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Magic Mike Likey

A Man for All Seasons

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ISBN: 9781722117634
format: Trade paperback
pages: 308
publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
pub. date: 2018-06-29

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How does a humble Jewish boy from Montreal transform himself from graphic designer, to magician, to therapist, all the while enjoying the landscapes across Canada spanning some forty-one years? This is the subject of this book. When I first landed in Winnipeg from Toronto, and after a while, I checked out the local magic club, I remember meeting a magician whose business card read “A Man for All Seasons, Magic for All Reasons”; this is where the title of this book was inspired from! I’ve also changed the names and identities of most of the people here, as well as some of their careers/jobs, and the names of some places, and organizations for the sake of privacy/anonymity. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. This is the story of my life of positively affecting my public in printed media, the medium of television, and finally the therapist’s couch and in social media. Some have called me a “Renaissance Man”, I choose to refer to myself as “A Man for All Seasons”. Decide for yourself.

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