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Tai Chi Ball Qigong

For Health and Martial Arts

August 12, 2022 | Hardcover
ISBN: 9781594397653
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Tai chi ball qigong training is an important component of proper tai chi chuan practice

Once kept secret in martial arts societies, Tai Chi Ball training has the potential to help develop internal strength, whole body connections, yielding and neutralizing skills, and promotes abundant qi flow.

For decades, this training was widely unknown. Dr. Yang has taken the original 24 patterns and extended them to 48 patterns in order to expand the health benefits and to target the needs of martial artists.

For martial artists, tai chi ball qigong training can strengthen the torso, condition the muscles, and increase physical power by using the mind to lead the qi. It can be a major training tool to enhance pushing hands ability.

As a health exercise, tai chi ball qigong training will improve movement of the spine, increase energy through various breathing techniques, and aid in moving many joints of your body properly, and at different angles.

"In all my years of teaching, I believe that Tai Chi Ball Qigong is one of the most powerful exercises I have ever seen to rebuild the entire body's health."--Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming

This book includes

  • History of tai chi ball
  • Theory of tai chi ball qigong
  • Tai chi ball warm-ups
  • Tai chi ball fundamentals
  • Tai chi ball breathing
  • Tai chi ball exercises
  • Tai chi ball partner exercises
  • Tai chi ball advanced practice


About this Author

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming started his Gongfu training at the age of 15 under the Shaolin White Crane Master Cheng, Gin Gsao. Dr. Yang became an expert in the White Crane style of Chinese martial arts. With the same master he also studied Qin Na, Tui Na and Dian Xue massages, and herbal treatment. At the age of 16, Dr. Yang began the study of Taijiquan under Master Kao, Tao. Dr. Yang's tai chi can be traced back to the Yang family through Master Kao's teacher Yue, Huanzhi, an indoor disciple of Yang, Chengfu. After learning from Master Kao, Dr. Yang continued his study and research of Taijiquan. Dr. Yang has mastered the Taiji barehand sequence, pushing hands, the two-man fighting sequence, Taiji sword, Taiji saber, and Taiji Qigong. Dr. Yang has been involved in Chinese Gongfu since 1961. During this time, he has spent 13 years learning Shaolin White Crane, Shaolin Long Fist, and Taijiquan. Dr. Yang has more than thirty years of instructional experience. David W. Grantham began his martial art training at the age of twenty-four, studying Liuhebafaquan under the tutelage of instructor David Zucker. Mr. Zucker studied under the late Master John Chung Li. He also trained in a fighting form taught only to advanced students. After training for one year with Mr. Zucker, Mr. Grantham was encouraged to further his knowledge of Chinese martial arts and was recommended to attend Yang's Martial Arts Association headquarters in Boston. He joined YMAA and started training under the Shaolin curriculum. Over the years of training at the school and attending seminars abroad, Mr. Grantham expanded his studies to include taijiquan and qigong. David Grantham currently holds Certificates as Coach Instructor and Chin Na Instructor and teaches at the Hunterdon Wellness Center in Clinton, New Jersey. David Grantham resides in Hunterdon County, New Jersey with his wife and two children.

ISBN: 9781594397653
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 315
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Published: 2022-08-12

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