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Upcoming Releases

Upcoming book releases for teens and young adults, including young adult fiction, fantasy, romance, and graphic novels that are soon to hit the shelves.

One Last Chance to Live

- Francisco X Stork

Young adult hardcover $26.99
Reader Reward Price: $24.29

What would you do if you had one last summer to live?

Nico has always believed in his dreams. Especially the dream he has of becoming a writer; it's the reason why he started taking a creative writing class his senior year of high school. But then Nico has a dream about his own funeral. A dream that feels too real to ignore.

In it, Rosario is beckoning to him. Rosario was Nico's neighbor, his best friend's girlfriend, and his inspiration. She was also the girl that Nico was in love with. And Rosario died last year.

Nico becomes obsessed with figuring out what Rosario was trying to say to him, and how she died. Surely if he can make sense of her death, he can find a way to prevent his own?

But at the same time, Nico's mom is sick, and his brother is falling down a bad path with a local gang. Nico knows it's on him to step up and take care of his family -- but how can he keep it together when, like Rosario, he sees how easy it might be to just let go of it all.

This searingly beautiful and hopeful novel is about the search for a life of meaning and creativity, while also accepting the flawed life that we're given. It's a love story between a teen boy and the girl who still haunts his dreams.

The Thirteenth Child

- Erin A Craig

Young adult hardcover $28.99
Reader Reward Price: $26.09

Drawing on the Grimm Brothers' dark fairytale, "Godfather Death," this new novel by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of House of Salt and Sorrows is a sweeping, fantastical saga of actions and consequences.

The stunning "Hazel" special edition first printing features exclusive printed endpapers and a beautiful gold-and-red foil-stamped case.

All gifts come with a price.

Hazel Trépas has always known she wasn't like the rest of her siblings. A thirteenth child, promised away to one of the gods, she spends her childhood waiting for her godfather--Merrick, the Dreaded End--to arrive.

When he does, he lays out exactly how he's planned Hazel's future. She will become a great healer, known throughout the kingdom for her precision and skill. To aid her endeavors, Merrick blesses Hazel with a gift, the ability to instantly deduce the exact cure needed to treat the sick.

But all gifts come with a price. Hazel can see when Death has claimed a patient--when all hope is gone--and is tasked to end their suffering, permanently. Haunted by the ghosts of those she's killed, Hazel longs to run. But destiny brings her to the royal court, where she meets Leo, a rakish prince with a disdain for everything and everyone. And it's where Hazel faces her biggest dilemma yet--to save the life of a king marked to die. Hazel knows what she is meant to do and knows what her heart is urging her toward, but what will happen if she goes against the will of Death?

From the astonishing mind of Erin A. Craig comes the breathtaking fairy tale retelling readers have been waiting for-- what does a life well-lived mean, and how do we justify the impossible choices we make for the ones we love? The Thirteenth Child is a must-read for fans of dark fairy tales, romantasy, and epic fantasy alike.

Between the Pipes

- Albert McLeod , Elaine Mordoch , Sonya Ballantyne

Trade paperback $21.95
Reader Reward Price: $19.76

Thirteen-year-old Chase's life and identity should be simple. He's the goalie for his hockey team, the Eagles. He's a friend to Kevin and Jade. He's Kookum's youngest grandchild. He's a boy. He should like girls.

But it's not that simple. Chase doesn't like girls the way that the other boys do. It's scary being so different from his peers. Scarier still is the feeling that his teammates can tell who he is--and that they hate him for it. If he pretends hard enough, maybe he can hide the truth.

Real strength and change can't come from a place of shame. Chase's dreams are troubled by visions of a bear spirit, and the more he tries to hide, the more everything falls apart. With the help of an Elder and a Two-Spirit mentor, can Chase find the strength to be proud of who he is?

Between the Pipes explores toxic masculinity in hockey through the experiences of an Indigenous teen.

God Flare

- David A Robertson , Scott B Henderson , Andrew Thomas

Young adult softcover $23.00
Reader Reward Price: $20.70

Cole and Eva are reunited once more. A new terror looms as Mihko Laboratories latest human experiments are about to be unleashed. Cole is on the long road to recovery, but he's still struggling with survivor's guilt. He must stay focused as he, Eva, and their friends prepare for the final showdown with Mihko.

After the events of Version Control, Brady's mind is fractured, and he can't distinguish between what really happened and what Mikho made him believe. Eva and Cole may have to face this terrifying threat without him. It's a grim prospect, but a new discovery might just change everything: God Flare.

Will Brady recover enough to join the fight? Can Cole come to terms with his abilities in spite of his PTSD? And will God Flare help even the odds against Mihko?

God Flare is the latest volume in the Reckoner Rises series from best-selling author David A. Robertson.


- Alina Pete

Young adult softcover $30.50
Reader Reward Price: $27.45

First Nations culture is living, vibrant, and evolving, and generations of Indigenous kids have grown up with pop culture creeping inexorably into our lives. From gaming to social media, pirate radio to garage bands, Star Trek to D&D, and missed connections at the pow wow, Indigenous culture is so much more than how it's usually portrayed. INDIGNERDS is here to celebrate those stories!

Featuring an all-Indigenous creative team, INDIGNERDS is an exhilarating anthology collecting 11 stories about Indigenous people balancing traditional ways of knowing with modern pop culture. Includes work by ALINA PETE, PJ UNDERWOOD, KAMERON WHITE, RHAEL MCGREGOR, and many more!

Little Moons

- Jen Storm , Ryan Howe , Nickolej Villiger

Trade paperback $22.95
Reader Reward Price: $20.66

In this moving graphic novel, thirteen-year-old Reanna grieves the loss of her older sister. Can she find comfort through her family's Ojibwe traditions?

It's been a year since Reanna's sister, Chelsea, went missing on her way home from school. Without any idea of what happened, Reanna and her family struggle to find closure.

Driven from her home by memories, Reanna's mom moves to the big city. Left behind on the reserve, Reanna and her little brother go to live with their dad.

Reanna is hurt and angry that her mom has run away. She feels lonely and abandoned...but she is not alone. Lights turn on in empty rooms, and objects move without being touched.

There are little moons everywhere.

Luminous Beings

- David Arnold, Jose Pimienta

Young adult softcover $24.50
Reader Reward Price: $22.05

"A gorgeously rendered adventure that captures the ache and joy of adolescence in a mad world."--Tillie Walden, award-winning author of On a Sunbeam

Ty and Burger have known each other since before they could walk. But this shared history is nothing compared to their plans for the future: step one, make a killer documentary about humanity's recent brush with extinction; step two, apply to film school together; step three, achieve legendary status as the next great filmmaking duo. But Ty has a secret that will ultimately shake the foundations of their friendship and force them both to wonder if growing up means letting go of the people they once were.

With heads full of bioluminescence and hearts full of fury, "squizzies" have one thing on their tiny rodent brains: global annihilation. Their reign of terror may be a thing of the past, but Ty and Burger are determined to chronicle the perseverance of the human race in the wake of the "squirrel-pocalypse." With friends Miles and Fib, they embark on an overnight excursion through rowdy nightclubs, once-familiar neighborhoods, perilous castles, and off-grid RVs, all the while, recording quiet lives of love and loss in a strange new world.

Set over the course of a single day, Luminous Beings explores the many facets of friendship and love, the heavy burden of a well-kept secret, the boundless tenacity of the human spirit, and, yes, the furriest of all zombified mammals. But don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Just the end of the squirrel

The Monstrous Kind

- Lydia Gregovic

Young adult hardcover $26.99
Reader Reward Price: $24.29

An atmospheric, haunting, romantasy inspired by Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, set in Regency era England about two sisters fighting to hold on to their manor while deadly monsters prowl along its perimeters--perfect for fans of House of Salt and Sorrows and Anatomy: A Love Story.

Merrick Darling's life as daughter of the Manor Lord of Sussex is better than most. Unlike the commoners, she is immune to the toxic fog that encroached on England generations earlier. She will never become a Phantom--one of the monstrous creatures that stalk her province's borders--and as long as the fires burn to hold them back, her safety is ensured. She wants for nothing, yet she will never inherit her family's Manor. She must marry smartly or live at the kindness of her elder sister, Essie.

Everything is turned on its head, though, when Merrick's father dies suddenly. Torn from her New London society life of ball gowns and parties, Merrick must travel back to her childhood home, the Darling estate of Norland House, and what she finds there is bewildering. Once strong and capable, Essie is withdrawn and frightened--and with good cause. A recent string of attacks along the province's borders has turned their formerly bucolic countryside into a terrifying and unpredictable landscape. The fog is closing in and the fires aren't holding, which makes Merrick and Essie vulnerable in more ways than one. Because the Phantoms are far from the only monsters in Merrick's world, and the other eleven Manor Lords are always watching for weakness.

Revealing her and her sister's current state to the rest of the Manors is out of the question, but when Essie goes missing, it's clear that Merrick needs help. Only, who can she trust when everyone seems to be scheming, and when all she holds true feels like it's slipping right out of her grasp?

Ruin Road

- Lamar Giles

Young adult hardcover $26.99
Reader Reward Price: $24.29

"My twin, Lamar, is a phenomenal innovative storyteller... A true king!" -- Tiffany D. Jackson, New York Times bestselling author of Grown and The Weight of Blood

Sometimes a little fear is a good thing...

Cade Webster lives between worlds. He's a standout football star at the right school but lives in the wrong neighborhood--if you let his classmates tell it. Everywhere but home, people are afraid of him for one reason or another. Afraid he's too big, too fast, too ambitious, too Black.

Then one fateful night, to avoid a dangerous encounter with the police, he ducks into a pawn shop. An impulse purchase and misspoken desire change everything when Cade tells the shopkeeper he wishes people would stop acting so scared around him, and the wish is granted...

At first, it feels like things have taken a turn for the better. But it's not just Cade that people no longer fear--it's everything. With Cade spreading this newfound "courage" wherever he goes, anything can happen. Fearless acts of violence begin to escalate in both his neighborhood and at school. With the right moves, and brave friends, Cade might have one -- and only one -- chance to save all he loves. But at what cost? After all, the devil's in the details.

The Strange Case of Harleen and Harley

- Melissa Marr, Jenn St-Onge

Trade paperback $22.99
Reader Reward Price: $20.69

Harleen Quinzel is many things, a gymnast, anxious, broke...but the last thing anyone would call her is evil. Harley Quinn on the other hand...

"Good and evil are so close as to be chained together in the soul."
- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
Harleen Quinzel is many things, a gymnast, anxious, broke...but the last thing anyone would call her is evil. Harley Quinn on the other hand...
When Harleen signs up to participate in a clinical research trial with her girlfriend, Pamela, the most she can hope for is extra cash in her wallet and a chance to get her anxiety under control. But what she gets instead are increasingly larger gaps in her memory and stolen mementos from some guy named Jack she's never met.  Soon, Harleen discovers she's sharing her life with Harley--a take-no-prisoners, who-cares-about attendance, maybe-we-oughtta-save-the-bunnies kind of girl. She is the opposite of Harleen in many ways. She is anarchy in a cute dress. And although she's throwing Harleen's life completely off track, maybe she ain't so bad either...
New York Times bestselling author of Wicked Lovely, Melissa Marr, teams up with celebrated artist Jenn St-Onge to tell the story of a girl who will learn good and evil are not black and white (and red) long as she doesn't get caught.

Ash's Cabin

- Jen Wang

Young adult softcover $23.99
Reader Reward Price: $21.59

Ash has always felt alone.

Adults ignore the climate crisis. Other kids Ash's age are more interested in pop stars and popularity contests than in fighting for change. Even Ash's family seems to be sleepwalking through life.

The only person who ever seemed to get Ash was their Grandpa Edwin. Before he died, he used to talk about building a secret cabin, deep in the California wilderness. Did he ever build it? What if it's still there, waiting for him to come back...or for Ash to find it? To Ash, that maybe-mythical cabin is starting to feel like the perfect place for a fresh start and an escape from the miserable feeling of alienation that haunts their daily life.

But making the wilds your home isn't easy. And as much as Ash wants to be alone...can they really be happy alone? Can they survive alone?

From New York Times-bestselling author and illustrator Jen Wang comes a singularly affecting story about self-discovery, self-reliance, and the choice to live when it feels like you have no place in the world.

Sunderworld, Vol. I

- Ransom Riggs

Young adult hardcover $29.99
Reader Reward Price: $26.99

The much-anticipated new fantasy series from Ransom Riggs, his first since introducing the #1 global phenomenon Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series.

Seventeen-year-old Leopold Berry is seeing weird things around Los Angeles. A man who pops a tooth into a parking meter. A glowing trapdoor in a parking lot. A half-mechanical raccoon with its tail on fire that just won't leave him alone. Every hallucinatory moment seems plucked from a cheesy 1990s fantasy TV show called Max's Adventures in Sunderworld--and that's because they are. 

Not a good sign.

In the blurry weeks after his mother's death, a young Leopold discovered VHS tapes of its one and only season in a box headed for the trash--and soon became obsessed. Losing himself in Sunder was the best way to avoid two things: grieving his mother and being a chronic disappointment to his overbearing father. But when the strange visions return--at the worst possible time on the worst possible day--Leopold turns to his best friend Emmet for help. Together they discover that Sunder is much more than just an old TV show, and that Los Angeles is far stranger than they ever imagined. And soon, he'll realize that not only is Sunderworld real, but it's in grave danger.

Certain he's finally been chosen for greatness, Leopold risks everything to claim his destiny, save the world of his childhood dreams, and prove once and for all that he's not the disappointment his father believes him to be. But when everything goes terribly, horribly, excruciatingly wrong, Leopold's disappointments prove to be more extraordinary than he ever could have imagined.

How do you battle darkness when no one believes in you--not even yourself?

Visionary storyteller Ransom Riggs weaves the familiar with the peculiar in a stunning tale of loss, triumph, friendship and magic, reminding readers everywhere that true heroes are made, not born--and that when you're never the chosen one, sometimes you have to choose yourself. 

Welcome to Sunderworld.


- Nicki Pau Preto

Hardcover $24.99
Reader Reward Price: $22.49

In this action-packed finale to the House of the Dead Duology, Wren and her friends put everything they know to the test as they battle the living and the undead to save their world.

Wren is still reeling from the revelation that the mother she thought was dead is actually the Corpse Queen, a ghostsmith with the terrifying power to control the undead. It was Wren's own mother who created the iron revenants--an army of near unbeatable undead soldiers. When the iron revenants attack, no one in the Dominions will have the strength to stand in their way.

Now Wren, Leo, and Julian find themselves once more in the Breach, this time on the run from Wren's father, who is determined to secure more power for himself and the House of Bone. The three are desperate to stop the upcoming war, but working together is easier said than done with Julian still furious about Wren double-crossing him. And to make matters worse, Wren is plagued by powerful new abilities that force her to reassess everything she knows about being a bonesmith.

When Wren's long-lost twin brother shows up and vows to help her destroy the well of magic that feeds the iron revenants, she must decide if trusting him is worth potentially playing right into their mother's hands.

After all, the dead might be dangerous, but it's the living who can betray you.

Here Lies a Vengeful Bitch

- Codie Crowley

Young adult hardcover $25.99
Reader Reward Price: $23.39

Murdered bad girl Annie Lane is back from the grave and hellbent on revenge . . . she just has to figure out who killed her.

This fast-paced thriller by a talented debut delivers a horror-infused hunt for justice that's at once furiously feminist, darkly funny, and utterly satisfying.

Between her careless mom, her cheating ex-boyfriend, and her rotten reputation around town, Annie Lane is used to being left behind. But she's never been left for dead before--until she wakes up to find her body's been dumped on a mountain rumored to raise the dead.

Annie can't remember who killed her, but she'll stop at nothing to figure it out and make them pay. Because girls like her don't get justice unless they take it for themselves.

Codie Crowley's propulsive debut presents a furious and cathartic thriller skewering society's condemnation of "unlikeable" girls.

Practical Rules for Cursed Witches

- Kayla Cottingham

Young adult hardcover $26.99
Reader Reward Price: $24.29

From the New York Times bestselling author of My Dearest Darkest comes a cozy fantasy romance about a teen witch who must complete her magical training by breaking a powerful family's curse. But her own affliction--to never find true love--gets in the way when she falls for the girl she's trying to save.

Magic is in Delilah Bea's blood. Her absentee father is the world's most famous cursebreaker, while all the women in her family are fated to never find true love. So when Delilah sets out to complete her magical Calling and gain her full powers as a witch, she has the perfect task in mind--breaking the Bea family curse.

But Delilah's Calling is hijacked by Kieran Pelumbra, the spoiled son of the most powerful family in the country, and breaking his curse suddenly becomes her official assignment. Every generation, a pair of Pelumbra twins is doomed, with one twin draining the other of their life and magic. Kieran grows weaker while his sister, Briar, becomes...something monstrous. 

As Delilah and the twins set out on their quest, they quickly realize that breaking the Pelumbra curse isn't going to be simple. For one thing, the rest of the Pelumbra family doesn't actually want their curse broken--and they've sent hunters after the trio to ensure they fail. For another, something about Briar gets under Delilah's skin, distracting her and making her want to kiss the perpetually grumpy look off her face. But with time running out for the twins and Delilah's own true love curse getting in the way, they may not stand a chance of finding their happily ever after.

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