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Helen M. Woodhouse -- Speaking and Signing

Wednesday Jul 29 2015 7:00 pm, Saskatoon, Travel Alcove Event type: reading, signing

Sofie's Solitaires

Sofie lives in Costa Rica. It’s warm and beautiful, but sloths and bananas are boring. Sofie wants a puppy to play with. When Grandmother takes her to the pet store, Sofie is captivated by a cage full of birds singing a magic song. She takes them home but soon discovers how sad they are. What will Sofie do to cheer up the magical song birds? Colourful, vibrant images of Costa Rican wildlife and scenery bring Sofie’s story to life. Rhyming couplets interspersed with the text encourage young children to chime in, and an information page for parents and care givers provides facts about the Black Faced Solitaire.

Helen M. Woodhouse has been a writer, poet, graphic designer, desktop publisher, and stay­-at­-home mom. She has spoken to elementary students in the classroom, empowering children to write their own stories with her “Six Steps to a Story” project. Helen was born in Saskatoon and lived there until she and her husband Allan retired four years ago and moved to Costa Rica. When Helen became aware of the illegal caged­bird trade in her adopted country, a life long passion for helping animals in need inspired her to write Sofie’s Solitaires.


Sofie's Solitaires

- by Helen M Woodhouse

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Open Up the Sky is a unique and beautiful correspondence between two poets. Each writer takes up the verses of the other as an inspiration and a provocation, as an invitation to recall and reimagine and recreate the Canadian landscapes that have become home to them. This exchange of language and memory produces a poetry of intimate insight that transcends any particular location and speaks to the broader experience of being human in the world.