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Colleen Nelson & Nancy Chappell-Pollack -- Book Launch

Friday May 11 2018 7:00 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Atrium

Launch of Pulse Point (Yellow Dog).

In Kaia’s world, setting foot Outside can be deadly. The safety of the City has kept humans alive as climate change destroys the world. But the City has found a way to survive sustainably: it is run by the energy generated by its Citizens. The energy that citizens create is calculated and displayed on their pulse point, a transmitter embedded in their finger.

Kaia is a Citizen, one of the few deemed genetically perfect enough to live under the protective dome of the City with her grandmother and father. But when Kaia discovers her mother is alive and living Outside, she escapes the safety of the City and learns the truth about the sinister world she left behind.

Colleen Nelson is the award-winning author of YA fiction books Sadia, Blood Brothers, Finding Hope, 250 Hours, The Fall and Tori by Design. Colleen works as a teacher librarian in Winnipeg where she lives with her husband, two young sons and three grown step-children.

Colleen and her sister Nancy Chappell-Pollack have collaborated on many projects over the years but this is the first book that they have worked on together. Nancy lives in Winnipeg with her family.


Pulse Point

- by Colleen Nelson

Young adult softcover $14.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $13.46

For Kaia, setting foot outside can be deadly. Climate change has made Earth too dangerous for people to live anywhere but inside the City. Run on the energy created by its Citizens and sustainable in every way, the City uses microchips, called pulse points, to control the energy its inhabitants use. When Kaia's pulse point malfunctions, she experiences freedom from the strict City rules for the first time in her life. With unlimited energy, she doesn't need to run for hours on a sensor mat, and she can share energy to hide her grandmother's failing health. But a shocking discovery makes her question what goes on inside the City walls and sets her on a journey to discover the world outside them.