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A "Beach Read" is just a Book at the Beach

We have teamed up with the LPG to highlight some Canadian and local authors that we think are great beach reads! The term "beach read" encompasses all sorts of different books and we believe a beach read is just a book you read at the beach! Happy Summer!

About LPG

The Literary Press Group of Canada (LPG) is a not-for-profit association of Canadian literary book publishers. With a current membership of about sixty Canadian-owned and -operated publishing houses, the LPG's mandate is to support the growth of Canadian literary culture.

The LPG boasts 64 members from coast to coast publishing award-winning and beach-ready fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and kids.

Read more about LPG here.

Eleven Huskies

- Philipp Schott

Trade paperback $24.95
Reader Reward Price: $22.46

Peter Bannerman, veterinarian and amateur detective, deserves a summer vacation. Peter and his family head to a remote fishing lodge in northern Manitoba for a canoeing trip with his champion sniffer dog, Pippin. But a series of incidents color their plans. The lodge's sled team of huskies has been poisoned and, at the same time, a floatplane crashes into the lake, killing the pilot and both passengers. While Peter works to save the huskies, it is discovered that the plane crash wasn't an accident. It was murder.

It's been a hot and dry summer, and one morning the Bannerman family wakes up to find a forest fire spreading quickly. They manage to dodge the conflagration, making it back to the lodge before it becomes cut off from the outside world. Peter soon figures out that the murderer, who probably also poisoned the huskies, must be among the other guests or staff trapped with them at the lodge. The power fails. The now-enormous fire draws nearer. Can Peter discover the culprit in time?

Acutely Life

- Sue Sorensen

Trade paperback $24.95
Reader Reward Price: $22.46

There's a woman somehow veiled in marble who is only forme so I take her out of the Art Institute through a back wayand no one notices: she lives with me now, happier than inthe gallery with the cold white lights, in my home she is seenfor who she is, though the veil cannot be removed, itshardness impenetrable, but now she can be touched.

Acutely Life playfully or sorrowfully interrogates works of art, asking fictional characters their views on grief and generosity. Sue Sorensen's poems try out poses learned from other poems or wander off with dead artists who insist on entering places they don't belong.

These quicksilver poems are life studies, or conversations held with all sorts of unsuitable and suitable companions, written in a style full of echoes and dark humour.

Age 16

- Rosena Fung

Young adult softcover $22.99
Reader Reward Price: $20.69

A powerful coming-of-age graphic novel about three generations of mothers and daughters passing down and rebelling against standards of gender, race, beauty, size, and worth, for fans of Mariko Tamaki.

Sixteen-year-old Roz is preoccupied with normal teenage stuff: navigating high school friendships, worrying about college, and figuring out what to wear to prom. When her estranged Por Por abruptly arrives for a seemingly indefinite visit, the already delicate relationship between Roz and her mother is upended. With three generations under one roof, conflicts inevitably arise and long suppressed family secrets rise to the surface.

Told in alternating perspectives, Age 16 shifts seamlessly between time and place, exploring how this pivotal year in adolescence affects three women in the same family, from Guangdong in 1954 to Hong Kong in 1972, and Toronto in 2000.

Award-winning creator of Living with Viola Rosena Fung pulls from her own family history in her YA debut to give us an emotional and poignant story about how every generation is affected by those that came before and affect those that come after.

Bird Suit

- Sydney Hegele

Trade paperback $23.95
Reader Reward Price: $21.56

A tourist town folk tale of stifled ambition, love, loss, and the bird women who live beneath the lake.

Every summer the peaches ripen in Port Peter, and the tourists arrive to gorge themselves on fruit and sun. They don't see the bird women, who cavort on the cliffs and live in a meadow beneath the lake. But when summer ends and the visitors go back home, every pregnant Port Peter girl knows what she needs to do: deliver her child to the Birds in a laundry basket on those same lakeside cliffs. But the Birds don't want Georgia Jackson.

Twenty years on, the peaches are ripening again, the tourists have returned, and Georgia is looking for trouble with any ill-tempered man she can find. When that man turns out to be Arlo Bloom--her mother's ex and the new priest in town--she finds herself drawn into a complicated matrix of friendship, grief, faith, sex, and love with Arlo, his wife, Felicity, and their son, Isaiah. Vivid, uncanny, and as likely cursed as touched by grace, Bird Suit is a brutal, generous story as sticky and lush as a Port Peter peach.

Colossal Equine Statue

- Nic Wilson

Hardcover $22.00
Reader Reward Price: $19.80

Colossal Equine Statue is made up of a trilogy of constellation essays that track a number of recurring themes such as historical relation, mourning, and viewership. Many of these pieces have been conceived as part of Wilson’s visual art practice, and draw on a wide variety of source material and inspiration, from encyclopedias and reference books to poetry, philosophy, and recipes. The overall shape of the book is intended to represent points in a constellation and imagine how one might look at a sky filled with stars and find a world of meaning with many intricate odes of possibility for navigation. Unlike many works of historical non-fiction, Colossal Equine Statue uses a constantly shifting voice which swings between reporting, personal anecdote, enumeration, criticism, ekphrasis, and poetry to create unexpected encounters between different times and conceptions of reality.

Coop For Keeps

- Larry Verstraete

Children's paperback $16.95
Reader Reward Price: $15.26

For Coop, adjusting to a new home after being adopted by Zach, Emma and their mother, Jess, is not easy. It's hard enough being a lowly dachshund, but it's even harder when your home is a financially unstable guesthouse with smelly strangers drifting in and out. Worse still, the unhappy teenager in charge of Coop is steaming mad much of the time. On top of that, Lucinda, the annoying cat, likes to tease and torment. It's no wonder Coop wishes he could have his old life back.
Enter a murder of crows, a stranger with a mysterious past, two bullies bent on making Zach's life miserable, and a vicious dog with a grudge against Coop. As the risks and challenges mount, Coop's wish only grows stronger. Will he ever find the forever home he so desperately wants?
A follow-up to Coop The Great !
- MYRCA Sundog Nominee
- Best Books for Kids and Teens
- Highly Recommended, CM Magazine

From Sweetgrass Bridge

- Anthony Bidulka

Trade paperback $22.00
Reader Reward Price: $19.80

A nation holds its breath.On a perfect prairie summer evening, Saskatchewan Roughrider Dustin Thomson goes missing. As the Green & White's first primary quarterback born in the province and first Indigenous quarterback, Thomson is beloved and celebrated. Mistrusting the police investigation, the family hires Merry Bell P.I. to find the football star. From the dark waters below Sweetgrass Bridge to the lands of Little Turtle Lake First Nation, Merry seeks answers while dealing with her continuing transition, swelling loneliness, a floundering career, well-meaning crossdressing assistant and having to decide whether the people in her life are friend or foe.


- Ariel Gordon

Trade paperback $22.00
Reader Reward Price: $19.80

Fungal is a wide-ranging collection from Ariel Gordon where she explores her fascination with all mushrooms, not just those you can eat. In these engaging essays she takes the reader through ditches and puddles in search of morels, through the hallways of a mushroom factory, down city sidewalks and beside riverbanks as she considers things found and fungal. Along the way there are entertaining stories of the perils of mushroom identification, including mailed mushrooms that have liquefied, or terrifying thoughts of Canadian geese being fed hallucinogenic mushrooms, as well as a thoughtful analysis of the ways mushrooms knit our ecosystems together and the ways we knit our lives and communities together. Smart, funny and poetic, Gordon moves seamlessly from the natural world to the personal in these essays, examining the interconnectedness of all things and delighting in the rich variety of the world around her.

The Future

- Catherine Leroux , Susan Ouriou

Trade paperback $24.95
Reader Reward Price: $22.46

Winner of Canada Reads 2024 o Longlisted for the 2024 Carol Shields Prize for Fiction o One of's Can't Miss Speculative Fiction for Fall 2023 o Listed in CBC Books Fiction to Read in Fall 2023 o One of 20 Books You Heard about on CBC Last Week o One of Kirkus Reviews' Fall 2023 Big Books By Small Presses o A Kirkus Review Work of Translated Fiction To Read Now o One of CBC Books Best Books of 2023 o A CBC Books Bestselling Canadian Book of the Week

In an alternate history in which the French never surrendered Detroit, children protect their own kingdom in the trees.

In an alternate history of Detroit, the Motor City was never surrendered to the US. Its residents deal with pollution, poverty, and the legacy of racism--and strange and magical things are happening: children rule over their own kingdom in the trees and burned houses regenerate themselves. When Gloria arrives looking for answers and her missing granddaughters, at first she finds only a hungry mouse in the derelict home where her daughter was murdered. But the neighbours take pity on her and she turns to their resilience and impressive gardens for sustenance.

When a strange intuition sends Gloria into the woods of Parc Rouge, where the city's orphaned and abandoned children are rumored to have created their own society, she can't imagine the strength she will find. A richly imagined story of community and a plea for persistence in the face of our uncertain future, The Future is a lyrical testament to the power we hold to protect the people and places we love--together.


- Lyndon Radchenka , Zach Schuster

Young adult softcover $24.95
Reader Reward Price: $22.46

Enter Citiesville, the golden metropolis (no, not that one) guarded by Hero-Man! When Hero-Man uncovers a plot by the Mayor to take advantage of Hero-Man's protection, his whole world is changed. He'll need the help of Kid-Lad, Hero-Lass, and all the citizens of Citiesville to help him overcome his greatest challenge: himself. Join Hero-Man on his first adventure as he makes you reconsider everything you've ever thought about comic books and the world around you.

Indian Winter

- Kazim Ali

Trade paperback $23.95
Reader Reward Price: $21.56

A queer writer travelling through India can't escape the regrets of his past, nor the impending ruin of his present. "I am leaving for the winter - I have to get away from this small town and all its dangers - to write, read, think, all the most important things in the world but which are thought the least important, the most expendable."Thus begins the Indian winter of our narrator, a queer writer and translator much like the author, a winter that includes a meandering journey through India, trying to write about a long-ago lover whose death he has just learned of. While on this journey into memory, he flees his current faltering relationship in search of new friendships and intimacies. Inspired by Antonio Tabucchi's Indian Nocturne, and by the writings of Anaïs Nin, Rachel Cusk, and Carole Maso, among others, Indian Winter finds itself where the travel diary, the künstlerroman, poetry, and autofiction meet. But the heartbreak brought on by his unravelling relationship and his family's inability to accept his queerness cannot be outrun; as he traverses India, our narrator can't help but repeatedly encounter himself and the range of love and alienation he has within.

Murder in a Minor Key

- Robert Young

Trade paperback $24.95
Reader Reward Price: $22.46

Winnipeg, 1935. 47 year old Detective Inspector Sidney Baxter is the finest Detective with the Winnipeg Police Force with a keen analytical mind. He's also blind. When two grisly murders are discovered in different places, they appear to be unrelated. There is no evidence of theft as motive and no witnesses to either killing.

From racetracks to hospitals, from sumptuous theaters like the Capital, and the carpeted elegance of Eaton's Grill room, to the ten stool counter at Winnipeg's first Salisbury House the reader is drawn into a city, time, and place of a decadent past. From site to site Sidney Baxter and his ever faithful assistant Maxime Godbout must identify and apprehend the killer. Or killers.


- Sarah Mintz

Trade paperback $22.95
Reader Reward Price: $20.66

Widowhood and weirdos, online and off, NORMA is so dark it smarts.

It's a terrible freedom to linger unaccounted for.

Norma is waking up and cracking up. Decades of marriage, housekeeping, and family responsibility: buried with her husband Hank. Now, she's free, gorging on an online riot of canceled soap operas, message boards, and grocery store focus groups. Transcribing chatter for fifty cents a minute. It's all of humanity--grim, funny, and desperate--wafting into her world, a world reeking with the funk of old fast food wrappers, cold stale recycled air, and desiccated car upholstery. And one where appropriate boundaries are suddenly slipping too, when a voice from one of her transcripts goes from virtual to IRL and just down the block.

NORMA is a tart, unhinged flail into widowhood, the parasocial, and some of the more careworn corners of the internet.

A Safe Girl to Love

- Casey Plett

Trade paperback $21.95
Reader Reward Price: $19.76

A new edition of the acclaimed debut story collection by two-time Lambda Literary Award winner Casey Plett.

By the author of Little Fish and A Dream of a Woman:eleven unique short stories featuring young trans women stumbling through loss, sex, harassment, and love in settings ranging from a rural Mennonite town to a hipster gay bar in Brooklyn. These stories, shiny with whiskey and prairie sunsets, rattling subways and neglected cats, show growing up as a trans girl can be charming, funny, frustrating, or sad, but never will it be predictable.

A Safe Girl to Love, winner of the Lambda Literary Award for transgender fiction, was first published in 2014. Now back in print after a long absence, this new edition includes an afterword by the author.

Salma Joins the Team

- Danny Ramadan , Anna Bron

Children's paperback $11.99
Reader Reward Price: $10.79

Moving across the world was Salma's first big adventure. Now you can join her on even more adventures in her new home--from cooking Syrian food, to becoming a big sister, and more!

Book Three: Salma Joins the Team

Salma dreams of becoming a champion swimmer like her hero, Olympian Yusra Mardini. So when she signs up for her school's swim club, it feels like her dreams could come true . . . until mean comments from older girls at the pool and women at her mosque spark body image and self-esteem issues. But with the help of her close friends and family--the team that always has her back--Salma is ready to claim her place in the pool.

About the Series: Charming, creative Salma takes on big feelings with even bigger ideas as she navigates life in a new country, Syrian identity, family changes, and new friendships in this engaging and heartfelt early chapter book series.

Over 17 awards for Salma the Syrian Chef!

PRAISE for Book 1, Salma Makes a Home

"A forthright, tender perspective on childhood immigration." --Kirkus Reviews

This is a selection of our current A "Beach Read" is just a Book at the Beach titles. To find other titles or authors, or just to browse, please use the search box.

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