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The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy

Step-by-Step Advice on How to Ally and Speak Up with Autistic People and the Autism Community

February 21, 2022 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781787759732
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The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy takes an in-depth look at the key elements of effective, respectful, inclusive advocacy and allyship. Every topic was chosen, shaped, and informed by #ActuallyAutistic perspectives.

The step-by-step guide discusses various aspects of how autism is perceived, explores how best to speak up for individual needs, and introduces advocacy for the wider autistic community. Each step outlines one vital aspect of advocacy and allyship, such as emphasizing acceptance, avoiding assumptions and assuming competence. The advice and strategies laid out in this guide center the wisdom and experiences of Autistic people and enable the reader to confidently speak up with insight and understanding.

About this Author

Dr. Jennifer Elizabeth Brunton is a neurodivergent academic turned freelance writer and editor. She has extensive writing and editing experience with a variety of diverse publications. She also runs the neurodiverse parenting and advocacy blog, Full Spectrum Mama.

Jenna Gensic is a freelance writer and disability advocate. Jenna is the author of What Your Child on the Spectrum Really Needs: Advice From 12 Autistic Adults, and she manages the Learn from Autistics website and regularly engages with the autistic community and shares autistic expertise. She has an autistic brother and son and writes and speaks about parenting issues related to prematurity, cerebral palsy, and autism.

ISBN: 9781787759732
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 320
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Published: 2022-02-21


An essential social justice tool for our times, The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy brings together dozens of professionals and advocates from a spectrum of backgrounds to unfold a complex topic into a practical guidebook for allyship and advocacy. Filled with wisdom about the Autistic community and culture, the book provides direct approaches to fostering inclusivity, belonging, and equity for Autistics of all ages. The authors present sensitive topics in a diplomatic and linear way, which serves to broaden the reader's perspective and awareness. As a bonus, the comprehensive list of interviewee bios-a powerful mix of neurovariant and neurodivergent individuals-is a launchpad to additional neurodiversity resources. I gladly recommend The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy to caregivers, allies, and advocates alike, and to any person wishing to expand their understanding of life on the spectrum.

The #ActuallyAutistic Guide thoughtfully presents a wide range of Autistic voices seeking to shape advocacy and allyship strategies that will not only improve the lives of neurodivergent people, but make the world a better place for everyone.

The disability model needs to be eliminated and autistic abilities in music, art, math, and memory should be celebrated. This book will guide advocates and help change negative perceptions of autism. Guidance from autistic people is essential for understanding how autistics perceive the world differently.

Brunton and Gensic have created a tremendous resource with The #ActuallyAutistic Guide to Advocacy, a book that takes much of the ponderous burden of self-advocacy off our Autistic shoulders. I am deeply grateful for their work. Instead of burning myself out, explaining the same things over and over, I can hand a copy of this book to my supervisor, professor, clients' parents, or potential friends and partners. Every person who cares for, cares about, or interacts with Autistic people must read this book!

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