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Sensory Fiction: Feel what you read

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014 at 8:58pm

How would you like to experience what the characters in your book feel, both emotionally and physically?

Well, thanks to a three students in an MIT Media Lab class, you might soon be able to. The project has been dubbed "Sensory Fiction", and is described as such:

"By using a combination of networked sensors and actuators, the Sensory Fiction author is provided with new means of conveying plot, mood, and emotion while still allowing space for the reader's imagination. These tools can be wielded to create an immersive storytelling experience tailored to the reader."

Incredible stuff! The project is still young and is far from being ready for public use, but this technology opens the way for completely new means of experiencing and enjoying literature, and creates a a whole new dynamic for writers to craft their tales.

You can view a video on Sensory Fiction by clicking here, and you can read more on the project here.

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