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Eric Paetkau (E Peecow) Launching The Big Book of Stuff (In Person + Streaming)

Wednesday Apr 19 2023 7:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove & YouTube

Join Eric Paetkau (E Peecow) for the Saskatoon launch of his book The Big Book of Stuff (Atmosphere Press).

The event will be hosted live in the Travel Alcove, and also available as a simultaneous YouTube stream. The video will remain available for viewing thereafter.  Before arriving, please review details of how to attend physical events here at the store.

The Big Book of Stuff is a book full of stuff (and it’s big).

Does life sometimes not make sense? This book certainly won’t help. Chock full of nonsense poems, short stories that have no point, posters that look nice, and excerpts from the autobiography of an unintelligible Mr. Snotsense, there’s absolutely nothing to learn here. The poems rhyme, however, and the pictures are pleasant.

Sit back, become confused, and enjoy a giggle with some nonsensical musings.

What kind of ice cream warms your heart? Do hot dogs really understand the weather? Eric Paetkau doesn’t have all of the answers but with his nonsense books, silly songs, and infectious energy, Eric always touches hearts, young and old.

Eric Paetkau (aka E Peecow and Mr. Snotsense - “It’s Not Sense”) has done a lot of professional stuff over the years including conducting orchestras (Saskatoon Symphony 2015-22 and many others), playing viola, writing children’s books, composing music, being a kids’ entertainer, and performing singer-songwriter shows. He also has a weekly online TV show for kids and their parents, and enjoys ice cream (but not professionally).

E Peecow has a dog who scratches the surface. Besides launching breakfast sandwiches, Mr. Peecow writes songs, sings stories, and has a large appetite for sensory-deprived swimming lessons. It’s been two years since he succumbed to his frightening habit of climbing slippery slopes but all in all, the wind blows where it does. Eat chips successfully!


The Big Book of Stuff

- E Peecow

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Reader Reward Price: $16.65

The Big Book of Stuff

- E Peecow

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