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Holly Luhning -- Night Table Recommendations

Thursday, Jun 09, 2011 at 2:10pm

Now that we're seeing some sun and warmer temperatures, I aim to do my reading outdoors; here's four recommendations for the park, lake, beach (or night table, on those rainy evenings):

Slammerkin, by Emma Donoghue (HarperCollins Publishers Ltd).

Donoghue has most recently received wide attention for her novel Room, but her 2000 novel Slammerkin (the word is eighteenth-century vernacular, a noun that refers to both a loose gown, and a loose woman) is also definitely worth putting on your reading list. Donoghue, who holds a PhD in eighteenth-century literature, employs her expertise in this era to create a vivid, breathing account of late 1740's London, and the often-vicious circumstances faced by young women who lacked fortune, titles, or family. Our heroine, Mary, whose poor family casts her out once they deem her "unvirtuous," survives and adapts to the violent, dehumanizing world of mid-century London; the brutalities of Mary's life are simultaneously mitigated and exacerbated by her attraction to luxurious clothing, fabrics, accessories, and the liberty and status that these beautiful things symbolize.

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Colleen Nelson -- Night Table Recommendations

Wednesday, Jun 01, 2011 at 10:33am

There are few things in life people get as passionate about as books. If we love it, we LOVE it and insist that everyone we know also read it and LOVE it. Here are the books that I LOVE and would keep on my night table forever, even if it meant being unable to find my glasses or the alarm clock.

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Sheila McClarty -- Night Table Recommendations

Tuesday, Apr 19, 2011 at 9:09am

I am a voracious re-reader of books. On first read, I charge through the pages devouring the story. Satiated I turn back to the beginning and read slowly, ingesting the sentences and sections that I admire. Also, I confess to writing my thoughts alongside certain passages, circling unusual uses of words, and even dog-earring corners of pages, which befuddle or entrance me. I know some find this distasteful, but I hold onto the school days' joy in finding a previous reader's thoughts scribbled in the margins of textbooks - reading turned from a solitary activity into an interactive one. So my Night Table is often stacked with books that recycle themselves from top to bottom and bottom to top. I have chosen to discuss two of these books, a novel and a collection of short stories.

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Book of the Day, David Foster Wallace's The Pale King

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011 at 11:04am


Book of the Day, David Foster Wallace's The Pale King. David Foster Wallace left us such a mystery when he died, at his own hand, while at work on The Pale King. David Foster Wallace is considered by some to be the best American writer of a generation. When the unfinished fragments that make up The Pale King were published posthumously it was reviewed everywhere, including, The Paris Review, The Guardian, The New York Times Book Review, The Globe and Mail, and our newsletter the May June edition of The Bookseller has a story about David Foster Wallace, click here for a sneak peak.

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2011 TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

Thursday, Apr 14, 2011 at 10:18am

Watch here this weekend for the announcement of the official line-up of the 2011 TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, which runs from June 16-25.

So far it has been announced that both the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis and jazz lounge orchestra Pink Martini are returning to the Festival. And it leaked to the press recently that Robert Plant will be bringing his Band of Joy to the Concert Hall as one of the headlining acts as well.

It is always an exciting time when the line-up is announced so check back with us Friday afternoon for the full line-up.

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