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Mary Ann Loewen (ed.) -- Book Launch

Saturday Oct 03 2015 7:00 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Atrium

Launch of Sons and Mothers: Stories from Mennonite Men (University of Regina Press).

This is a book of stories and poems written by Mennonite men about their mothers. In this collection, the contributors offer candid and revelatory snapshots of their mothers: stories about how these women behaved, believed and lived. Their words reveal love, frustration, sorrow and joy, and also speak of the significant influence their mothers had/have on their own lives.

Nathan Klippenstein lives in Winnipeg, where he teaches junior high students. The process of writing this particular piece has shown him that teaching writing is easier than doing the writing yourself.

Josiah Neufeld lives in Winnipeg, where he works as a freelance journalist. He has been published in various journals and newspapers, including Prairie Fire, The Walrus, and The Globe and Mail.

Lukas Thiessen holds an MA in Cultural Studies, is involved in the field of art history, and speaks publicly about the intersection of religious culture and atheism.

Christoff Engbrecht lives in Winnipeg, where he works as an arborist and writes poetry. His works have been published in several Canadian poetry journals, including CV2 and Prairie Fire.

Mary Ann Loewen teaches Academic Writing at the University of Winnipeg. She is married and has three grown children.


Sons and Mothers

- by Mary Ann Loewen

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Reader Reward Price: $17.96

The reflections in Sons and Mothers delve deep into the often close, but sometimes troubled, relationships that exist between mothers and sons. With remarkable honesty and grace, the contributors tell of the complicated, vulnerable, and inspirational women who formed them, and reveal struggles over faith, unfulfilled dreams, and aging.

Patrick Friesen, Howard Dyck, Josiah Neufeld, and others share their Mennonite roots, but also shed a loving new light on a relationship both timeless and universal--that of mother and son.

With contributions from Paul Tiessen, John Rempel, Josiah Neufeld, Nathan Klippenstein, Byron Rempel, Lukas Thiessen, Christoff Engbrecht, Howard Dyck, Andrew Martin, Lloyd Ratzlaff, Michael Goertzen, Patrick Friesen