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Helios: Let the Sun Shine In with this Game of Strategy

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015 at 1:34pm

Helios is a game that involves 2-to-4 players who assume the roles of high priests in a fantasy world of the sun god Ahau. In the game, players are trying to win by developing the most splendid civilizations through expanding cities and building temples. The most interesting aspect of Helios is that the sun marker on each person’s player board drives the core mechanics of the game.

The limited actions and many scoring methods make for a fascinating combination of easy choices and important consequences. There are many paths to victory.

Helios lasts for four rounds and an average game only takes 60 minutes to finish. Actually, the fast play is why a lot of people really enjoy the game. It offers a lot of tactical and strategic depth in a very concise package. The artwork by Dennis Lohausen is another distinguishing feature of Helios.

For ages 10 & up. Price $65.00.

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