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Christie Pits

About this Item

ISBN: 9780995294615
format: Trade paperback
pages: 140
publisher: Dirty Water Comics
pub. date: 2019-03-01

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"There have been other histories of anti-Semitism in Toronto and Canada during the 1930s, but none as creative as Jamie Michaels’s Christie Pits. He has produced an authentic tale revolving around the 1933 riot at Christie Pits, but also one that brilliantly captures the complexities and nuances of day-to-day Jewish life in Toronto during the decade in which prejudice and discrimination were endemic. The story he skilfully tells is well-researched with an array of fascinating characters that leap off the page owing to the realistic and vivid illustrations of Doug Fedrau. A significant and worthy literary achievement that will enlighten readers of all ages." - Allan Levine, author of Toronto: Biography of a City and Seeking the Fabled City: The Canadian Jewish Experience.

A gritty ride through Toronto’s immigrant neighbourhoods, Christie Pits tells the incredible true history of when young Jewish and Italian immigrants squared off against Nazi-inspired thugs on the streets of Toronto. The story of the 10,000-person race riot is brought to life in comic book form through the gripping storytelling of Jamie Michaels and vivid illustrations of Doug Fedrau. History never repeats itself, but it often rhymes—the lessons from the 1933 Christie Pits Riot remain as relevant today as when they transpired.

Jamie Michaels is a comic book writer from Winnipeg, the greatest city in the world. He works at the intersection of politics, history, and bubbles that go POW!

Doug Fedrau is a talented Winnipeg based illustrator who brought the world of Christie Pits to life. He was educated at Red River College and has over a decade of experience in art and design.

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