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Defining Diana by Hayden Trenholm

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 5:07pm

Defining Diana begins with a classic locked room puzzle. A beautiful young woman is found alone, and in perfect health -- except, of course, that she is dead.

The Calgary of 2043 is much different from the one we know. Between nuclear war and the rampant proliferation of bio- and cybertechnology, Superintendent Frank Steele is finding his world increasingly difficult to be a part of.

Steele commands a small unit, the SDU that handles especially bizarre cases, the cases that no other cop wants. But his team's lateral thinking gets results. Their successes don't endear them to their fellow officers or superiors, however. And success has a way of making you a target.

Defining Diana manages to feel true to both its hardboiled and its futuristic roots. The writing presents an interesting mash-up of pulp dialogue and well-researched scientific theory. The novel's characterizations of the SDU's troubled and conflicted officers is also top notch.

Trenholm's solid police procedural, set in a cyberpunk Calgary, will appeal to mystery and science fiction fans alike.

Hayden Trenholm will be part of a joint event at our Grant Park location, with fellow science fiction authors Robert J. Sawyer and Nick DiChario, on Saturday May 17th.

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Defining Diana

- Hayden Trenholm

Trade paperback $19.95
Reader Reward Price: $17.96

Canadian author/playwright Hayden Trenholm brings us a Science Fiction novel with elements of mystery and noir.