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Great Lives in Graphics

Jane Austen

January 21, 2022 | Hardcover
ISBN: 9781787081116
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Great Lives in Graphics: Jane Austen is a graphic retelling of Jane's story which gives children a colorful snapshot of her life and the world she grew up in, while educating them on everything from Regency culture to the wonders of storytelling.

You may already know that Jane Austen was a writer, but did you know she was one of eight children? Or that she brewed her own?

Great Lives in Graphics reimagines the lives of extraordinary people in vivid technicolor, presenting 250+ fascinating facts in a new and exciting way. It takes the essential dates and achievements of each person's life, mixes them with lesser-known facts and trivia, and uses infographics to show them in a fresh visual way that is genuinely engaging for children and young adults. The result is a colorful, fascinating and often surprising representation of that person's life, work and legacy. Using timelines, maps, repeated motifs and many more beautiful and informative illustrations, readers learn not just about the main subject of the book but also about the cultural background of the time they lived in.

About this Author

Great Lives in Graphics has been created by Button Books' team of writers, editors, specialist historians and designers, who have collectively worked across a wide range of media including: books, magazines, newspaper, TV and radio. The design team have also worked for worldwide brands including: Nickelodeon, Penguin Books, Renault, MTV, Virgin and Levis.

ISBN: 9781787081116
Format: Hardcover
Series: Great Lives in Graphics
Pages: 32
Publisher: Button Book
Published: 2022-01-21


@budgetbooklover Instagram review
"A children's book with lots of bright illustrations and Jane Austen and Regency era facts... really informative and good fun. it didn't take very long to read and i think it's a good addition to any Austen collection."


@the_treasure_babes Instagram review
"Wonderful series of books from Button Books... We are very happy to add them to our library of extraordinary people."


@mancunian_mum Instagram review
"This range of books is called the Great Lives in Graphics series and they are books but with a comic style in ways, with amazing infographics and illustrations. They include a mixture of common and lesser known facts, to educate about famous figures from history...They're great books for any collection!"


@homeplaylearn Instagram review
"We love this collection of biographies on extraordinary people throughout history from great thinkers to big creatives! This series is full of illustrations, infographics and added humour too! There are truths and trivia to learn from along the way."


@rosieslibrary Instagram review
"This is such an excellent series of books and I was thrilled to see there are two new ones to add to the collection! Both of these, as well as the rest of the collection are brilliant Infographic biographies that are presented in a super engaging way and vividly explains each person life from birth and through all of their successes, as well as branching off into theories and concepts that lead them. These books are a great snapshot into the lives of great people and are all a really fun read! They're perfect for young learners."


@mrssburns Instagram review
"Absolutely superb and always top of my children's book pile."


@stylishmodernmotherhood Instagram review
"These books are so entertaining & a joy to read! A great way to educate & inspire young minds!"


@bookishwaytoplay Instagram review, 20th July 2021
"Wahoo, four new titles in this fantastic biography series publish this month...I can confirm that these are just as good! Information is presented in such a unique way that you can't help but pour over the pages for hours. Each spread is a work of art in itself, cleverly designed to work with the content. Whether you've got an older reader who is fascinated by one of these great people from history, a school project to complete, or a school library or home bookshelf to stock with inspiring stories, these are for you."


@afamilythatreads Instagram review
"I'm obsessed. A non-fiction infographic series that introduces children to biographies of people who changed the world? YES PLEASE! Saying that these books are fun is an understatement... They are captivating and easy to understand which is a hard combination to find when it comes to books on history and changemakers! I personally learned a lot of new facts and can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series. A definite must have for every child (and adult!)."


@homeplaylearn Instagram review
"If you would like to find out about some extraordinary people then look no further! 'Great Lives in Graphics' is a fairly new educational book series from Button Books...Brimming with interesting, and sometimes quirky, facts, timelines, artwork and discoveries as well as vibrant graphics, these make for a great collection for children to learn from and be inspired by!"


"They are just stunning, hard backed books that use infographics mixed with common and lesser known facts, to educate about famous figures from history. The books detail key and important moments from the figures' lives but presented in such an accessible way for children. The colours and style are just so engaging for children, it's a book but with an almost comic book feel. There are a huge array of interesting ways to present information in illustrated forms. The books also have a useful glossary at the back. What fab books! Do check them out and the amazing range of other titles, over at @gmcpublications."  

Raise Bay Blog
"What I love about these graphic books is their unique approach to educating the child."


@thebabybookworm Instagram review
"In these slim yet delightfully comprehensive and detailed volumes, readers can learn about historical figures like Cleopatra, Martin Luther King, Jr., Anne Frank, and more!...Informative and engaging. Infographic layouts are always a great approach to make learning fun, and these middle-grade biographical titles are as entertaining to look at as they are to read. The information presented covers both the elementary and the esoteric...We would absolutely recommend this for curious middle-grade readers, especially those interested in world history."


@booksb4bedtime Instagram review
"These books are brimming with fascinating information, brilliant illustrations and are beatifically packaged so can easily be the perfect gift for any knowledge thirsty reader and the whole series would definitely be on the coffee table."


@teenyreaders Instagram review
"These colourful, hard-back books are absolutely jam-packed with facts and fascinating insights into who the individual was, and they're laid out in really captivating and fun graphic formats, making them super accessible...They really are learning made fun. There is so much to discover and enjoy..It would make a brilliant collection for any child who loves discovering fascinating facts and finding out about interesting people."


@mrsbrownsbookbox Instagram review
"The unique graphic style makes the books accessible to such a wide range of readers and captures and keeps their attention. I think the biggest endorsement of this series is that it was the most read set of books in my classroom with children dying to reel off incredible information to you on each read."


Rachael Jess - Family lifestyle blog
"These books have hit their mark and will not gather dust in any child's bookshelf!", Instagram review
"School libraries need to stock up on this series because they really do deliver on making learning exciting."


Mid-West Book Review
"Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, all four volumes in this new 'Great Lives in Graphics' series for young readers are especially and unreservedly recommended for elementary school, middle school, and community library biography collections."


@raising_bookworms, Instagram review
"Each infographic biography showcases a historical icon's life and their experiences and achievements. They hold an abundance of information which is easily absorbed thanks to the cleverly illustrated pages, making them highly engaging. The visual detail and vibrancy really captures your attention and they have a great balance of essential and fascinating life details and fun quirky facts. These books are the ideal next stage for those who love #littlepeoplebigdreams series and want to find out lots more facts...Ideal for even the most reluctant readers, these educational books aimed at 8+ would make perfect additions to classrooms and school libraries."


Toddle About
"These are brilliant books, both eye-catching and informative...The illustrations are bright and colourful, and there is a lot of variety in the way each of the pages are presented, making each page interesting to look at and a pleasure to read. These books are a great way to introduce children to some of the most influential people in world history in a visual and engaging way, whilst also explaining about the times and places in which they lived. We really liked the timelines and interesting facts, and we particularly enjoyed the amusing anecdotes that were included too! The books themselves have a lovely feel to them with matt, textured covers, and nice thick pages, giving them the feel of a high-quality book."


@littlebookhabit, Instagram review
"A brilliant way to get reluctant readers or children who aren't always drawn to non-fiction to give it a go."


The Tiny Activists and
"This series is so cool! It combines history and an almost graphic novel layout to teach readers about different well-known figures throughout history."


@bookishwaytoplay, Instagram review
"There have been some super biographical books for children published recently and none more so than the 'Great Lives in Graphics' series...What is most striking about this particular series is the innovative way these books have been designed. The clever use of info graphics and visual detailing ensures these books are jam-packed full of key information but in an entirely accessible and eye-catching way for young readers. You cannot help but be drawn into the colour and vibrancy of each spread, as well as the fascinating facts they contain.  These books are educational but also fun. They feel fresh and unique in their approach and they really would be great additions to classrooms, libraries and homes everywhere."


@littlelibraryowl, Instagram review
"A wonderful and innovative new series of educational infographic books focusing on the biographies of four inspirational historical figures (a writer, activist, leader, and scientist!). We love picture-book biographies, as they provide such an accessible and engaging way for children to read through history...The easy-to-understand and fun infographics are packed with bold colours and graphics that bring each story to life (we also love the fun endpapers that are unique to each book!)...These unique biographies will open your little reader's eyes to the experiences and incredible achievements of men and women who have changed the world. Perfect resources for teaching at home or in the classroom! Aimed at children aged 8-12. Watch out for the next four books in the series - Nikola Tesla, Frida Kahlo, Mozart, and Jane Austin - coming to the UK in April 2021 and to the US in October 2021."


@talesofkids, Instagram review
"We get to learn about fun facts, incredible discoveries and achievements in a visual, easy to understand snapshot. These books are a MUST in every home library, classroom library and school library."


@picturebooksblogger,Instagram review
"A stunning set of visual biographies #greatlivesingraphics is a great way to learn more about these notable people from our history #annefrank #cleopatra #martinlutherking #stephenhawking @gmcpublications."


Red Reading Hub
"Each book has an introductory page of narrative, a timeline, details of family life and spreads detailing the subject's key achievements; and each brings to life through its stylish, easily understood infographics, the person and the accomplishments of a memorable human being. Well worth adding to primary school topic boxes and libraries."


@thecolourfulchronicles, Instagram review
"These books provide education on a variety of important issues... The design and layout of these books are stylish and colourful, brought to life with fun, striking and easy to understand imagery and text, communicating information clearly and quickly. I also found the word glossaries at the back to be super helpful for explaining particular meanings. A fab series."


@giftbookblogger, Twitter and Instagram review and
"Further additions to the #greatlivesingraphics series by @GMCbooks #fridakahlo #mozart #nikolatesla. Engaging #nonfictionbooksforkids which pack a punch. Bold graphic design coupled with compelling facts make this series a must-have for shelves everywhere."

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