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Restore Your Life from Chronic Pain

Find Lasting Relief from Arthritis, Headache, and Back Pain

December 5, 2023 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781684814220
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Chronic Pain Management Techniques and Strategies from a Clinical Health Psychologist

A doctor's guide to tools and techniques for taming all kinds of pain. You can understand and manage your intractable pain using the ABC method in this transformative chronic pain book.

Chronic pain is common. Millions suffer from chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, and many other forms of chronic, intractable pain, and can't find relief after years of treatment. Chronic pain suffers don't have to hurt alone. With Restore Your Life from Chronic Pain, manage your chronic pain symptoms--both naturally and with the help of the right doctors.

Learn how to stop the pain. In this chronic pain management book, Clinical Health Psychologist, Dr. Mark B. Weisberg uses the latest discoveries in pain medicine, neuroscience, and psychology to guide readers through ABC integrated pain management for intractable pain. Your life can be yours again--with balance and peace--if you follow his simple advice.

Inside this revolutionary chronic pain book, find:

  • Real, validating medical information including how the brain changes with pain
  • Holistic and integrated pain management tips for intractable pain that just won't go away
  • The how, why, and who of chronic pain

If you liked chronic pain books such as The Way Out, Pain Free, or Trust Your Gut, you'll love Restore Your Life From Chronic Pain.

About this Author

ISBN: 9781684814220
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 282
Publisher: Mango Media
Published: 2023-12-05


"If you suffer from chronic pain, you want a way out that is practical--and one that works. This book describes an elegant and powerful program that achieves both. Dr. Weisberg is a master guide who has led many others back to health. Let him show you how to restore your own life from the throes of chronic pain."
--Henry Emmons, MD, author of The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm

"Dr. Weisberg has culled his extensive interdisciplinary and integrative medicine experience assisting patients with chronic pain move to a fuller, comfortable life into this groundbreaking guide for personal recovery. In Restore Your Life from Chronic Pain, he masterfully explains the impact of pain, the role of neuroplasticity in its development, and translates the latest neuroscience into strategies anyone can use to modify their pain experience permanently. His ABC model of the self-healing journey is beautifully illustrated and captures the wisdom he has accrued from helping countless people recover. Not only will this book educate and guide you to a comfortable and satisfying life, but it will also equip clinicians from all disciplines with the skills to help their patients return to a life worth living. This is an essential resource for patients and professionals alike."
--Louis F. Damis, PhD, ABPP, clinical health psychologist, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, and president of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

"I have witnessed first-hand how Dr. Weisberg helps people who had failed to respond to many and all prior pain treatments. His new book, Restore Your Life from Chronic Pain, shares his gift and wisdom for patients and future generations of health care professionals. A must read for everyone, as pain touches all our lives. This book will restore realistic hope and create meaningful change in people with chronic pain."
--Alfred L. Clavel Jr., MD, neurologist, pain Specialist, and former department chair of pain medicine for Health Partners Health Systems

"When patients suffer from chronic pain, they need to understand what has happened to them, and they need effective, usable strategies to help them feel better now. Dr. Weisberg's book, Restore Your Life from Chronic Pain, provides comprehensive and powerful ways to rise above and conquer the suffering. His ABC Method provides tangible, time-tested strategies to bring dependable relief. This is an invaluable guide for patients, families, and clinicians as well. A must-read for anyone suffering from chronic pain."
--Steven Gurgevich, PhD, former director of the Mind-Body Clinic and clinical assistant professor of medicine at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine

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