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Falling Open in a World Falling Apart

The Essential Teaching of Amoda Maa

October 7, 2020 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781936012923
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This book offers the "jewel" of Amoda Maa's teachings--how to be fully awake and fully human, open in a way that's the key to freedom and to what's most needed in our troubled times. Unlike having no boundaries, this openness transforms reactivity, ends separation, leads us to our true authority, and guides us with the intelligence of love.

About this Author

Amoda Maa is a spiritual teacher, sharing a fresh approach to the age-old search for spiritual freedom. Her essential teaching features a timeless truth that is highly relevant to this moment--for contemporary seekers willing to go to the raw edge where spirituality meets humanity. After years of spiritual seeking, meditation, and immersion in psychospiritual practices, an experience of the dark night of the soul led Amoda to a profound inner awakening. Then, after a long period of integration, she began speaking from silence in small gatherings. She continues to offer meetings and retreats (most currently online), and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events--attracting spiritual seekers and people looking for peace and fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world. Her teachings do not belong to any tradition or lineage and are accessible to all. She brings to them a deep understanding of the human journey, born out of her own direct experience. Amoda Maa is the author of Radical Awakening (formerly How to Find God in Everything) and Change Your Life, Change Your World, both of which arose out of a mystical vision around the time of her awakening. In this vision, she was shown the key to humanity's suffering and the potential for the birth of a new consciousness and world. She also is the author of Embodied Enlightenment, based on her vision for humanity and conversations on the cutting edge of spiritual inquiry in her meetings with people from all around the world. Amoda Maa lives with her beloved Kavi in New Mexico, USA, and inspires a growing following worldwide. More info about Amoda Maa and her teaching at Her videos are available at

ISBN: 9781936012923
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 138
Publisher: Larson Publications
Published: 2020-10-07


"As this wise book eloquently reminds us, awakened living involves the boundless embrace of our precious, messy human experience in all its subtlety and complexity--the pain as well as the laughter, the confusion as well as the clarity--without either indentifying with it or pushing it away. This unconditional openness is not a practice, it's our natural state, our inherently awake true nature, the timeless presence that welcomes reality just as it is because it is essentially not separate from whatever arises. Amoda Maa has it right--embodied awakening is the seamless marriage of form and emptiness, human and transcendent, vulnerable and indestructible, which meet right here and now --as you!"

"Such a timely book! Amoda's clarity of writing makes the universal inner wisdom relevant and accessible to the seeker in these troubled times."

"I love that Amoda Maa includes and works with our humanness, rather than attempting to ignore or by-pass the messiness and difficulties of everyday life. But she doesn't get entangled in the mess either. Instead, Amoda invites a falling open into "the groundless ground of unbroken presence," the openness that allows everything to be as it is. Paradoxically, this is exactly where genuine transformation happens. There is a gentle tenderness in this book. The words come from the heart, from clear seeing, and from the openness that the book invites the reader to discover. Amoda encourages "listening to the deepest truth in you, listening to that which is prior to narrative and prior to reactivity, listening to the silence within--and then moving from this silence. Or not moving at all." Falling Open is a beautiful book that I haver highly recommend. As Amoda says, "This book is a transmission. Do not read it. Feel it." Yes!

"The invitation to fall open and to embrace what appears to be falling apart has always been a vital part of the lived awakening experience. And now that the world is shaking and -- dare I say it -- in the process of transformation, there is an urgency to the task at hand. Amoda speaks to this directly, and stirs the heart. Her voice is eloquent and precise -- a rich and extraordinarily valuable contribution to the current zeitgeist. I cannot recommend her -- and this, her latest book -- highly enough."

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