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Simple Exercises to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve

An Illustrated Guide to Alleviate Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain, and Digestive Conditions

March 7, 2023 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781644116296
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Control your stress response through vagus nerve stimulation

o Presents more than 100 effective exercises to naturally stimulate the vagus nerve in order to help manage anxiety, depression, sleep, and digestive disorders

o Explores the function of the vagus nerve and the organs and systems it's connected to throughout the body

o Explains how these simple exercises work by improving sensory-information processing, which provides a solid foundation for physical resilience and self-healing

In a world where our lives and daily rhythms are becoming increasingly demanding, being able to implement effective techniques to regulate our stress levels is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and body. The most significant component of the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates our ability to "rest and digest," the vagus nerve is an information superhighway transmitting information between the brain and the heart, the gut, the immune system, and many organs. By stimulating the vagus nerve, you can work with your parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety, regulate digestion and appetite, moderate heart rate and blood pressure, and balance systems throughout the body.

Backed up by the latest scientific research, this book will guide you through more than 100 effective exercises to naturally and gently stimulate your vagus nerve and in turn help manage anxiety, depression, inflammation, sleep, and digestive disorders. The simple techniques include a variety of balance, hearing, sight, breathing, and touch exercises. By improving the quality of stimulation the vagus nerve receives, these neuroeffective exercises enable the brain-gut and brain-heart axes to function more predictably and effectively, providing a solid foundation for mental health, physical resilience, and self-healing.

With this comprehensive and accessible guide to natural vagus nerve stimulation, anyone can apply these powerful self-help techniques and experience a more balanced and resilient mind and body.

About this Author

Lars Lienhard, sports scientist and former performance athlete, works as a trainer and consultant in high-performance sports. He has been applying his neurocentric approach--based on the work of Dr. Eric Cobb--to athletics training since 2010. Ulla Schmid-Fetzer, former dance performance athlete and author of the world's first book on neurocentric training, is one of the few certified neuroathletics trainers in Europe. She trains athletes at all stages of their careers, from beginning talents to world champions. Dr. Eric Cobb, founder of Z-Health Performance Solutions--with more than 3,000 certified Z-Health trainers across the globe--is one of the world's leading experts in innovative, neurologically focused rehabilitation and sports performance programs. He is working to establish neurocentric training and therapy in hospitals, gyms, and sports centers around the world.

ISBN: 9781644116296
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 320
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Published: 2023-03-07

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