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Consensual Word Play: A Celebration of Queer Culture

Thursday Feb 06 2014 7:00 pm, Winnipeg, Grant Park in the Atrium

An evening of readings from Queer-Identified authors and poets Roewan Crowe, Casey Plett, and Trish Salah.

Hosted by Alison Burdeny and presented as part of GenderFest Winnipeg 2014.

Artist and theorist Roewan Crowe is an Associate Professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at the University of Winnipeg and Co-Director of The Institute for Women’s & Gender Studies. Energized by acts of disruption, transformation, and the tactical deployment of self-reflexivity, she has a particular interest in wounded landscapes and questioning what it means to be a queer, feminist settler living in Winnipeg/Turtle Island. Arbeiter Ring Publishing recently published Quivering Land, her compelling and haunting literary debut. Quivering Land is a queerish Western, engaging with poetics and politics to reckon with the legacies of violence and colonization in the West. Interspersed in the text are fragile, beautiful images painstakingly cut from paper, created by artist Paul Robles. This experimental long poem, a gritty feminist meditation on trauma, violence, and the possibilities of art, is as powerful as a Smith and Wesson Schofield rifle.

Casey Plett wrote a column on transitioning for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and was a contributor to the Topside Press anthology The Collection: Short Fiction from the Transgender Vanguard. Her work has also appeared in Plenitude magazine, Two Serious Ladies, the Manitoban, and other publications. She is currently working on a collection of short stories.

Trish Salah’s recent writing appears online at The Feminist Wire, in the anthologies Selling Sex: Experience, Advocacy, and Research on Sex Work in Canada and Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics, and in a chapbook from Flat Singles Press, If a child is a land you may not own. Her first book, Wanting in Arabic, was published by TSAR in 2002 and in 2013 was launched in a new edition. She is co-editor of a special issue of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, focused on Trans* Cultural Production, due out in 2014, as is her new poetry collection, Lyric Sexology, Vol. 1, with Roof Books. She is assistant professor of Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Winnipeg, where she is organizing a SSHRC funded conference on the emergence of Transgender Literatures for this coming May.


Wanting in Arabic

- by Trish Salah

Trade paperback $19.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $17.96

Wanting in Arabic is a refusal of convenient silences, convenient stories. The author dwells on the contradictions of a transsexual poetics, in its attendant disfigurations of lyric, ghazal, l?ecriture feminine, and, in particular, her own sexed voice. Without a memory of her father?s language, the questions her poems ask are those for a home known through photographs, for a language lost with childhood. Braiding theoretical concerns with the ambivalences of sexed and raced identity, with profound romanticism,Wanting in Arabic attempts to traverse the fantasies of foundational loss and aggressive nostalgia in order to further a poetics of a conscious partiality of being, of generous struggle and comic rather than tragic misrecognition.

Troubling the Line

- by Trace Peterson, TC Tolbert

Trade paperback $44.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $40.46

The first of its kind, Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics, gathers together a diverse range of 55 poets with varying aesthetics and backgrounds. In addition to generous samples of poetry by each trans writer, the book also includes "poetics statements"--reflections by each poet that provide context for their work covering a range of issues from identification and embodiment to language and activism. Poets include Samuel Ace, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Micha Cardenas, kari edwards, Duriel Harris, Joy Ladin, Dawn Lundy Martin, Eileen Myles, Trish Salah, Max Wolf Valerio, John Wieners, Kit Yan, and more.


- by Ivan Coyote, Zena Sharman

Trade paperback $21.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $19.76

Named a Stonewall Honor Book by the American Library Association
Lambda Literary Award finalist

In the summer of 2009, butch writer and storyteller Ivan Coyote and gender researcher and femme dynamo Zena Sharman wrote down a wish-list of their favourite queer authors; they wanted to continue and expand the butch-femme conversation. The result is Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme. The stories in these pages resist simple definitions. The people in these stories defy reductive stereotypes and inflexible categories. The pages in this book describe the lives of an incredible diversity of people whose hearts also pounded for some reason the first time they read or heard the words "butch" or "femme."

Contributors such as Jewelle Gomez (The Gilda Stories), Thea Hillman (Intersex), S. Bear Bergman (Butch is a Noun), Chandra Mayor (All the Pretty Girls), Amber Dawn (Sub Rosa), Anna Camilleri (Brazen Femme), Debra Anderson (Code White), Anne Fleming (Anomaly), Michael V. Smith (Cumberland), and Zoe Whittall (Bottle Rocket Hearts) explore the parameters, history, and power of a multitude of butch and femme realities. It's a raucous, insightful, sexy, and sometimes dangerous look at what the words butch and femme can mean in today's ever-shifting gender landscape, with one eye on the past and the other on what is to come.

Includes a foreword by Joan Nestle, renowned femme author and editor of The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader, a landmark anthology originally published in 1992.

Now in its second printing