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Ola Zuri (Signing)

Saturday Apr 24 2010 1:00 pm, Saskatoon, Main Floor

Where Do I Belong, and Why Canít You Look Like Me

Ola Zuriís childrenís books explore the issues related to adoption, especially trans-racial adoption. Why Canít You Look Like Me explores a childís need to fit in and belong with her peers at school and tells the story of a young girl is teased for not looking the same as the other children. Eventually she realizes that whatís on the outside isnít nearly as important as whatís on the inside. Where Do I Belong tackles the question of fitting in with your own family. How do you know where you fit when you werenít born into your family? Where Do I Belong tells the story of adoption from a childís point of view and helps kids figure out how their family functions.

Ola Zuri was trans-racially adopted at the age of two. Why Canít You Look Like Me and Where Do I Belong are the first two books in a series of books that tackle the tough topics of family, identity, adoption, foster care and racism. She lives in the Okanagan Valley with her 5 children. To learn more about her books please visit her website.