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Bernice Friesen Online Book Launch

Tuesday Oct 27 2020 7:00 pm, Virtual, Online Book Launch

Join author Bernice Friesen and special guest musician Kim June Johnson for the launch of Universal Disorder (Freehand Books). 7 PM CST (SK) // 8 PM CDT (WPG)

Registration is required to directly participate in the Zoom webinar. It will be simultaneously streamed on YouTube and available for viewing thereafter.

Universal Disorder is a literary psychological mystery. Charlie, a brilliant but failed astrophysicist, a refugee from the mental ward, finds a number—like a ghost—on his call display: the number of the only woman he ever loved. This begins his descent, riding a mental rollercoaster through his miasma of OCD and Asperger’s syndrome, to stalk the city in search of his lost love and abandoned dreams, to find the core of his mental disorder and face the truth of what he did and couldn’t do as young man, disordered also in love.

Bernice Friesen was born in Saskatchewan, and the life of her grandmother’s family has been published in The Mulberry Tree by Victor Carl Friesen and Anna Friesen. She trained as a visual artist, then turned to writing, has taught through Sage Hill Writing Experience, and is a past editor of Rhubarb Magazine. The title story of her first book, The Seasons Are Horses, won the Vicky Metcalf Award for best young adult short story in Canada. Her book of poetry, Sex, Death, and Naked Men, was described in Prairie Fire as “ferocious feminist verse that chews up the patriarchs of western civilization from Freud to Plato to the Pope and spits them out.” Her first novel, The Book of Beasts, was shortlisted for the Writers Trust Fiction Prize.

Kim June Johnson is a singer-songwriter currently living on the wild west coast of BC. She is widely known in the Canadian house concert community and her music has received several awards, including a Vancouver Island Music Award. Her fourth album, “A Thousand Things” is a collection of folk-based songs, tiny stories scattered with coastal images and encounters, the recordings of which are supported by the lush string arrangements of composer Adrian Dolan. Also a poet, with poems appearing in literary journals such as Room, Prairie Fire, CV2 and Arc, Kim June Johnson's live shows combine music and improv poetry readings and are often performed in living rooms and small halls with her cellist, Jordie Robinson.


Universal Disorder

- by Bernice Friesen

Trade paperback $22.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $20.66

A novel about Charlie, neurodivergent, preoccupied with numbers, and desperately trying to solve for love. Growing up on an isolated farm, Charlie is clearly different. He can never make sense of what anyone else is thinking or feeling, and finds solace in the infinitely fascinating world of numbers. Many years later Charlie sees a phone number pop up on his call display for the first time in ten years, belonging to a woman he assumed dead. On the verge of another breakdown, he searches the streets of Montreal for a lost love -- forced to face a past that he had desperately tried to forget. With magnetic prose that positively vibrates with energy, Bernice Friesen brilliantly takes us into the mind of a captivating, unforgettable character. Universal Disorder is an extraordinary novel about the human psyche and the imperfect, disordered ways that we love each other.