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Get the Hell Out of Debt

The Proven 3-Phase Method That Will Radically Shift Your Relationship to Money

July 20, 2021 | Trade paperback
ISBN: 9781642939552
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Thousands of amazing humans have eradicated millions of dollars in debt because Erin Skye Kelly taught them how to get the hell out of it! 

Erin Skye Kelly wrote Get the Hell Out of Debt after her own struggle to become consumer-debt free. She was tired of listening to middle-aged men in suits tell her to consolidate and refinance her debt when all that seemed to happen was she'd end up in more of it while they profited from it. When Kelly figured out the two most important tools to money management--and started achieving massive results--other women wanted to join in on the debt-free journey. With her sense of humor and straight-shooting sensibilities, Erin began transforming lives.

This book is not only a step-by-step process that will walk you through how to pay off your debt--it's a deeply personal journey centered around changing your mindset. As you master each of the three phases through repetition, you will create your own financial freedom, allowing you to live debt-free forever and create wealth and abundance that will positively impact your life--and the people you love and serve.

No matter how much consumer debt you carry, this book is a judgment-free zone from cover-to-cover. Your dreams are welcome here.

About this Author

Erin Skye Kelly is an award-winning and bestselling author who has helped thousands of people pay off millions of dollars in consumer debt, and ultimately, change their lives. 

In spite of her terrible stage fright and general Canadian awkwardness, she has shared the stage with legendary motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Phil Town, and Gary John Bishop. 

Erin's seminars and workshops are judgment-free zones made up of equal parts personal growth, rock concert, and love. She is hired to work with ordinary humans who want to achieve extraordinary things, and because of her track record helping people create a trajectory of success, the phrase she most often hears when people meet her for the first time is, "Wow. I thought you'd be taller."

ISBN: 9781642939552
Format: Trade paperback
Pages: 320
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Published: 2021-07-20


"Erin has a brilliant way of explaining, step-by-step, how to radically shift your finances for the better." 

"Erin understands that wealth is about so much more than money. It is about creating, living, and leaving a legacy of love and happiness." 

"With a welcomed irreverence and absolutely no judgement, Erin shows us all of the nuanced, messy, and dysfunctional ways we stumble and fall into debt. But then! Then she shows us how to get up and stand tall before we kick, claw, and fight our way out of it. It's you against your debt. Read this book if you're ready for your gloves to come off." 

"Weaving personal stories, random hilarity, and brilliant insights, Erin Skye Kelly has given you everything you need to change your life. The framework presented in this book provides easy, hilarious, and specific step-by-step instructions for you to take action immediately, reclaim your power, and free yourself from the financial stress that holds you down. This is the funniest, most practical, most readable, and relatable book about money that I've ever read." 

"As soon as I began reading Erin's book, I immediately felt calmed by her personal understanding and experience of debt. Her book highlights and offers practical solutions to some of the biggest challenges that come up around money and debt. I loved Erin's brilliant and fierce sense of humor combined with her endless encouragement that shined through on each and every page. I felt hopeful and guided in the fullest way. I couldn't recommend this book more for anyone that is struggling to get out of debt." 

"Erin Skye Kelly is the greatest thing that ever happened to my potential as I didn't even know the path to get where I am today... She helped me shape that path. Not only did she speak unlimited possibility into me, she also has constantly celebrated my wins and challenged me to always go to my edge." 

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