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Outdoor Living & Gardening

Get outside! Plant a garden! Explore nature! But before you go, prepare ahead with some reading on the great outdoors.

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Cultivating Our Roots

- by Nora Stewart

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From 1993 to 2007, Nora Stewart built up a seed business with one of the most diverse collections of native grasses and wildflowers under cultivation anywhere in the northern plains. Through extensive study, networking and her own experimentation, she built up an unparalleled knowledge of what it takes to grow these plants successfully. Learn to Grow Prairie Plants: In this book Nora shares a wealth of information, from the unique germination requirements of individual species, through pitfalls in gardening with these plants, to novel equipment tailored to the peculiar challenges of harvesting and cleaning their wonderfully varied seeds. There is invaluable help to get started growing native prairie plants, for home gardeners and aspiring commercial seed producers alike. Learn to Know Prairie Plants: This book is also an excellent place to begin learning to identify the native plants of the prairies. It focuses on the most common species, groups them by plant families, and includes characteristics to help recognize others in the same family. More than 20 different grasses and over 60 flowers are described, with colour photos of the seedlings, mature plants, blossoms and seeds. The thorough illustration of plants in different life stages makes this book a unique resource and a valuable addition to anyone's reference collection, from the student to the working field botanist.

The Prairie Garden


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The 2021 edition of The Prairie Garden focuses on flowering shrubs and the queen of flowering shrubs, roses. Always popular topics in the past, they are definitely worth revisiting! The last time we focused on shrubs was in our 2009 edition, “Deciduous Shrubs” (still available in limited quantities). Since then, hundreds of exciting new flowering shrub cultivars have emerged, many of them well suited to prairie gardens. Our “Roses” edition of 2008 is now sold out, but readers keep asking us for information on that topic. And rightly so: since 2008, important new hardy roses such as the Canadian Artists and 49th Parallel series have come on the market. ​Plant developers in our region have played a major role in breeding, selecting, and trialling all kinds of hardy flowering shrubs for the prairie landscape, including roses. With Dr. Philip Ronald of Jeffries Nurseries as our guest editor, we take a fresh look at these useful and beautiful plants in our 2021 edition. As always, The Prairie Garden aims to be a guide for gardeners of all skill levels in the short-season gardening zones of Canada and the US. You’ll find over thirty articles on the theme and another dozen or so on general gardening topics, all contributed by experienced gardeners and experts. Guest editor Dr. Philip Ronald was raised in the Canadian prairies and educated in plant breeding and horticulture at the University of Manitoba and the University of Saskatchewan. He currently divides his time between teaching ornamental horticulture at the University of Manitoba, managing Riverbend Orchards, a 20-acre fruit farm, and providing support to the research and marketing programs at Jeffries Nurseries. He resides near Portage la Prairie with his wife Karen and their children.

The Prairie Garden


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The 81st edition of The Prairie Garden, “Inspired by Nature,” focuses on how gardeners in our region can take a cue from nature in everything from design to plant choice to ongoing care, so as to create beautiful, resilient gardens that are less work to maintain and friendlier to all living things. Over 50 articles cover multiple aspects of the theme, as well as general gardening information. Authors include plantsman and Piet Oudolf collaborator Roy Diblik; well-known garden writers Janet Davis, Sheryl Normandeau, and Tony Spencer; prairie naturalists June Flanagan and John Morgan; scientists, ecologists, and many other plant and gardening experts. Formerly with Winnipeg’s FortWhyte Alive, guest editor Maureen Krauss is now a principal with HTFC Planning & Design. Bringing together business, nonprofit, and government to develop a variety of green projects, her work aims to inspire healthier communities and interpret the natural world.

The Prairie Garden


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Reader Reward Price: $16.16

Guest-edited by Tiffany Grenkow, the 2019 Prairie Garden focuses on today’s biggest trend in gardening: growing our own food! More and more people want food that’s fresher and tastier than anything they can buy at a supermarket, and they don’t want it to come from far away. So our very own patch of Earth, no matter how small, is where it’s happening. Over 50 articles by gardening experts cover all aspects of growing food in our region, including heirloom tomatoes and vegetables, perennial edibles, miniatures and container planting, prairie-hardy fruits, raised bed and permaculture techniques, wild foraging, and new ways of preserving the harvest. Tiffany Grenkow is an urban farmer, orchard steward, and volunteer garden club instructor at Winnipeg’s South Osborne Community Commons. Sharing her 25 years of experience growing interesting edibles in zone 3, she aims to empower gardeners and enrich communities with the knowledge they need to put home-grown food on their tables.

Naturescape Manitoba

- by Manitoba Naturalist's Society

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Naturescape Manitoba is a "how-to" and source book for "people who want to bring back a bit of the natural world to their surroundings, attract more birds and butterflies to their garden, or simply do something different in their yard." It's an exciting new book offering an alternative to conventional gardening approaches and providing readers with information and a wide range of project ideas for native planting, low-maintenance yard care and water conservation. This 200-plus page book features full-colour photographs, original sketches and water-colour paintings, and detailed species information unique to the Prairies Ecozone of Manitoba. If you are interested in any aspect of wildlife or nature, you will find this book both interesting and useful.

Growing Under Cover

- by Niki Jabbour

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Increasingly unpredictable weather patterns and pest infestations are challenging today's vegetable gardeners. But best-selling author Niki Jabbour has a solution: Growing Under Cover. In this in-depth guide, Jabbour shows how to use small solutions like cloches, row covers, shade cloth, cold frames, and hoophouses, as well as larger protective structures like greenhouses and polytunnels, to create controlled growing spaces for vegetables to thrive. Photographed in her own super-productive garden, Jabbour highlights the many benefits of using protective covers to plant earlier, eliminate pests, and harvest a healthier, heartier bounty year round. With enthusiasm, inventive techniques, and proven, firsthand knowledge, this book provides invaluable advice from a popular and widely respected gardening authority.

Dr. Tree S Guide to the Common Diseases of Urban Prairie Trees

- by Michael Allen

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Urban trees on the prairies are essential to our changing landscape environment. Michael Allen has helped thousands of people with their tree problems over the past 43 years. Tree diseases and how to deal with them continue to plaque a very large number of people. ”Where can we get more information about these tree problems?” is a question he is constantly being asked. This book will help you to narrow the search for the disease problems plaguing your trees by going through the images and accompanying text.

Included are helpful detailed instructions on how to take care of the nutritional requirements of your trees. Keeping a tree healthy can reduce its susceptibility to diseases, much as good nutrition does with people and animals.

Here’s a look at what to expect of the pages

There are about 60 tree diseases identified in the book. Tree disease frequency of occurrence can vary by location across the prairies. Based on Dr. Tree's visits to thousands of prairie properties over the years, the top ten diseases in southern Manitoba in no particular order of occurrence are:

1. Fire Blight (in apple, crab, pear, and mountain ash especially)
2. Spruce Tip Blight ( especially in Colorado spruce and in Colorado blue spruce); also occurs in white spruce and balsam fir; the disease also shows up in Siberian larch
3. Ash Anthracnose (in green ash, black ash, Manchurian or Mancana ash, and hybrid ashes)
4. Dutch Elm disease (in American elm)
5. Poplar fungal canker diseases (in all native and cultivated ornamental poplars and aspens)
6. Black Knot disease (in especially Schubert choke cherry)
7. Spruce Cytospora Canker (especially in Colorado spruce and balsam fir); also occurs in white spruce, Siberian larch and cultivated varieties of cedar
8. Pine Shoot Blight (in Scots pine and mugo pine especially)
9. Apple Scab (in apple and crab apple)
10. Interveinal Anthracnose disease and chlorosis (in Amur maple and silver maple especially)

Floret Farm's Discovering Dahlias

- by Erin Benzakein

Hardcover $35.95 - Add to Cart
Reader Reward Price: $32.36

A stunning guide to growing, harvesting, and arranging gorgeous dahlia blooms from celebrated farmer-florist andNew York Times bestselling author Erin Benzakein, founder of Floret Flower Farm.

World-renowned flower farmer and floral designer Erin Benzakein reveals all the secrets to growing, cultivating, and arranging gorgeous dahlias. These coveted floral treasures come in a dazzling range of colors, sizes, and forms, with enough variety for virtually every garden space and personal preference, making them one of the most beloved flowers for arrangements.

In these pages, readers will discover:

o Expert advice for planting, harvesting, and arranging garden-fresh dahlias
o A simple-to-follow overview of the dahlia classification system
o An A-Z guide with photos and descriptions of more than 350 varieties
o Step-by-step how-to's for designing show-stopping dahlia bouquets that elevate any occasion

Expert Author: Erin Benzakein's gorgeous flowers are celebrated throughout the world. Her bookFloret Farm's A Year in Flowers was aNew York Times bestseller and her first book,Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden, won the American Horticultural Society Book Award.

Filled with Wisdom: Overflowing with hundreds of lush photographs and invaluable advice, DISCOVERING DAHLIAS is an essential resource for gardeners and a must-have for anyone who loves flowers, including flower lovers, avid and novice gardeners, floral designers, florists, small farmers, stylists, and designers.

Beautiful Present: This book is a beautiful present for Mother's Day and a thoughtful gift for nature lovers, flower enthusiasts, and gardeners. The colorful, flower-forward package pairs perfectly with a bouquet of flowers, seeds, or a vase.

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