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An Interview with Chip Kidd

Monday, Mar 31, 2008 at 10:06am

Chip Kidd may be known to book design aficianados as the genius behind some of the most striking cover designs of the last decade and a half, but as it turns out, he's pretty good between the covers as well. In 2001 he published The Cheese Monkeys--his first novel--and followed it up earlier this year with a sequel of sorts entitled The Learners.

In a recent interview with CBCNews' Andre Mayer, Kidd talks about the difference between writing and designing, and how the story of his protagonist, Happy, evolved from one book to the next.

For the full interview, click here.

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The Cheese Monkeys

- Chip Kidd

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After 15 years of designing more than 1,500 book jackets at Knopf for such authors as Anne Rice and Michael Chrichton, Kidd has crafted an affecting an entertaining novel set at a state university in the late 1950s that is both slap-happily funny and heartbreakingly sad. The Cheese Monkeys is a college novel that takes place over a tightly written two semesters. The book is set in the late 1950s at State U, where the young narrator, has decided to major in art, much to his parents' dismay. It is an autobiographical, coming-of-age novel which tells universally appealing stories of maturity, finding a calling in life, and being inspired by a loving, demanding, and highly eccentric teacher.