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Adrianne Vangool Launching The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care: The Art and Science of the Human Experience (In Person + Streaming)

Thursday Apr 06 2023 7:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove & YouTube

Join author Adrianne Vangool for the launch of The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care: The Art and Science of the Human Experience, with special guest host Lisa Greig.

The event will be hosted live in the Travel Alcove, and also available as a simultaneous YouTube stream. The video will remain available for viewing thereafter. Before arriving, please review details of how to attend physical events here at the store.

The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care explores the power of yoga, meditation, physioyoga therapy techniques, poetry and story to create a roadmap to wholistic wellness with the ultimate goal of healing trauma, managing pain and building empathy for others. This book also addresses important social justice topics as they relate to we-care and healthcare. 

Adrianne Vangool is an author, licensed physical therapist and certified yoga therapist. She is passionate about making the benefits of physiotherapy and yoga accessible to all. This passion has driven her to start Vangool Wellness, a holistic clinic with a focus on addressing and eliminating barriers that prevent people from taking part in yoga and receiving health services. Adrianne has a podcast, "Awaken To Your Body's Wisdom," where she speaks with thought leaders and change-makers who are making a difference in their community and fields of study. Adrianne has published two books: Yoga for the Stages of Pregnancy and Early Days Postpartum and The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care. Adrianne has a passion for spreading the joy and holistic benefits of yoga through her clinical practice, continuing education courses, speaking engagements, podcast, yoga teaching, and writing. Stay up to date on Adrianne’s offerings @vangoolwellness. Adrianne lives in Saskatoon, SK, with her Husband, Matt, and their children, Walker and Nahanni.

Lisa Greig is an author, registered social worker, and holds her master’s degrees in both Social Work and Education. As a mom, wife, social worker and educator, Lisa is passionate about creating opportunities to share the everyday struggles and normalize the shame suits we wear. We need to give ourselves the permission to “sit in the suck” and when necessary, to throw the pity party. In a curated world, we need more raw, more unfiltered, more real life. Finally, two topics that Lisa continually finds herself speaking to are grief and working mothers. Lisa has published a book about grief for children called Scream! Shout! Let’s Feel Our Grief Out and can be found highlighting the disparities of working mothers on her social media account @lisagreigwellness. Lisa lives in Saskatoon, SK, with her husband, Ross, and their children, Holden and Porter.


The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care

- Adrianne Vangool

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In a world where society is increasingly divided and the demands of work, life, and family are ever increasing, it can be difficult to stay whole. Add in the experience of trauma and feelings of overwhelm, and the path to healing and feeling well can seem impossible. As a physiotherapist and certified yoga therapist, Adrianne Vangool has worked with people throughout her career utilizing yoga techniques and evidence-based approaches to changing pain and healing trauma. The impact of this approach has been profound.
In The Journey of Self-Care to We-Care, Vangool weaves the art and science of the yoga system, inviting the reader to begin a process of seeking to know oneself and better understand the human experience. The often hard-to-understand evidence behind yoga interventions are presented in an accessible way and brought to life through story, poetry, and tangible practices. Vangool shares her lived experience and the experience of others as they've walked the healing path to wholeness. Through the Circle of Integration and Reclamation, she outlines a 5-step process utilizing a bio-psycho social model to help regulate one's nervous system, reduce pain, and move toward healing, growth, and feeling/being whole.