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McNally Jackson to open second store in NYC

Saturday, Mar 29, 2014 at 1:57pm

Exciting news: our sibling store, McNally Jackson -- owned and operated by Sarah McNally -- will be opening their second store in New York City!

Since 2004, McNally Jackson has been run as a highly successful bookstore in lower Manhattan. Their new store will open in Brooklyn.

Gordon Sinclair Jr., columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press, got in touch with Sarah for an interview about her success in NYC and the opening of her second story. You can read Mr. Sinclair's article by clicking here.

This news is exciting not only for McNally Jackson but for bookstores in general -- especially indie companies such as ourselves. A success story like Sarah's goes to show that brick-and-mortar, paper-and-glue bookstores are still alive and yes, some of us are doing very well.

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