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Pagan Portals - Freya

Meeting the Norse Goddess of Magic

September 1, 2023 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781803410029
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'Morgan Daimler has gifted us with a well-crafted and engaging introduction to the Goddess Freya. Truly a must read for anyone interested in or already working with this powerful and intriguing Goddess.' Ceri Norman, author of A Beginner's Guide to Ogham Divination and Faerie Stones

The most popular of the Norse goddesses is the Vanic deity Freya, found across the Norse myths and into modern mass media, yet often obscured by contradictory tales and external moral coding. Freya is an alluring deity of magic and fertility, a being so important in the mythology that gods and giants fought over her, yet she is never shown as a passive prize to be won only as a forceful being with agency and will of her own. Who is this powerful goddess who has left such a profound mark across not only Norse culture but also wider Western culture? Pagan Portals-Freya is a basic introduction to the Norse Goddess Freya that covers her history, mythology, associations, and modern appearances, and offers readers suggestions for how to begin connecting to Freya in their own lives.

About this Author

Morgan Daimler is a blogger, poet, teacher of esoteric subjects, witch, and priestess of the Daoine Maithe. Morgan is a prolific pagan writer, having published more than a dozen books under Moon Books alone, and she is one of the world's foremost experts on all things Fairy. She lives in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, US.

ISBN: 9781803410029
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 104
Publisher: Collective Ink
Published: 2023-09-01


"Freya: Meeting the Norse Goddess of Magic" is the perfect primer for a deeper relationship with a powerful, complex deity. Daimler offers a concise yet thorough survey of the history, lore, and archeology surrounding Freya's story. This firm foundation informs and supports chapters covering modern practice and contemporary media depictions. With excellent suggestions for personal practice, devotion, and exploration, this book is a great "starter kit" for those just beginning to hail the Vanadis, the great goddess Freya, in their own practice.

In writing Freya Morgan Daimler delights us again with the outstanding level of scholarship and penmanship that have become their signature. Through its clarity, structure, and abundant reference material, Freya is an easy to consult, go-to resource for all those who seek to understand this goddess- whether in pursuit of academic research or seeking spiritual connection. Morgan Daimler does an excellent job in surveying Freya throughout old and modern lore, debunking the myth of the sex goddess, and diving into the clarification of pre- and post Christianization mores that shaped the understanding of Freya and influenced the ways people relate to her. The addition of author's personal experience with Freya, and the inclusion of practical suggestions about developing a personal connection with the goddess make Freya a priceless resource for everyone interested in this powerful deity.

It is refreshing to find so much information on Freya in one place in a readable and relatable book. Meeting the Norse Goddess Freya is well researched and a book I would teach my students from.

Morgan Daimler has gifted us with a well-crafted and engaging introduction to the Goddess Freya. She begins with the ancient legends and names of Freya, then takes us through the lore and associations that have accumulated around the Goddess over the centuries, before bringing us right up to date with how Freya is envisioned today, by modern devotees and in popular culture. Truly a must read for anyone interested in or already working with this powerful and intriguing Goddess.

The goddess Freya is often spoken about in pagan ritual, myths, and stories, but what do we really know about this lovely goddess? Morgan Daimler summons the history, magic, and lore of Freya into a delightful and thoughtful guide to her mysteries. She incorporates both old and new ways of working with the goddess that not only inspires, but also gives us the tools to summon the power of Freya in a heartfelt way.

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