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Christine Wasnie


Christine Wasnie is a retired Registered Psychiatric Nurse living in Canada. She visited Assisi, Italy, in 2005 and it was there she felt St. Francis touch her soul. Retirement, a time of stillness and reflection lead to a spiritual awakening already in process since 2005, opening a new door. Walking through that door she discovered the song her soul had been longing to sing. This song, her life purpose, is expressed through her blog The Singing Soul. Nature, photography, painting and Reiki fill in the spaces and allow her to connect with the Universe and all the wonders and mysteries it contains. Gifts and miracles offered to us each day. This book of blogs is her gift to you.



The Singing Soul: 2nd Book of Blogs 
by Christine Wasnie
$19.95. Paperback. Add to Cart

I was born into a world of black and white. The problem was, I remembered the colors of the life I was meant to live. - Christine Wasnie

Christine Wasnie is an artist and author bringing both to life in retirement through a time of spiritual reflection. Heeding the calling of her soul, her first book, The Singing Soul: Book of Blogs was published as an extension of her blog site also called The Singing Soul. She believes we are born with a purpose, to find it, to live it, and to share it. It is her hope that her continued personal journey shared with you through this second book will help you find your own soul purpose and create the life you were meant to live.


The Singing Soul: Book of Blogs 
by Christine Wasnie
$19.95. Paperback. Add to Cart

The Singing Soul, listening to the song of your soul, brings to light the individual journey we all travel throughout our lifetime. This journey requires a mindful approach and a belief that you and you alone know the song your soul sings. A knowing that something greater than yourself created and breathed life into your song. This first book of blogs speaks of the journey, the song of your soul. I hope in some way it can lighten your steps and brighten your path. I know your soul has its own song which you are meant to sing. Your soul has a purpose.