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ISBN: 9781928169925
format: Paperback
pages: 138
publisher: McNally Robinson P.O.D.
pub. date: 2015-09-16

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As proud Winnipeggers, the members of Off the Wall writers group decided to set their stories in their hometown. Some of the stories could be considered dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic, with end-of-the-world scenarios. Some are built around alternate histories. In every story, though, they asked themselves, "What if..." - What if Louis Riel was never considered a traitor but a hero? What if Lake Agassiz was refilled by a melting northern icecap or what if the land dried up completely, becoming a desert? What if terrorists unleashed deadly diseases from the Virology lab? These are only a few of the Speculative Fiction ideas explored in this volume. Hope you enjoy the tour through their visions of Winnipeg, Manitoba - Heart of the Continent.

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