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Attending Hybrid Events in Winnipeg

The majority of our in person events will still be streamed live to our YouTube channel, with the videos available for viewing thereafter. This set up also provides us with the flexibility to pivot to a fully online event rather than canceling / postponing if there are any sudden changes to public health orders that might prevent a public gathering. There will be the occasional exception where we are unable to stream live or the video will not become available until a point in the future.

It also ensures that those hesitant to gather in person will be able to safely participate at a distance as a live chat will be enabled for all events.

Please note: The current "hybrid event" model of limited in person gatherings will only be available if health and gathering restrictions permit. If we are no longer able to proceed with a physical event, for any reason, an announcement will be made via social media and our website will be updated. We advise that you double check our website before leaving the house to join us. In the case of a change in health restrictions, any physical events will pivot to be entirely online rather than postponed and the appropriate links will be provided.

Offsite events: Offsite, ticketed events will NOT be livestreamed to the internet. Attendance details for those events will be included in announcements.

For regular company / event updates we recommend you follow us on Twitter.

For the safety of our customers, staff, and community as a whole, we ask that you also follow all recommended health and safety precautions everywhere you go, and to please stay home and isolate if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Arriving at a Hybrid Event

Before arriving at the store, please complete the Manitoba COVID-19 screening tool and do not come to the event if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you are experiencing any symptoms, you may still participate in the event by watching it from home on YouTube.

Most events are currently scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday at 7pm CDT with a few exceptions.

The event space will be open for seating an hour prior to the start time of the event, not any sooner. The space will have seating available with some standing room available above and beyond. To be assured of a chair, it is paramount that you arrive early. Though seating may be available up to the start time of an event, we cannot guarantee seating unless it has previously been arranged via the author.

If you do leave the space to visit Prairie Ink Restaurant or browse elsewehere in the store, you may leave a jacket or item on the chair to mark your place.

There will be an announcement about the event over the speakers of the store ten minutes prior to the start to allow guests to return to the space before it gets underway.

If you have any questions at all about any of these details or would like to contact us to discuss accommodations, please get in touch with John Toews, the McNally Robinson Booksellers Winnipeg Event Coordinator either by email or by phone (204-453-0424, ex 227).

We thank you so much for your attention to these details and for helping to keep your community safe as we gather in person. We're delighted to welcome you within our walls!