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Making Canada's Food Guide Work for You

Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019 at 1:05pm

Canada's new food guide was released in January, getting rid of food groups and recommended servings to instead advocate eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grain food and protein foods, and choosing protein foods that come from plants more often. It also encourages cooking more at home and avoiding added sugar. The advice sounds fairly straightforward, but the specifics raise a few more questions—how much is "plenty"? What plant-based foods are a good source of protein? How universal are the new guidelines? What is the best way to implement them at home? What is healthy versus saturated fat?

There is a lot to know about nutrition, and even more material and opinions to sift through, so it might be helpful to attend a class with a registered dietitian to start (especially with the holiday season fast approaching). In her upcoming class, Making the Most of Canada's New Food Guide, Maria Baranowski will discuss using the new food guide to promote health, prevent disease and learn about healthy eating recommendations. Register now to learn more about one of the key factors in overall health. 

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George Sheehan: The spirit of a runner

Wednesday, Apr 09, 2014 at 8:42pm

A New York Times bestseller for 14 weeks in 1978, Running and Being became known as the philosophical bible for runners around the world. Re-released more than thirty years after its initial publication, it remains every bit as relevant today. Written by the late George Sheehan, Running & Being tells of the author's midlife return to the world of exercise, play and competition in which he found "a world beyond sweat" that proved to be a source of great revelation and personal growth. Drawing from the words and actions of the great athletes and thinkers throughout history, Sheehan ties it all together with his own philosophy on the importance of fitness and sport, as well as his knowledge of training, injury prevention, and race competition. Above all, he describes what it means to experience the oneness of body and mind, of self and the universe.

As a columnist for his local paper, the Red Bank Register, and later as the medical editor of Runner's World, and through eight bestselling books, Sheehan became the spokesperson for an entire generation of runners and the manifold benefits they discovered through the running lifestyle. Sadly, several of Sheehan's books have been out of print, and the hundreds of newspaper and magazine columns he penned over the last 25 years of his life have been lost to time.

Until now. In a labour of love, his son Andrew Sheehan has collected and edited the best of his father's running pieces in The Essential Sheehan. The collection illuminates the writer's lasting influence on running culture and is a reintroduction of George Sheehan to a brand new generation of runners and readers.

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Run for Fun

Tuesday, Mar 18, 2014 at 11:35am

The single biggest running event in Manitoba and Saskatchewan is the annual Marathon, with several thousand runners taking to the respective streets of Winnipeg (June 15) and Saskatoon (May 25). Both marathons were inaugurated in 1979 and now attract participants from around the world. But the core of our marathons is a coterie of local runners looking for a challenge.

If you've ever wondered how the rest of the world does it, Marathons of the World by Hugh Jones and Alexander James is a photo-illustrated guide to 50 of the world's best marathons. It includes course analysis, schedules, and specifics on how and when to enter.

For anyone interested in running -- from beginners to those looking to improve their techniques or preparing for their first marathon -- The Complete Running and Marathon Book includes a comprehensive range of programs for all aspects of training. Ideal for runners, personal trainers and coaches, this book features detailed anatomical artworks, user-friendly step-by-step sequences, advice on optimum techniques and injury prevention, as well as guidance on running psychology.

Read more about books and some upcoming Community Classes on running after the jump...

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Healthy Questions: What's right for you

Saturday, Jan 11, 2014 at 1:51pm

What if everything you thought you knew about weight loss was wrong?

In The Calorie Myth, Jonathan Bailor exposes the fundamental flaw upon which the diet industry has been built: the eat less + exercise more = weight loss equation doesn't add up. Using the evidence of more than 1,200 studies on the new science of weight loss, Bailor shows how eating more -- of the right kinds of foods -- and exercising less -- but at a higher intensity -- is actually the key to burning fat, balancing hormones, boosting metabolism, and creating long-term weight loss. The Calorie Myth offers clear, comprehensive guidance on what to eat and why, providing an eating plan, easy recipes, and a simple, effective exercise program.

Bestselling author David B. Agus (The End of Illness) turns his pioneering cancer research into a practical and concise illus­trated handbook for everyday living. A Short Guide to a Long Life provides the definitive answers to many common and not-so-common questions: Who should take a baby aspirin daily? Are flu shots safe? What constitutes "healthy" foods? Why is it important to protect your senses? Are airport scanners hazardous? Dr. Agus will help you develop new patterns of personal health care using inexpensive and widely accessible tools that are based on the latest and most reliable science.

This article was taken from the January/February edition of our bi-monthly news magazine, The Bookseller. Pick up your own free copy of the magazine inside of our stores.

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