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A Way to Beauty and Truth

December 9, 2022 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781667864372
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Heart-drama is a narrative nonfiction book which steers readers to a pathway of renewal, directing them toward an increasing awareness of Beauty (attunement with others and with the world) and of Truth (our own authenticity). The author is inspired by Keats's conception of "negative capability," the ability to hold opposing ideas in the mind at once and to make creative use of such tension. This idea is similar to mindfulness (when we turn inward), flow (when we are absorbed in meaningful effort), attunement (co-created in intimate relationships) and sacred perception (a spacious awareness of what is larger than our self).
The healing drama begins when we enter any of these states of spontaneity and openness. From such an energetic and imaginative place, we can allow previously unnoticed (often painful) aspects of our inner and outer life to rise into consciousness. With some commitment to the therapeutic path, we will begin to accurately see the barriers; only then, can we experiment with inventive responses to the restraints. This process moves us from living in a fallen world, our identity driven by unconscious conflicts, to a life of the Awakened Child, the Artist, the Lover and the Visionary, cultivated and animated inventions, aware personalities of our Inspired Self.
The author, Ray Holland, is a psychotherapist who draws on decades of clinical experience. He is a visual artist and uses his multimedia paintings to illuminate the text. He also uses personal experience to clarify the material.
He teaches that all of us have some deep work to do; however, we resist and seek ways to avoid challenging the limiting stories propagated by our culture and upbringing.
We settle for Playing at Love, burdened and outcast, rather than living fully in the garden of Loving-Playfulness.
We settle for Working for Love, seeking celebration as a driven employee or finding release as the addict, rather than entering the flow of Loving-Work.
We settle for Working for Power, colonizing the experience of others or betraying our humanity as an android, rather than daring intimate connection which elicits our most Powerful-Work.
We settle for Playing at Power, destroying what is beautiful and true or becoming a cult-member, rather than entering the mountains of Powerful-Play and the energies arising from a more spiritual awareness.
Without doubt, we will find much reinforcement in our traumatized and traumatizing society to skirt the work that might free us. Deep work requires courage and effort, and so this book is not speaking to a reader who is comfortable with the most apparent stories of themselves and of the world around them.
Heart-drama does provide a map for healing and personal growth, E.X.P.A.N.D. That is helpful whether we are doing personal work or are in a group setting, but the author warns that a "solution" won't exist at the level of problem-solving or by reasoning alone, or through memorizing a set of instructions or any map that is taken literally. It won't come from thinking our way out of pain and self-deception. though it would be convenient if we could make significant changes while lounging in a comfortable chair or by studying a workbook at our desk or by consuming a drug that immediately changes our chemistry.
Any significant and truly valuable turning point from pain toward healing and continued growth requires that we experience the change emotionally, experientially, tap our creativity, and find our way preferably in community.

About this Author

Ray Holland is a licensed psychotherapist and visual artist. He has been in the mental health profession for over 4 decades. First trained in family therapy and experiential creative methods, he found his clinical experience often discounted in favor of cognitive-behavioral methods and pseudo-scientific language. He has worked in nearly every facet of the field, in crisis services, rape-crisis, crisis lines, inpatient programs with adults and teens, assessing homeless and severely mentally ill for referral to the mental health court, in groups with individuals on Federal probation and with DUIs, with distressed couples in large retreat settings, etcetera; but found much of his professional calling working with families and at-risk youth under the umbrella of prevention services in Florida, where it was better understood that young people weren't the problem (most were not delinquent nor mentally ill); in fact, they were valuable assets with unique insights into real problems. Youth Development projects involved collaboration between the art community, the local theater, runaways, teens struggling with addictions, as well as teens trained as actors and actresses and those deemed to be future leaders. In one project they were tasked to write and perform raw drama pieces, which was then developed into a full length play titled Drugged Home, performed to a packed house.
For the past 10 years he has lived in North Carolina where he has specialized in complex trauma, addiction and couple issues. He is in private practice with his wife, and one day a week facilitates psychodrama for professionals who are in residential addiction treatment.
While raising twins, he published two novels for young adults, and several years ago published his couple's workbook, Partner-Coached Healing for use in groups and trainings.
He has a website devoted to his multimedia art, and a YouTube channel. He also has a therapy website, aplacetohealandgrow,com
He has years of experience in providing trainings, teaching on a variety of topics, and has provided couple retreats.
In response to the narrowly focused and preplanned treatment that is driven by profit systems, his latest book argues for a process of healing that is creative and open, exploring the underlying barriers to an inspired way of living. This is a path to increased Beauty, attachment to self, others and the world, and to Truth, authentic awareness.

ISBN: 9781667864372
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 300
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: 2022-12-09

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