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Byron Elsey -- Book Launch

Tuesday Nov 12 2019 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Launch of Feeling at Home in the Family Of God.

Dr. Byron Elsey was born in Winnipeg, attended the University of Manitoba and continued his education at McMaster University. He next attended United College where he earned his B.D. Dr. Elsey was a Baptist Minister in a number of rural locations. He then graduated from University in Deerfield, Illinois with a Doctorate Degree majoring in marriage and family therapy. After 30 years in the pastorate, his focus moved to serving those in the correction system.

Dr. Elsey spent time as a Chaplain in Headingly Correctional Institute as well as in the Manitoba Youth Center. He noticed a gap in the correction system and decided to do what he could to make the transition to life on the street more supportive and successful for former inmates.

Dr. Elsey has shared his knowledge in three previous books: Angels From Hell, which looks at a community approach to crime prevention; Heart and Soul, which shares stories of ex-criminals’ journeys; and But I Don't Want to Die, in which he shares his own experiences on the death of his wife.  

Feeling at Home in the Family of God expands upon this message, covering the finality of death, the fear this often brings, and the knowledge and guidance toward the path that leads to life everlasting.


Feeling at Home in the Family of God

- by Byron Elsey

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In 2015 Byron Elsey published a small book on afterlife called, “But I don’t want to die”. People well received this book but wanted more information. His response to what they were asking is this new revised book called, “Feeling at Home With the Family of God”. Here are some questions being answered in the pages of this new book. Why has the Bible been used as the source of information on afterlife? Why have near death experiences NDE’s been rejected as proof of the after death experiences? What can I do about not being able to believe in God and the afterlife? What can I do about my fear of death? What did my friend mean when he said he got saved? What is the purpose of life?