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Insomnia Doc's Guide to Restful Sleep

Remedies for Insomnia and Good Sleep Health

March 14, 2023 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781684810659
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Kick Poor Sleep Hygiene Out of Bed!Dr. Kristen Casey, TikTok's "Insomnia Doc," brings her sleep solutions right to you, so you can get the restful sleep you deserve! We all have sleep issues and you're not alone. Whether you suffer from acute insomnia, sleep maintenance insomnia, or even depression insomnia, we all have experienced sleeplessness brought on by poor sleep hygiene, emotional factors, or physical barriers that keep us just out of reach of a healthy sleep schedule. But don't fret, you can learn the tools to help you sleep well every night!
Mental health plays a huge role in our sleep patterns. Our mental wellness can greatly affect our quality of sleep. If we are feeling anxious, depressed, or tired, we may struggle with making those choices that promote healthy sleep hygiene, and we instead get stuck with the outcomes of poor sleep hygiene. Dr. Casey will teach you how to improve your mental health through better sleep for more restful nights.
Inside, you'll find:
o Practical and methods for trading in your poor sleep hygiene for good sleep hygiene and optimal sleep health o Expert advice on the best ways to fall asleep, how to stay asleep, and how to sleep soundly without the white noise machine o CBTI-based techniques to help you set up a successful night routine to help you sleep like a baby and finally get a good night's rest
If you've enjoyed books like Why We Sleep, The Sleep Solution, or Sleep Through Insomnia, then you'll love The Insomnia Doc's Guide to Restful Sleep .

About this Author

Dr. Kristen Casey is a clinical psychologist, author, and content creator. She is the founder and owner of a private practice and consultation company in Missouri. She is also a popular TikTok doctor on insomnia and other sleep issues. She was an EMT for 5 years before she became a psychologist, where she struggled with her own insomnia, and uses her experience to guide others to creating health sleep habits. Her approach toward treating others is inclusive, empathetic, and honest in acknowledging we all experience life from a different perspective, so require unique treatment.

Her doctoral clinical training focused on health psychology, which sparked her interest in sleep, anxiety, and utilizing modalities rooted in science and research. Dr. Casey is most known on social media such as TikTok and Instagram for providing evidence-based mental health and wellness content about insomnia, anxiety, and depression in authentic and relatable ways. The goal of her platform is to reduce the mental health stigma and promote authentic life experiences.

ISBN: 9781684810659
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 256
Publisher: Mango
Published: 2023-03-14

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