through the night?!

Dr. Bryson boils things down with authority, demystifying the issues in three distinct sections: an objective summary of the schools of thought on the topic, including commonly held pros and cons; a clear and concise primer on "What the Science Says"; and a Bottom Line conclusion. When the science doesn't point clearly in one direction, she guides you to assess and apply the information in a way that's consistent with your family's principles and meets your child's unique needs. Full of warmth, expert wisdom, and blessedly bite-sized explanations, The Bottom Line for Baby will help you prioritize what you really need to know and do during the first year of precious life.

My Pregnancy Recipes and Meal Planner

- Dr Rana Conway

Trade paperback $19.99 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $17.99

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the advice on what to eat during pregnancy?
With an enormous amount of information out there on the ideal pregnancy diet, putting together healthy meals can seem like a daunting task, especially if you're faced with nausea or a ridiculous craving for gherkins and ice cream for breakfast.   
Dr Rana Conway, a nutritionist of more than twenty years, provides recipes for breakfast dishes to ward off morning sickness, delicious lunches to keep your energy up all afternoon and tasty snacks that will satisfy even the strongest of junk food or sugar cravings.
Find out:What to eat and what to avoid during your pregnancyPregnancy-safe alternatives to your favourite foodsDifferent recipes for each trimester as the needs of you and your baby changeHow the right ingredients can help reduce the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy such as morning sicknessFrom conception to birth My Pregnancy Recipes and Meal Planner supports you with a comprehensive collection of menu ideas to keep you inspired and your baby healthy!

I'm Pregnant! Canadian Edition

- Lesley Regan

Trade paperback $30.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $27.00

Understand what is happening to you and your developing baby during your pregnancy, from the moment of conception to giving birth, to the first six weeks with your newborn baby, with this in-depth, week-by-week guide to pregnancy.

Based on up-to-date research and full of detailed ultrasounds and images, I'm Pregnant! shows you your baby's remarkable development in the womb. Perfect for new Canadian moms, the book guides you through the physical and emotional changes you will experience, and every aspect of your prenatal and postnatal care, from the first signs of pregnancy to breastfeeding and beyond. The book's advice and reassurance ensure that you will have the best possible understanding of this extraordinary and wonderful time.

Lesley Regan, MD, a world-renowned obstetrician, draws on both her professional and personal experience as the mother of twin daughters, to explain exactly what is happening to you and your developing baby week by week. This pregnancy bible is completely up-to-date in style and content, ready to appeal to a new generation of mothers-to-be.


- Leslie Schrock, Jane van Dis

Trade paperback $25.99 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $23.39

"A smart, approachable guide packed with practical advice for parents who want a science-backed, individualized approach to pregnancy." --Linda Avey, Co-founder of 23andMe

2020 National Parenting Award Winner

Feeling overwhelmed? Confused by conflicting advice? Bumpin' will radically transform your pregnancy journey to one of confidence and optimism. With over a decade of experience advising women's healthcare and technology companies, Leslie Schrock distills cutting-edge research into your most comprehensive pregnancy guide--from conception through the newborn months.

Based on the latest clinical evidence and practical advice from top experts, Bumpin' enables you to make the best decisions for your unique family. With a look at the science, it tackles every pregnancy FAQ and topics like the truth about cleaning up your cosmetics, nutrition, epidurals, and activity; and the practical, like putting together a baby budget and navigating work. Bumpin' also takes you all the way through the postpartum period because taking your baby home and recovering brings unexpected physical, mental, and life changes that are too often overlooked for you and your partner.

Inside Bumpin' you'll find:
-A trimester-by-trimester overview from trimester zero (conception) through the postpartum period and return to work
-The truth about age and fertility and how to manage any issues that arise
-Research on topics like vaccinations, breastfeeding, and exercise
-The science behind your physical changes, leaks, sweats, and every other unexpected pregnancy symptom - and how to manage them to enhance your long term health
-Birth preferences and preparing for unpredictable changes
-The challenges of navigating parental leave and returning to work
-Unique advice for partners
-Budgeting, finance tips, baby registry, and hospital checklists

Every pregnancy is unique and often unpredictable. For Leslie, this meant handling curveballs like miscarriage and later a birth that didn't go according to plan. She turned her personal journey into this book, written while she was pregnant, with the help of a wide network of experts she consulted along the way, including doulas, ob-gyns, midwives, therapists, prenatal trainers, and nutritionists.

Warm, funny, and non-judgemental, Bumpin' will leave you feeling prepared and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Every Mother Counts and National Birth Equity Collaborative to support maternal and child health.

Mindful New Mom

- Caroline Boyd

Hardcover $27.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $24.30

Feel empowered to become the mother you want to be.

From birth to your baby's first steps, this soothing book will support you to open your heart to the highs and lows of mothering and adjust to your new role. It offers everyday meditations and visualizations, postnatal yoga, natural remedies, and nutritional advice to help you care for yourself with the same love and commitment you give your precious baby.

As a new mom, you may secretly wonder: "Am I up to the job?" With pressure on moms to parent perfectly and "bounce back" effortlessly and unsupported, all amid sleep deprivation, and brain, body, and relationship changes, it's no surprise women struggle. You are not alone.

Compassionate, evidence-based psychological ideas from clinical psychologist and mom, Dr Caroline Boyd, will ground you amid the storms, enhancing everyday connections to you, your baby, and the world around you both.

"Compassionate and powerful tools are delivered in such an accessible way. I hope this book finds its way into the hands of every new mom." - Anna Mathur, Sunday Times bestselling author of Know Your Worth and Mind over Mother.

This holistic book will help you understand:

- Significant brain, body, and identity shifts during this transformation known as "matrescence".
- The intense, emotional rollercoaster of this first year - explaining what can shape your ideas of the "good" mom, and why experiencing feelings such as anger and anxiety doesn't make you a "bad" mother.
- Why it's important to learn to self-soothe, with practical psychological strategies to help you nurture yourself, as well as soothe your baby.
- Why couple dynamics shift with the arrival of a baby, and ways to stay connected.
- How to use your values to guide your decision-making, making choices that fit for your family.

Caroline offers gentle, realistic advice with a focus on mindful compassion - supporting you to develop a kinder relationship with yourself. She offers natural remedies to help manage interrupted sleep and strong emotions, healthy foods to boost energy and improve low mood, affirmations to soothe and support, and mini-meditations and longer meditative practices to calm and center you and to share with your baby. Enjoy gentle, targeted yoga, with your baby and alone, to ease the aches and pains of early motherhood and build strength and flexibility. Use mindful massage to bond with your baby and nourish your body.

Mindful New Mom
will help you find more head and heart space - empowering you to become the mom you want to be.

How to Grow a Baby

- Amy J Hammer, Michelle Lassaline

Trade paperback $32.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $29.66

Written by a nurse, this holistic guide for pregnancy and the postpartum experience provides foundational knowledge and intuitive wisdom to help new mothers support the optimal health of their baby and their own bodies.

Get the answers to the big questions about pregnancy:
  o  What kinds of foods should you eat and how do you prepare your body for labor and birth?
  o  How does movement impact pelvic health and the baby's position in the womb?
  o  How does the endocrine system and your brain change throughout pregnancy?
  o  How does the microbiome influence your and your baby's health?

Packed with practical information and helpful infographics, Amy J. Hammer helps you create the optimal environment for growing a baby and navigating the major transitions in a pregnancy--including nurturing pelvic floor health, the fetal and parental microbiome, and the science behind the stages of pregnancy from conception to postpartum.

By providing vital and often ignored information about reproductive science, movement, and nourishment, this book empowers parents to make informed and personal choices about their pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Your Mindful Pregnancy

- Sarah Rudell Beach

Trade paperback $27.99 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $25.19

It's normal to worry during pregnancy, but being unduly anxious can spoil this precious time. By using mindfulness techniques, you can stay in the present, learn to accept and handle your feelings and thoughts, and become more in tune with your changing body and developing baby. Sarah Rudell Beach's simple techniques can be incorporated easily into everyday life, helping you become aware of your lifestyle: Are you taking on too much? Do you need to slow down? The more formal meditations help you shut out the outside world, quieten your mind, and be at one with your unborn baby to strengthen that special bond. There are mindfulness techniques to help you approach labor and birth without fear and handle each stage moment by moment. Finally, Sarah shows how mindfulness practices learned during pregnancy can be taken into motherhood, so that you can enjoy living in the moment with your new baby.

Arrival Stories

- Amy Schumer, Christy Turlington Burns

Hardcover $37.00 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $33.30

A wide range of women--actors, athletes, academics, CEOs, writers, small-business owners, birth workers, physicians, and activists--share their experiences of becoming mothers in this multifaceted, moving, and revealing collection.

Throughout her difficult pregnancy and following her frightening labor experience, Amy Schumer found camaraderie and empowerment in hearing birth stories from other women, including those of her friend Christy Turlington Burns. Turlington Burns's work in maternal health began after she experienced a childbirth-related complication in 2003--an experience that would later inspire her to direct and produce the documentary feature film No Woman, No Cry, about the challenges women face throughout pregnancy and childbirth around the world.

It is through Schumer and Turlington Burns's conversations that the idea for Arrival Stories was born. By sharing their experiences, the contributors to Arrival Stories offer an informative and deeply affecting account of what it feels like when a woman first realizes she is a mother. This beautiful collection features essays by: 

Serena Williams o Alysia Montaño o Abby G. Lopez o Amber Tamblyn o Shilpa Shah o Christy Turlington Burns o Emily Oster o Emma Hansen o Leslie Feist o Amanda Williams o Angel Geden o Adrienne Bosh o Latham Thomas o Rachel Feinstein o Ashley Graham o Jill Scott o Jennie Jeddry and Kim DeLise o La La Anthony o Shea Williams o Sienna Miller o Katrina Yoder o Amy Schumer

Intimate and urgent, Arrival Stories offers a panoramic view of motherhood and highlights the grave injustices that women of color face in maternal healthcare. It is the perfect book for any expectant or new mother, or for anyone who knows and loves one.

Mom I Wrote A Bk About You


Paperback (PST applies) $22.50 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $20.25

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