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Biodynamic Gardening

Grow Healthy Plants and Amazing Produce with the Help of the Moon and Nature#s Cycles

By Dk

About this Item

ISBN: 9781465429865
format: Trade paperback
pages: 256
publisher: DK
pub. date: 2015-04-07

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Whether you're just getting started in biodynamic gardening, or you're an experienced biodynamic farmer wanting to learn more, Biodynamic Gardening is the right resource for learning more about the biodynamic method of organic gardening. This clear, practical guide gives you tried-and-true advice on biodynamic gardening and tips on this ultra-green, organic gardening method. Full-color photographs and easy-to-understand charts and graphs are helpful tools in organizing information in a way anyone can understand and use in biodynamic gardening.

Biodynamic gardening makes use of natural cycles and mindful planting to take organic gardening to the next level, and Biodynamic Gardening covers everything. Topics include soil preparations, lunar charts, composting, cycles of rest, rich and healthy soil, organically controlling pests, ripening plants, and more. Grow delicious vegetables and healthy food, or grow beautiful blooms and flowers with the information you'll find in Biodynamic Gardening.

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