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The Temptation of Black Magic...Black Bottle Man, by Craig Russell

Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010 at 10:37am

In 1927, when 90-year-old Rembrandt was ten, his extended family entered into a pact with the Devil in exchange for the birth of two healthy children. Rembrandt, his father and his uncle, required by the Devil to move on every twelve days, search desperately for a champion who can beat the Devil and win back the aunts' souls, to no avail. Finally, in the last days of his life, his own soul in mortal danger, Rembrandt meets Gail, a fragile homeless woman who, with nothing to lose, accepts the challenge of defeating the Devil. Set in the simpler, pious time of the Depression, this fable will intrigue teens who like historical fiction and the satisfying thrill of rooting for a persistent, humble hero.

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Black Bottle Man

- by Craig Russell

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Forced to move every twelve days, what would happen to your life? 1927. Rembrandt is the only child in the tiny community of Three Farms. Soon his two aunts grow desperate for babies of their own. A man wearing a black top-coat and a glad-ta-meet-ya smile arrives with a magic bottle and a deadly deal is made. Determined to undo the wager, Rembrandt, Pa, and Uncle Thompson embark on the journey of their lives, for if they stay in one place for more than twelve days terrible things happen. But where and when will they find a champion capable of defeating the Black Bottle Man? Time ticks. Lives change. Every twelve days. . .