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I am a writer foremost, and an artisan painter and jeweller living in Roseneath, Ontario, Canada. Formerly a community newspaper and magazine journalist from and born in Toronto, I have lived in beautiful Northumberland County for over 25 years.

My latest work, EMPUSA, is a vampire love story, a tale of horror and surreal Gothic nightmares, with Victorian-Art Nouveau touches at the heart. Oversize paperback, 8" x 10" (146 pages).

Based on a short story I wrote in the 1980s, "Worthy to be His Empusa," I was inspired to write a feature film/TV-movie screenplay called EMPUSA in 2017, also turning it into a screenplay novel of the same name. EMPUSA, a horror-science fiction fantasy, is a unique hybrid of a screenplay and a traditional novel.

“If this be magic, let it be an art.”
—William Shakespeare, A Winter’s Tale



by Crystal Jamison
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COUNT NYBROOK I always dream every day while we sleep of the time I was fully human. How I could feel anything - when I wanted to and when I didn't .... I miss the days when I could feel everything with my own heart beating, with my own blood in my veins. How can a kiss truly be ours, how can we feel any real love, when it's that other blood behind our lips? Am I really a man? Are you my woman? That, Empusa, is what's breaking my heart, and my will to live as undead. EMPUSA We've adapted to feel what we can. We make our moments, Nybrook. We steal our love when we share our hunger. We don't feel summer's heat, or winter's ice, but we do share all that's in the eternal circle of life.