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Lori Alcorn -- Book Launch

Friday May 10 2019 7:30 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Travel Alcove

Launch of The Pregnant Pause: Finding positivity when all the results are negative.

For 13 years Lori Alcorn has been stuck in the waiting room, still expecting to become expecting. One day she just couldn’t wait anymore, her ability to get pregnant was on pause, but that didn’t mean her whole life had to be. Join Lori as she shares the ins and outs of re-discovering herself, love, faith and hope on this painful path.

A lifelong writer, Lori has captured her imagination and emotions in the language of story and poetry since grade school. The last ten years Lori has used her personal blog as a way to cathartically express her struggles and insights to others also in the pregnant pause. On her journey, Lori discovered her heart for encouraging others, using her voice to acknowledge the pain of infertility, and began offering in-person and online support for other women experiencing frustration with their fertility.


The Pregnant Pause

- by Lori M. Alcorn

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Infertility is a secretive club that no one wants to belong to. There is a high cost of membership, financially but also emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And somehow the belonging is not the kind of exclusive club you want to be part of because it excludes you from belonging to the mainstream, the 'normal' clubs everyone else seems to be in. Even though 1 in 6 couples are in the club at any given time, it can still be a lonely place. This is where Lori found herself beginning in 2007, in the incredibly isolated place of being stuck in a pregnant pause. As she walked through the inevitable choices that need to be made, she found herself eliminating the most popular paths to a family most others in the club chose. Isolating herself further. She realized her story wasn't going to be any of the typical paths, her story was having no answers, no next steps, and it could have been about having no hope. But it wasn't! This is why The Pregnant Pause was written. Lori wanted to make the INfertility club more INclusive, so women on all different paths of the journey could find hope in her journey. Because Lori's infertility story has not reached its conclusion, yet it resonates with all the women also still waiting. Waiting for answers. Waiting for their next steps. Waiting for their path to be revealed. Waiting on hope. Waiting for the joyful life they long for. Lori eventually found that joy. This is her story.