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Kenneth William Budd -- Signing

Friday Aug 17 2012 2:00 pm, Saskatoon, Main Floor Event type: signing

The Adventures of Buddy Williams series (SummerWild Productions)

FallGently, the second book in The Adventures of Buddy Williams series, continues to chronicle a year in the life of an eleven year-old boy on the Prairies in the early fifties. The first book, SummerWild, which sets the stage for readers, was not only well-received by its Young Adult target audience, but also found bonus enthusiasts in older folk who enjoyed reminiscing about their own childhood. FallGently opens the door for the remaining two novels: WinterFree and SpringRush.

In the series, The Adventures of Buddy Williams, we share escapades and exploits with Buddy and companions, Riel and Mokey. In SummerWild, the three experience the challenges offered by Nature at Pelican Lake, the summer playground of Buddy’s youth. From an encounter with Slackjaw, a giant jackfish and denizen of the deep, to a chance meeting with Joe Starblanket, a native teenager who could become a valued friend, Buddy is exposed to hidden secrets and dangers in the outdoors, and faces harsh personal realities. An ignorance of the land and its possible ambushes, a shared fear of the elements because of a drowning accident, and a disregard for parental guidance—which seems to always lead to trouble—conspire to cause mayhem.

Returning to Buffalo Crossing after summer holidays at the lake, FallGently picks up where SummerWild leaves off, and sees Buddy, Riel and Mokey encounter a rude awakening at school. Their new teacher, Miss Ruby, turns out to be more she-devil than educator, and Buddy is not sure if Mr. “Army” Armitage, the school principal, is friend or foe. Adding to Buddy’s woes are two school bullies from the past who re-appear to make life miserable for him and his friends.

Of course, despite all this, the three lads still find time for the same unique brand of adventure that characterized their lakeside summer—this time with a fall twist. But, eventually Buddy’s greatest challenge ever comes to overshadow their exploits, testing him like nothing before and shaking him to his very core.

FallGently offers insight into the importance of positive mentors and educators, and reminds us that life is not always fair. Even the strongest are sometimes forced to face adversity and question their ability to cope with staggering loss.

Kenneth William Budd grew up on the Prairies, and he still feels a strong attachment to them. Born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, where he lived for fourteen years, most every summer was spent at Cochin Beach, Jackfish Lake. While most of the events that are offered in SummerWild contain a smidgeon of truth, all have been altered by imagination to make for a better read.

Retired from the classroom after a quarter-century of loving the profession, Ken now lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. There he focuses on completing The Adventures of Buddy Williams series. Student Study Guides, with Teacher/Parent Keys, accompany each novel, and all are featured on the SummerWild Productions website.