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Chadwick Ginther -- Book Launch

Thursday Jul 26 2018 7:00 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Atrium

Launch of Graveyard Mind (ChiZine Publications).

In Winnipeg’s underworld, every mortician is on the take and every revenant of myth waits to claw their way out of their tombs. The dead stay in the ground because of Winter Murray, a necromancer of the Compact. A victim of abduction and a criminal herself, Winter stalks Winnipeg’s Graveside, preventing larger, more heinous crimes from spilling over into the lives of the Sunsiders, no matter what laws of gods and men she must break to do so. Winter is a chimera, sharing the genetic material of her own never-born fraternal twin sister. Her dead twin’s essence provides her a link to the Kingdom―the land of the dead―and a tie to a past she’s run from for thirteen years. Winter struggles to find a redemption she doesn’t believe she deserves.

Chadwick Ginther is the Prix Aurora Award-nominated author of the Thunder Road Trilogy and numerous short stories. A bookseller for over fifteen years, he lives and writes in Winnipeg, spinning sagas set in the wild spaces of Canada’s western wilderness where surely monsters must exist. You can find him online and on Twitter.