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In a Time of Treason By David Keck

Friday, Feb 08, 2008 at 10:31am

With his novels In the Eye of Heaven, and the forthcoming In a Time of Treason, David Keck has delved deeply into myth, folklore and history to create Errest the Old, a world both strikingly familiar, yet tantalizingly strange. I have stated before that In a Time of Treason was one of my most anticipated books of 2008, and it didn't disappoint.

When Keck writes about knights and tournaments you can smell the armour, feel the horses thunder across the lists and you shudder with the impact of lance on shield. The quieter moments of the novel are equally powerful, as Durand Col must choose between staying true to his Lord Lamoric, or his love, Lamoric's young wife Deorwen.

A little more of the fantastic edges of Errest the Old begin to intrude upon Durand's life in this second novel. The interesting thing Keck does is that all of this lore and magic is as new to Durand as it is to the reader, and it is a thrill to discover it with the protagonist.

Don't miss David Keck's dual launch with Kate Brallier, his wife and author of Seal Island and The Boundless Deep, March 22 at our Grant Park location.

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The Boundless Deep

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The answer is: all too well. Liza's dreams become highly sexual; her visions of ship's captain Obadiah Young grow increasingly intense. At times the past and present mix before her eyes, with automobiles replaced by horse-drawn carriages.

Though skeptical of Liza's claims of a past life, whaling museum curator Adam is drawn to Liza's intense desire to know the truth--about herself, and about Obadiah, accused of murdering his beautiful, young wife. But Adam isn't the only man with an interest in Liza--handsome Lucian, whose home Liza is sharing for the season, has designs on her as well.

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